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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.10


Lecan grabbed <Myriad Dragon Cutter> without thinking.

Even if it looks like a dragon, his opponent is a human. This sword's Grace is meaningless. Nevertheless the sword is not as heavy or long as <Sword of Agost> so it's good for this swift foe, it's also slightly longer and heavier than <Sword of Rusk> thus it should still deal some damage.

Lecan gripped <Myriad Dragon Cutter> with both his hands, greatly pulled his right shoulder back and swung the sword at the shield at full power. The dragonman also strengthened its grip on the shield to receive this attack.

However, despite the show of a full powered slash, there was no power nor speed behind Lecan's sword. In fact, he pulled his sword away right before it even touched the shield.

The dragonman lost its balance.

Lecan leaped and rolled to the left before immediately slashing the dragonman's back.

His sword dug deep into its flesh.


The dragonman groaned in pain while bending its back.

Lecan slashed at that back with the <Myriad Dragon Cutter> once more.

It dug even deeper than earlier.

The dragonman spun itself to the right at incredible speed and thrust its shield.

The speed itself might be impressive but the movement was rough.

Lecan easily dodged the shield to the right as he raised his sword overhead and swung down the <Myriad Dragon Cutter> with both his hand on the dragonman's left shield arm.

His sword sliced off the dragonman's left hand.

The golden light wrapping the dragonman's body vanished.

It made an attempt to block Lecan's attack with its shield but it was moving far too slow.

Lecan circled around to the right and swiftly unleashed a slanted upward slash from down right to upper left.

His sword deeply cut the dragonman's neck.

Lecan retreated a step backward and observed his opponent carefully.

The dragonman's eyes glared hard at Lecan below.

Then it slowly fell down, causing a tremor before laying lifeless on a patch of grass.

The dragonman's red dot displayed on <Life Detection> disappeared.

Even the shield that exhibited such sturdiness earlier cracked and broke into pieces.

Despite his victory, Lecan's mind was full of questions.

How come <Myriad Dragon Cutter> worked.

The Grace clearly worked there. Otherwise that kind of sharpness would have been inexplicable.

(It must be human since <Life Detection> showed it as a red dot.)

(So how did <Myriad Dragon Cutter> work on it?)

<Myriad Dragon Cutter> is supposedly only effective on common dragons. In other word, dragon magic beasts.

(Are you saying this guy is a beastman, a human.)

(Yet at the same time it got the blood of dragon magic beasts running in its veins?)

It's a mystery.

But now's not the time to ponder about that.

There are only ten knights left under Jinga's commands. However, only two left on the enemy's side as well.

As for Eda, surprisingly enough she was in the midst of stabbing the throat of the black rhinoman on the ground with knight Yog pinning it down.

Lecan is standing roughly in the same spot he was originally at. Despite all that zigzagging, he ended up in the spot.

To the east, about 50 steps ahead, nine beastmen were standing in a row to guard the supreme guard.

Golden Lion, Golden Wolf, a lot of them are golden colored.

All of them are looking at Lecan.

Hard to tell their expressions, but it seems to be looks of shock.

They probably never imagined that the dragonman could have lost. Hence their frequent glances at Lecan.
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Now's the time, thought Lecan.

The leopardman's corpse lay before him.

He put <Myriad Dragon Cutter> away, quickly picked up the curved sword the leopardman had in its right hand and stowed it in <Storage>. Then he grabbed <Comet Cutter>.

He put his hand on the <Guardian Jewel of Miko> over his leather armor and poured mana into it. If <Comet Cutter> could end the fight then that's that, but if <Comet Cutter> somehow didn't work, and he had to resort to physical attacks, the jewel's physical boost Grace would come in handy.

He took two large magic stones and absorbed mana off them.

"<Purification> <Purification>."

Eda cast <Purification> twice on him.

Relieving his fatigue, giving his body fresh energy.

He turned around and smiled at Eda.

Eda smiled back and nodded.

Lecan turned his sight ahead.

His entire body gets roused up, thrilled in the eve of the final battle.

His usually dark grey eyes emitted intense silver lights.

His blue leather armor and silver overcoat are breathing like living beings as if to match Lecan's heightened fighting spirits.

He generated <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade. It's shining a mystical light under the cloudy weather.

The nine beastmen standing 50 steps ahead drew their weapons all at once.

Lecan breathed in deeply.

Then he broke into run forward.

He mustn't run too fast.

<Leg Bands of White Devil> teleports its user 20 steps ahead when used while immobile.

But this distance gets extended when used while running.

While maintaining the user's speed right before teleportation at the terminus.

He's been training to teleport right into the target spot.

Would be best if he could teleport five steps before the enemy's supreme commander. Even better if he's still accelerating by then.

Standing in Lecan's path is a giant beastman with the face of a horse.

He kept running while adjusting his speed.

Ten steps until the horseman.


He raised his speed at once and recited a spell.


Lecan entered a state of explosive acceleration.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>!"

With the use of <Leg Bands of White Devil>'s Grace, Lecan teleported inside the enemy's formation.





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