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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Strongest Sage, Searches Enemy


"Inside these facilities..."

"Probably in a secret chamber that cut off mana reactions... He must be planning to hide until we gave up looking and escape afterward. Since that'd be harder to detect than just walking away through these passages."

Such secret chambers weren't exactly rare in military installations in the past era.

Secret chambers that are made using methods with a good track record is quite hard to discover.
But it's not like there isn't a way around it.

"Let's look for a clue for now."

I start looking around inside these research facilities.

I'm not searching for elder Anmorr himself.
But the endpoint where the analyzed data in all these magic tools get delivered to.

These kinds of magic tools usually transmit the data to the user magically.
I can locate where elder Anmorr in one glance if I just know its destination....

"He's cut it off huh."

Looks all magic tools that directly transmit data have been cut off.
A very small group of video and sound gathering magic tools are still active, but these types send off their data in all directions, so they're of no use to get hints.

These magic tools are probably used by elder Anmorr who's currently hiding in the secret chamber to monitor us.
The kind of magic tools that send their data directly is unusable in these situations after all.

As we went around checking out magic tools--we found a huge stash of magic tools piled up in one of the rooms inside the facilities.

"What... are these things?"

"...Seems to be magic tools for resurrection. Similar mana reaction was coming off 『Warmongers』' bodies."

"Which means... There could have been a lot more guys like those!?"

Alma was surprised.
There's easily more than 1000 of these magic tools stuffed inside the room.
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"Yeah. That would be the end game if we left them alone."

If all these magic tools were used to revive exclusively aggressive group of people, humanity would have been doomed even before the demons got their turn.

And that would have happened for sure had we left Anmorr brothers to their own devices.
Since reviving aggressive people would be better for data gathering than some peaceful bunch.

The reason why they chose to revive [Warmongers] must have been that as well.
Their creed of [search and fight those who are stronger] is perfect for data gathering after all.

That's exactly why we need to stop them.
Little Anmorr might have died but since the real user of resurrection magic is the elder one, there's a high chance of him causing another problem if we let him escape.

Then, after confirming that a nearby monitoring magic tool is still active, I speak to the girls.

"...You three, get away from here. You'll reach far back if you pass through this railway track."

Then I took the fuel magic stone out of the magic freight car we boarded to get here.
Now this freight car won't move and run them over while they're fleeing.

"Get away... And you Mathi-kun?"

"I'm going to use a bit of magic... It'd be bad if you get caught up in it, so get away for now."

"Then, I'll stay here with you! I'll be fine even if I'm caught in the magic after all!"

Iris expressed her intent to stay here with me.
I know that she's confident in her sturdiness... But she still have to go.

"No, it's dangerous even for Iris."

"Eeh!? Even for me!?"

"O-okay! We're escaping!"

They must have realized the severity of it after hearing how it'd be dangerous even for Iris.
Alma took Ruli and Iris with her and turned toward the railway track.

"I'm sure that Mathi-kun will be alright... But please be careful okay!"

"Yeah. Contact me with comm magic once you're 3 kilometer apart."

"I-I understand!"

After seeing the girls off, I wait while observing mana in the surroundings.

Doesn't look like elder Anmorr is trying to run away for the time being.
I would have quickly found him out were he went out of the secret room and activated the magic tool to escape.

Similarly, elder Anmorr must be monitoring me right now.
As there are ways to collect information from magic tools even inside a room where mana can't get in or out.

This situation is exactly why there is a way to break this stalemate.

『We got far away! It's fine now!』

『Got it... Brace for impact and put up a barrier around you.』

I begin constructing a gigantic attack magic while replying to Ruli's comm magic.

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