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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Strongest Sage, Fights Test Body


"Counter magic...?"

"Yeah! That was a magic to counter life reinforcement effect of [Broken Star]! Lunat, the life force reinforcement in your right arm has disappeared! Hence it couldn't endure your amplified mana anymore!"

Elder Anmorr is correct, the arrow Alma shot had been augmented with counter magic for reinforcement magic by way of [Broken Star].

It obstructs the life force amplification by wedging superfluous magic circle in the magic that converts life force through [Broken Star].
This jamming magic exists precisely because we're using augment magic that makes use of magic circles.

"That can't be true! It's [Supranatural Art] of [Broken Star] you know!? There's no way counter magic can--"

"The magic didn't target [Broken Star] but the vulnerable parts of magic art I used to control it!"

"There's no way anyone could construct a counter magic for a magic they saw just once or twice!"

"We cannot say that for certain, they might have a master magician supporting them... In any case, avoid getting hit by even one arrow more no matter what it takes! I'll back you up!"

After saying that, Elder Anmorr started an attempt to remove the barrier enclosing the testing ground.
However, this barrier is twofold and has been made to be hard to come undone.
Must be a result of prioritizing its durability.

It should take about 30 seconds for him to finish.
That's more than enough time.

"...You outsiders getting in the way of our experiment, just die already!"

Little Anmorr changed his target from me to Alma and shot out magic.
However, Iris stands tall between him and Alma.

"...This is nowhere near enough to beat me!"

Iris guarded the magic with her spear.
[Discolored Explosion Spheres] exploded one after another when they hit her spear, but that wasn't enough to do any damage to the sturdy spear I made in my past life.

Iris herself is ancient Dark Dragon.
She's not soft enough to be hurt by 100-200 shots of [Discolored Explosion Spheres] from a strengthened magician.

"Alma, here's the next one!"
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In the meantime, Ruli made another arrow and Alma shot it out.
Little Anmorr continued his assault while trying to dodge it, however...


Little Anmorr sounded surprised when he found Iris flawless even after his bombardment.
He must never have imagined that attacks from his current state would be this ineffective.

I shoot an attack magic toward little Anmorr's back.
However--his excessive life force reinforcement has made him quite sturdy as expected.

It would have been an instant death were Alma's arrow managed to hit his head or heart, but little Anmorr seems to be aware of that, he's putting maximum priority into knocking down such arrows.

"Tch... That really hurt! I'm busy trying to exterminate some nuisances right now, don't get in my way youuu!"

Elder Anmorr then gave an instruction to little Anmorr who was trying to attack Alma.

"Aim at the augmenter too! That jamming magic comes from that augmenter!"

That's an exact order.
Since it's harder to protect two people than just one.

However--Looks like little Anmorr is hitting his limit first.

"I-I'm beginning to lose control of my magic!"

Little Anmorr shouted that as he tried to cast magic.
He's finally losing control of his abundance of mana.

Elder Anmorr ceased his attempt to remove the barrier when he saw that.
And then he started restoring the barrier back.

"Fumu... So you hit your limit as expected huh. This experiment is a failure it appears."

"As... expected?"

"The first [Broken Star] output was your limit, Lunat. While the current output exceeds that limit of yours."

After saying that, Elder Anmorr began to gather the surrounding data.
He absolutely doesn't look at all concerned about the well being of his little brother.

"Don't tell me, you raised the life force supply despite knowing that?"

Little Anmorr asked his big brother while panicking.
Elder Anmorr answered that unconcernedly.

"...That wasn't my intention at first. Lunat, you're just a bit too fascinating of a test subject."

Little Anmorr was gradually getting cornered even while he was replying.

However, Elder Anmorr isn't stopping his data gathering.
And then... After a little while, elder Anmorr shouted.


"What happened!?"

"This is a good data! Behold! It was worth sacrificing the best test body!"

Elder Anmorr put away the paper with data while shouting in elation.
Then he cast another magic.

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