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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Strongest Sage, Breaks Stage


"...Understood! I shall use my everything to defeat this test partner!"

Little brother Anmorr cast many more magic than ever after saying that.
But he's still as bad as ever at using it.

I dodged little Anmorr's attacks while getting away from him, luring him into coming closer.
Those experienced in battle would have seen through this obvious trap at a glance--however, little Anmorr quickly fell for it.

Little Anmorr ran after me toward the barrier where the girls were trapped in.
And just when he was right in front of the barrier... I jumped away from the wall.


I shoot out a type of attack magic, [Fusion Collapse], toward little Anmorr.
This particular attack magic is specialized in destroying defensive magic.

Little Anmorr seemed to have perceived that much at least, he dodged my [Fusion Collapse] instead of blocking it.
And then the [Fusion Collapse] which had missed its target flew over him--and hit the barrier where the girls were.

And then--the barrier broke down.

"Wha... The barrier!?"

Elder Anmorr sounded surprised when he saw the breached barrier.
He must have never expected the [Wall of Space Rupture] getting broken apart.

Normally, [Fusion Collapse] is not powerful enough to destroy [Wall of Space Rupture].
Yet, it broke anyway.

I only slightly modified [Fusion Collapse] to make it capable of destroying [Wall of Space Rupture].
Actually, this was a well known method to break [Wall of Space Rupture] in my era.
However, since these Anmorr Brothers lived even farther in the past than that era, they must have no idea about this.

"This can't be! The load on that part of barrier didn't even reach 2%! How could it broke!"

"Continuing this test any further is too dangerous! Let's dispose of test partners and start over--"

Elder Anmorr is confirming environment data with a surprised look.
But he probably will never find out the reason for the barrier's breach no matter how hard he looks.
Since the reason isn't due to the power of magic used to destroy it but a defect on the barrier itself.

Little Anmorr was begging for help from Elder Anmorr with a look of fluster.
But Elder Anmorr dismissed that after pondering for a bit.

"No, that won't be needed. I will now increase Lunat's life force. You can ignore his attacks, just focus on eliminating your opponent... We'd get some good data."

"But it should be impossible to raise life force through  『Broken Star』 any further than this!? Excessive amount of life force will bring about magic circuit collapse!"

"To tell you the truth, I actually left a bit of room in 『Broken Star』 output, just in case... I will now allot that portion."
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Elder Anmorr cast a magic.
Then the amount of mana flowing into Little Anmorr suddenly increased.

But--isn't this a bit too much.
Little Anmorr's mana had been relatively stable up until now, but it's oscillating unstably now.

This will probably work reinforcing his magic for a while--but he will eventually lose control.
Those accustomed to mana control can probably avoid a fatal overdrive state... But it will undoubtedly result in grave damage to his magic circuits, and loss of ability to cast magic.

In exchange for that, little Anmorr's mana has been temporarily reinforced many folds.

"...Challenging the limits are exactly what make experiments! ...Proceeding to the second phase of test now!"

Saying that--Little Anmorr cast several times more [Discolored Explosion Spheres] than before.
It's impossible to dodge against these numbers.

No matter how bad little Anmorr at attack magic, there is just no way to evade when there is nowhere else to go.
At most, I can only go to the least damaging spot and fortify myself with defensive magic to decrease damage.

--That's if I'm the only one fighting though.


Little Anmorr noticed an arrow coming behind him right as he was about to release [Discolored Explosion Spheres] and shouted.
Alma had shot out an arrow Ruli made.

"You think a mere arrow can defeat me--no, [Strengthened Test Body No.1]?!"

Little Anmorr knocked down the arrow with his left hand.
Beating down a flying arrow, as expected of a strengthened human--but that arrow was not an ordinary arrow.

The little Anmorr's hand which hit the arrow turned red, small cracks ran on it here and there, blood began seeping out.

"What was that arrow...!?"

Little Anmorr cast recovery spell while looking shocked and confused.
However, even when the recovery spell healed his wound for a moment, it would quickly reopen up.

Seeing that, elder Anmorr pondered while looking at the data--before shouting out loud.

"...It's counter magic!"

He noticed huh.
Guess it's only obvious to have the nature of your magic quickly found out when you're at a place where so many data gathering magic tools are present.

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