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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.16


Right before setting foot on floor 30, Lecan thought of equipping the <Guardian Gem of Zana>. Equipping this Guardian Gem he got from exchanging his jewel with Lady Rubianafale would drastically raise his attack power.

However, he abandoned the idea.

He wanted to fight without the assistance of the Guardian Gem. He could just equip it if his opponent is proven to be a tough one.

At this point, deep down Lecan held a negligence in his heart.

With dungeons in his former world, the moment a fight with a floor boss is initiated, the door leading to the room will be shut tight and it will only be over when either the floor boss, the challenger, or both have died. But that's not the case with dungeons in this world. Even if you engage giant magic beasts, running away from them are a simple matter, nor magic beasts can chase you to the stairways. Hence, Lecan considered the last floor would be similar also.

He took his trusty sword out of <Storage>. The silver ring has been on him for two days already.

The moment he set foot on floor 30, <Life Detection> displayed information in his head.

There's nothing here. No magic beasts, no humans, nothing. Lecan moved the <Life Detection>'s range.

There it is.

One powerful magic beast.

Wonder if there's really nothing else.

He tried exploring every nook and cranny of the floor but there's really only one spot. Only one spot with one big blue dot representing a magic beast on this floor.

Lecan thought as much. Rather, according to the handbook, the last floor has first rank Ape Ogre magic beast, Great Ogre (Ulgang), as the dungeon boss here.

Since it's hard to believe that there would be multiple bosses, Lecan has already hypothesized that there would be only a lone Great Ogre.

Still, he's lacking information. The handbook has detailed info about magic beasts such as their methods of attacks and weaknesses, however there's nothing on magic beasts located on the last floor. Only that, [Its time until respawn once defeated is unknown], which means that someone managed to arrive at this floor but none ever defeated the Great Ogre.

However, a map exists. The map he got from Chaney details about the layout and doors on floor 30. This wouldn't have existed if they never explored far enough.

--Wait. Should I really defeat this.
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What did Chaney say again.

Once a dungeon's floor boss is defeated, all magic beasts inside that dungeon will disappear, and no more magic beasts will spawn until the dungeon boss has respawned. As such, nobles who manage dungeons detest having the boss get defeated.

However, subjugating a dungeon boss is an act of prestige so they cannot publicly prohibit the feat.

--Meaning they won't mind if I kill it.

Either way, he's not going to turn back now he's gotten this far. Lecan progresses through rooms with firm steps, onward towards the center of the floor.

His spine is tingling harder the more he gets closer. A presentiment from his whole body. That there's an unprecedented archenemy up ahead.

Lecan isn't slowing down.

Coming closer to the foe step by step.

Eventually, his opponent comes within <3D Perception> range. Its body displayed in <3D Perception> is surprisingly small. Its silhouette is not unlike that of a human.

Lecan stopped before the room's entrance. There's only one entrance to this room.

His opponent is visible by bare eyes from here.

It's snoring loudly with its face up.

Lecan set foot inside the room.

His opponent is still dozing off.

Checking with <Mana Detection>, it doesn't posses that powerful of mana.

Its outward appearance is like that of a muscular adult warrior. But looking closer, it's really not a human. The most striking difference is head. Tens of horns stretch in all directions from its head. The top of its head has two conspicuously big horns, twisted yet with their brutal tips facing forward.

Its lower half is hairy. Bushy like that of a beast.

But its upper half is furnished with golden colored fur that doesn't hide its highly rugged muscles.

Its upper half is like that of an organized set of warped steels. Just how much power and hardness reside in it.

The Great Ogre is still sleeping.

"Get up."

Once Lecan spoke, its snore immediately stopped.

A moment later, the Great Ogre stood up.

It abruptly got up without preliminary actions nor wasted movements. The way it stood up was so natural that you would have thought that it had always been in that posture.

Now that they're facing off, it's clear that both have almost equal heights. However, that's only if the horns on the Great Ogre's head are counted, otherwise Lecan is slightly taller. The Great Ogre is bigger horizontally. The Great Ogre also has an overwhelming superiority in term of chest thickness. Weight-wise, the Great Ogre is probably far heavier.

Its face is that of a beast, bearing no resemblance to human. Though perhaps, it would look more human than Lecan depending on who you ask.

Lecan's entirey body trembled at the prospect of a fight with his life on the line.

The Great Ogre squinted both its eyes.

It's laughing.

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