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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Strongest Sage, Prepares Countermeasures


I ask Ruli while thinking that.

"Want me to teach you how to read complex magic circles next time?"

"Please do! ...But can I really read these?"

"You will easily once you've gotten used to it."

"Yay! ...What about constructing one?"

Ruli looks at me.
I'd like to teach her that as well--but unfortunately, that one's a tall order.

"...Constructing these would be difficult. You need another skill to construct a magic circle that's too meticulous."

Constructing a magic circle this complex requires you to dip in a different skill set from making normal ones.
When the connecting lines in a magic circle get too thin, it gets harder for mana to flow through them, hence you need to take a variety of measures.

Since Ruli has talent, she'll probably manage in a few years time.

"But once you're able to read these kinds of magic circles, you'll have an easier time when you're constructing a complex one... It should serve you well in constructions of ordinary magic circles as well."

"It's rare to see Mathi-kun praising someone's magic circle...  Is it really that incredible?"

"Yeah. Its quality as a magic circle is quite up there. Still some room for improvements though."

I turn my sight at the comm magic tool.
Peeps capable of constructing a magic circle this advanced would have gotten strong were they channeled their magic training in the right direction.

...Well no point in fussing over these things with those bunch though.
Their goal is not getting strong, but developing some weird magic after all.

I make a declaration after thinking.

"Alright, let's make some preparations for the fight."

"Preparations... What are we gonna do?"

"...There's a little something we need to make."

If Anmorr brothers wanted to best us... They should have not shown me their Test Body like that.
Exhibiting how it was being made is like asking me to prepare countermeasures.
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About 30 hours since we fought Warmongers.

Anmorr brothers' magic tool reactivated.
We gather around the magic tool when we saw that.

"...This is earlier than the plan."

"I mean 『Strengthened Test Body No. 1』 was mostly done. We only needed to make a minor adjustment... The problematic points would show during the experiment, then we just need to improve on it."

...I see.
Improving huh, they're already assuming that it will be reusable.
They're really underestimating us..

"So we're gonna be sparring partners in your experiment for that purpose huh."

"That's right! ...Do your worst and give us some good data! Don't die too fast you, that's boring."

"...We'll fight with all we got, so that test body can be improved further."

The first half is the truth.
...I don't plan to let them improve on it in the least though.

"Very good! Okay then, let me invite you to our laboratory! ...First thing first, can you go back to the spot you fought [Warmongers]?"


We went back to the former battlefield.
Good thing we memorized the spot.

『So their base was close by...』

『It's probably not a coincidence. They must have somehow induced those [Warmongers] to focus hunting around that part.』

Looks like their base was close to that place.
We arrived at the battlefield while running and thinking that.

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