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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Strongest Sage, Confronts Test Body


It wasn't obvious at first due to his normal mana reaction compared to [Warmongers]'--but little brother Anmorr has probably taken in the effect [Broken Star].
The next experimental body after [Warmongers] is the little Anmorr himself--Lunat Anmorr.

"...You turned yourself into a test body huh."

"But of course! There's only one body I understand most in the whole world, and that is mine! And with my mana as a base rather than other test bodies, it's far more stable than some plebs! Nothing else can compare as the best test body there is!"

"In addition I have been putting him under the necessary magic enchant for the past month... We can confidently say that it's our highest masterpiece."

Experimenting on their own bodies huh, these guys are pretty zealous.
The past me had done something similar so many times as well.
...Going reincarnating in order to change my crest was the terminus of that.

Doesn't mean that I won't crush this experiment though.

"Good then, I can fight without worry."

"Yeah. Go ahead and fight to your fullest... But hold on a bit, I need to set up data collecting magic tools first."

Elder Anmorr cast multiple magic then.
Several magic tools got deployed all around the barrier that enclosed us.

"...Those are some fanciful equipment."

I check the magic tools for any that can be used to attack while pretending to be impressed.

"Obviously! My big brother Saikia Anmorr is this world's best augmenter! This test facility is the culmination of his skill!"

...Best in the world huh.
Well, the work put on his magic circles is a bit loose, but perhaps that title fits considering the current world.
These equipment are more than adequate for collecting rough combat data.

That aside...

"You're not gonna fight the way you are now, are you?"

I asked the little brother Anmorr.
Right now, he's not been strengthened that much.
The unnatural mana reaction inside his body isn't acting like it's reinforcing human mana for now.

However, I've noticed the two magic stones embedded near little Anmorr's heart.
The reinforcement on this guy will probably go into effect once that magic tool is started.

I can't attack right now since there's a barrier between me and Lunat.
They probably intend to remove that barrier once he's done getting reinforced.

Although it's not like attacking over the barrier can't be done... But it'd be difficult to end the fight in one blow then.
Besides, elder Anmorr will probably regard it as an act of betrayal and join the fray.
So long as I cannot end the fight in one shot, I'd be forced to fight the two of them at the same time.

These guys are ancient mages for once.
It's not easy to win a frontal fight in a location set up by your enemy.

For now I should go along with the test, defeat little Anmorr and go after the elder one afterward.
...It would be best if they failed with the strengthening experiment and self-destruct though.

"Not fight they way you are now... huh. Correct... Lunat, are you ready?"

"I'm ready anytime you are! ...Now, come and do it!"

"Understood... Activation!"

Once elder Anmorr declared so--a change occurred.
Little Anmorr's mana rapidly swelled up and began sucking up surrounding mana.

"T-this is the power of [Broken Star]...! Ooh! I'm overflowing with power!"

Little Anmorr shouted with an enraptured expression.
Guess I can't count on him self-destructing due to failure.
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I murmured when I saw that.

"...His life force is increasing."

"Correct... You've got good intuitions. You may have talent in magic research... It's too bad that you have to die here."

[Composite Test Body No.1] was a fusion of ten people, acquiring enhanced strength by combining them.
However this [Strengthened Test Body No.1]--little Anmorr isn't that different from ordinary human.

There's only one thing little Anmorr differs from ordinary human.
It's the fact that he possesses an unbelievable amount of life force unthinkable for mere human.

Life force is the root of all mana and physical strength.
Your mana and strength will automatically increase if you strengthen your life force.
This [Strengthened Test Body No.1] has his life force increased through [Broken Star] that possessed, [Revival] which is in a way the strongest buff on life force, to create a reinforced human.

"Lunat, how's your intelligence, any problem?"

"...My thoughts are clear! There's no problem at all!"

"Very well... This is the culmination of our [Broken Star Experiment]--Strengthened Test Body No.1. We will now begin combat test as scheduled... Are you ready?"

Elder Anmorr looked at me as he said that.
Hearing that, I winked at the girls for an instant--and replied.


"Well then, starting test."

Elder Anmorr removed the barrier that separated me from little Anmorr.
And almost at the same time, little Anmorr deployed attack magic.

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