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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.18_19


Lecan braced himself for the Great Ogre's body falling on top of him as he fell to the ground, but nothing happened.

To begin with, he should have died from getting his throat cut up, why is he alive.

He could feel blood from a wound on his throat when he tried placing his hand on it. He really was about to die for real.

Lecan got up and his right eye saw a small box by his feet.

It's a treasure chest.

The Great Ogre is dead. It was still trying to kill Lecan even in its last breath. However, the Great Ogre got transformed into a treasure chest right as it died. As a result, its claws that were stuck in Lecan's throat also vanished.

Lecan would have died along with the Great Ogre were it died even a moment later.

Lecan would also die with it were it didn't turn into a treasure chest after dying.

He truly just had a narrow escape from death.

Lecan's right hand gripped his sword. A sword whose blade has been broken in half.

The upper broken half is lying on the ground.

It was a nice sword.

It was a really handy sword.

This sword couldn't endure the full brunt of Lecan's strength enchanted by <Guardian Gem of Zana>.

Even <Self-Restoration> can't repair a badly broken sword.

In short, this sword is no longer usable.

Lecan put away the broken sword and the upper half in <Storage>.

Then he opened the treasure chest.

There was a golden colored potion inside.

Golden Potion.

A potion that grants one a skill.

Lecan put the potion in <Storage> and then stood up before bowing. To pay his respect to the Great Ogre.

He took out a Large Red Potion and drank it. His body readily accepted it since quite a bit of time had passed.

Both the wounds on his cheek and throat vanished like they were never there.

Red potions are truly handy. However, he needs to carefully think how to use it well.

Lecan chanted a spell.

"<Floor (Sijmel)>"

But nothing happened.

Then he realized something.

Hasn't Shira told him about it. Except on Ground Floor, this spell can only be used in passageways, or in other words in spaces with stairways.

Lecan went back to the room's exit and recited the spell once he was out of the floor.


A floor diagram showed up in his mind, he chose the Ground Floor.

"<Warp (Palpu)>."

Lecan's body got relocated to the Ground Floor in that instant.

Heading to the entrance, it was already dark outside. The dead of night with few lights still in the town.

He walked off briskly since he didn't really feel like seeing other people. Some people were still open for business trying to buy dungeon items off Lecan, but he paid them no heed as he walked away at a fast pace.

Soon, adventurers would exit the dungeon and make a commotion about the disappearance of magic beasts. It would become clear that someone has defeated the dungeon boss then. It doesn't really bother him even if they found out, but that lord's second son or something might get fussy on him yet again. Lecan planned to leave the town before that happened.


It's the dungeon security captain, Doug. Why is he strolling around outside at this hour.

The reason was obvious as he got closer. He reeks of booze. Must have been out drinking.

Is it really okay for him to drink in his uniform.

"Lecan. I gotta thank you. Heard you helped Tomaj-sama, didn't ya."

"Tomaj? Ah, you mean the lord's eldest son. No, I didn't do any saving."

"I mean, he got the Floor's <Mark> thanks to you, no?"

"No well, I did get the <Mark> after beating Wrinkle Man twice, but Tomaj just happened to be close by during the second bout."

"That's how they got the <Mark> you see. Didn't you know? Everyone who's at a certain distance will get a <Mark> on the second defeat of a Giant Variant."

That was the case huh, Lecan thought.

It all makes sense now. He saw few crowds of adventurers forming in spots near giant variants on several floors.

"What does this Tomaj want on lower stratum?"

"We haven't gotten dungeon items from lower stratum for a while now. And so, the man got enthusiastic to go to lower stratum and obtain dungeon items himself. Ain't gonna happen with that man and his aides' skills though."

"I see, I'll take my leave then."



"Did you beat the dungeon boss?"

Lecan hesitated for an moment, but decided to tell the truth.


"Please tell me. What did you get."

He's under no obligation to tell him. However, Lecan took his lowest floor's loot and put it on his left hand.

"Is that... a potion?"

"<Lamplight (Parm)>."

Since it's dark and hard to see, Lecan produced a light on his right hand.

"Golden... colored potion... huh. First time seeing one. OK, all's good now. I have personally confirmed it. If it were a God Cure, or a weapon with powerful graces, it could lead to all sort of troubles, but the commotion shouldn't be too bad with a Golden Potion."

"What'd happen if it were a God Cure."

"The town lord would do anything to get their hands on it, in order to present it to the king."

"What'd happen if it were a weapon with powerful graces."

"The lord here would probably buy it up. The second son would try to extort it out of you through a humongous amount of <Grace Goods Tax>."

"Fumu. There's no demand for golden potions then."

"No no, of course there is! I mean, it's something that grants you skills. It's coveted by nobles, generals and knights everywhere. But the one who will cough up the most is probably adventurers. If it ever came out on the auction, nine out of ten, it would be an adventurer who won the bid."

Lecan gets it now. In other word, since it's probably going to be an adventurer anyway who will bid for a Golden Potion, there's no need to put much concern on it.

"OK, be on my way."

"Lecan, do come again."


Despite intending to never come here again, Lecan replied with that before running off.

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He noticed something after leaving Golbul Town.

His body feels awfully tired and he's starving. But he can't go back to town now.

Thus, he decided to set up a camp.

He saw an unusual dream that night. A dream where he's having a talk with Shira.

"Shira. I managed to shoot out <Flame Spears> from my palms."

"Oh my, you found out already huh. Sheesh, no choice then. I wanted you to keep practicing magic on fingers for a wee bit longer though."

"I'm well aware of the importance of fingertips. I plan to keep on thoroughly polishing <Lamplight> spell from now on."

"My my. Just when did you get to be such an excellent pupil I wonder."

When he woke up, Lecan thought of it as nothing but a weird dream, but he truly meant what he said there. He intends to train <Lamplight> whenever he finds times to, in order to hone his magic sense.

He arrived at Vouka Town's west gate a bit before noon.

He had taken another sword from <Storage> and put it on his waist before passing the gate.

Then he noticed that his permanently active <Life Detection> didn't catch Shira anywhere.

While thinking how strange it was, Lecan checked every corners of the town with <Life Detectioon>, but he still couldn't find her.

Shira is nowhere in this town.

After passing the gate, Lecan headed to Shira's house by jumping from roof to roof.

Looking down over Shira's house from the top of a tall roof, three knights and two soldiers in the garden are peering into the lavatory and disputing about something while pointing at the poisonous plant field. According to <3D Perception>, there's three more inside the house. Jericho is inside too. But not Shira.

Lecan was furious when he noticed that the front door had been broken through.

Bwoosh, he jumped down and landed in front of a knight wearing a conspicuously flashier equipment who was giving orders in the garden.

"Who gave you guys permission to come here."

Looking closer, this well groomed knight is very young. And the two knights behind him are just as young.

The knight was awfully surprised when he saw Lecan at first, but then he came to his sense and shouted out loud.

"You! Who are you! Where did you come from! You must have kidnapped Shira-dono! All hands, capture this fellow!"

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