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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.13_14


It was really huge.

Even an ordinary Wrinkle Man was big enough to reach the ceiling.

This giant variant is twice as big as that. Of course, unable to stand, it's sitting down. This Wrinkle Man occupies practically the whole room.

Wrinkle Man moves slowly. And they won't proactively attack until they are attacked.

Lecan kneaded his mana on top of his already kneaded mana.

With his right eye shut, he opened both his hands wide up as if he was receiving something from heavens and generated mana from every tips of his fingers. No, not only from fingers on his hands. But also from the toes inside his boots.

Then he circulates his mana in his entire body. As it circulates, it also sucks in all mana concealed in every corners of his body. His mana turns into a violent torrent, flowing into the point below his navel. As if engulfing the mass of mana he kneaded earlier, a whirlpool of mana comes anew.

Lecan is unable to even open his hands anymore. He's strongly gripping both his hands while trembling as if trying to push down the raging power.

Lecan draws his right leg and right arm back, opens his right eye wide and ascertains his target.



The enormous mana is slowly moving from his navel toward his right hand.



His whole body feels hot.

His entire body gets bent back as the last stage before the upcoming eruption.

And then.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!!"

With that shout, Lecan opened his right fist and thrust it forward.

A dazzling light burst out, and just as a spear of light emerged, it immediately bolted straight toward the mountain-like magic beast. Were someone spectated this, the afterimage would surely be burned in their mind from the overwhelmingly high heat.

The fatal strike accurately went for and hit the monster's neck. Exactly where this giant of rock's weak point is.

Once the explosion and dazzling flash went away, the Wrinkle Man's head shook before breaking and falling apart.

Lecan jumped back to dodge the flying splinters. He landed in the previous room.

He went back to the room where the Wrinkle Man was, there the magic beast's body was breaking into pieces, eventually only leaving a huge magic gem behind.

Lecan picked that up and put it into <Storage>.

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Suddenly, he was assaulted by dizziness.

Lecan sat down on the spot.

It will be a while before another giant variant spawn. And he's gonna make use of that time effectively.

He took out a Large Blue potion.

Most of his mana has been used up in that attack earlier. He wanted to test out the most powerful magic he could muster up with that attack, but he never imagined it would be that powerful. Nor would it consume so much mana.

Mana reserve is one big problem he needs to tackle in the future.

He tried to drink the potion but his body rejected. A strong sense of disgust welled up from within. He endured and consumed it nonetheless.

A rejection occurred as if he had consumed poison. He wasn't able to move until it calmed down a bit.

His body somehow managed to accept the potion, but the mana starvation remained. In other words, even a Large Blue Potion is not at all enough.

He took mana recovery pills he got from Shira and drank them.

Since he was also feeling hungry, he took out some food and water and had a meal.

Shira's pills may not give an instant recovery, but Lecan can feels his mana gradually getting restored. Best thing about them is how he could easily take them in despite being in a condition where he couldn't accept potions.

As he chewed on some tasty jerky, Lecan was puzzled at the information <Life Detection> signaled him.

Some people are coming here.

At first Lecan thought he was just imagining things, but they were unquestionably heading here while avoiding spots with magic beasts.

He thought maybe the group were aiming for the giant variant here, but they've only started heading here after he had defeated this giant variant, and they're avoiding all other spots with different giant variants as they make their way here.

What's definite besides that they have a map is that someone among those six must posses some kind of detection ability. Since two among those six posses mana, it must be either of these two.

Are they hostile. Or friendly.

Right as Lecan pondered that, they can't be friendly since he doesn't know anyone here.

He'd better regard them as hostiles.

They're going to come into contact soon.

Just when he thought that, they stopped somewhere away.

He's bothered by the identities of these six, but it's about time for him to prepare for the giant variant's respawn.

Lecan put away his flask after drinking water one last time, stood up and took out a battle hammer from <Storage>. It's a hammer of finest quality from his former world. It doesn't have an enchantment in particular, but it's sturdy with a good balance, just really easy to use.

He originally planned to fight the second battle with magic once again, but he cannot afford to exhaust himself from using too many magic when there's unknown enemy approaching.

A mist-like black haze began to swirl inside the room before eventually forming a giant variant of Wrinkle Man once again.

They're coming.

Those six hostiles are coming here.

At this rate, Lecan would have to deal with new enemy behind him while he fought a tough one ahead.

Lecan squinted his right eye and laughed.

--Interesting. I dare you to come.

Thus his second match against Wrinkle Man began anew.

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