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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.2_3_4


Lecan was taken to a dreary room containing nothing but a shabby desk and chair right after he arrived at the lord's mansion.

Quite some time has passed since they left Lecan here.

It's not like he's got nothing to do though.

After having a meal he took out of <Storage>, he has been practicing <Lamplight> all this time.

Controlling mana smoothly and decisively.

As much Mana as on the tip of your fingernail is already enough to cast <Lamplight>. However, he's circulating mana in every corner of his entire body, and lighting up a tiny tiny flame from among that enormous flow. Lecan continued to tirelessly repeat that kind of practice of control.

As someone who has gone through battles all his life as a swordsman, there are so many ways where attack magic would prove useful. Of course, he'll be mainly using his sword in battle, but once he's succeeded in weaving together magic into his style, he'll get even stronger and be able to cope with all kinds of enemies and situations. He also possesses magic bows that can shoot out magic arrows and wands that can unleash flames, but their power and usability are problematic, he hasn't been able to make use of one in a battle. An attack magic has to carry a certain degree of speed and power on it before it could be useful to a swordsman of Lecan's level. Getting ahold of such magic was nothing more than a dream within a dream for a swordsman like Lecan.

And now he is capable of wielding these dreamlike magic. Moreover, he vividly witnessed a glimpse of that power in the dungeon. It utterly demolished that gigantic Wrinkle Man in one shot.

However, presently it's difficult for him to keep using magic in the heat of a battle. Moreover, it's terribly costly in term of mana expenditure. As such, he's going to refine his control and raise the speed.


"Lecan-san. Please excuse me."

The door opened along with a familiar sounding voice.

It's Chaney the merchant. With Commander Tesla right behind him.

"Now now. Shall we go then."

Lecan kept silent. Not even trying to get up.

Chaney added more words when he saw Lecan acting that way.

"To where town lord-sama is waiting."

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"We're indebted to you this time. You have my gratitudes."

The town lord Crimus Ulban suddenly stood up and lowered his head. Commander Tesla who was standing by in the corner of the room was surprised with eyes wide open.

Once the lord sat down, Chaney who was standing to his right gave an explanation.

"Lecan-san. It was thanks to you escorting me that I managed to deliver a precious medicine here. To tell you the truth, Lord-sama's daughter, Susyana-sama was stricken with a serious illness. Thanks to your effort, we were able to have the medicine delivered even during a difficult time, which resulted in Susyana-sama's recovery. Lord-sama wished to thank Lecan for that."

"That deed is yours, Chaney. I was merely hired by you to work as an escort."

"Don't say that. Think of my position here. Oy."

Ordered by the lord, a personal attendant who appeared to be the grand chamberlain approached Lecan and offered a small pouch on a square-shaped silver tray.

There's probably gold coins inside the pouch. Lecan spoked sharply toward the town lord without even sending a glance toward the pouch.

"How do you plan to make up for the crime of breaking in Apothecary Shira's house and wrecking her door."

The air in the room froze.

"Hou. Do you have a problem with a lord investigating a private house in his territory?"

The lord asked with a chilly voice. Lecan replied not to him as he turned around and walked toward the door.

"Please wait! Please!"

Chaney ran off and stopped Lecan as if begging him.

"We'll hire the best craftsman there is. We'll strive to restore the door to as close to its original state as possible. I swear by my name, Chaney. So please, Lecan-san, please temper your anger."

Lecan kept his silent. Chaney added more.

"A certain knight-sama lives in this town. That knight-sama has been sucking up this town's wealth through wicked means over a long period of time. And he had devised a scheme in an attempt to take over this town. Young master was instigated by that knight-sama."


The lord interrupted Chaney using an awfully loud voice. He must be saying that was not something that could be spoken out loud.

"Lord-sama. Are you planning to completely make enemy of Shira-sama here? If that's not the case, then you cannot let Lecan-san return in this state."

The Chaney now had a very serious look on his face as if he was a whole different person than his usual shifty self.

"Lecan-san. If you end up opposing lord-sama, that means the lord household will turn antagonistic toward Shira-sama as well. And that's exactly what that knight-sama wanted. Are you sure you're fine with that?"

That's one clever way to put it. Lecan himself loathes to act just as that man expected. Which means, he's gotta stop his quibbling toward the lord.

Lecan noticed another thing. Shira must not wish to have a hostile relationship toward either the lord or that certain knight. Because Shira's wish is surely to live quietly without intervention of men. In other words, if Lecan who names himself Shira's pupil were to go on a rampage, it would bring liabilities to Shira no matter who the other party was.

He's got to thank Chaney for granting him an amicable way out of this.

"Understood, Chaney. I'll take back my words earlier."

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