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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.1


The fact that he accused Lecan of doing something to Shira must mean that these people too have no idea about Shira's whereabout. Even if that's the case though, just what are they doing.

"I reiterate, who are you people. Who gave you permission to come in here."

The young knight's stature is more than a head lower than Lecan. He bravely stepped forward, scowled at Lecan, drew his sword and pointed the tip before Lecan.

"I am Knight Agito Ulban. Eldest son of Crimus Ulban, lord of Vouka Town. And who are you!"

"The town lord's son? Unlawfully breaking into apothecary Shira's house, wrecking her door and pointing a sword toward someone of this house. You're saying all those are done under the lord's will then?"

The other two knights behind him flew into a rage when they heard Lecan.

"Mind your manners!"

"Who do you think you're talking to!"

Agito himself seems to be beside himself with anger as he orders the two soldiers next to him.

"What are you doing! Capture this suspicious man at once!"

"You will not!"

The owner of that voice was another soldier who just came out of the workroom, however he was wearing better armor than other soldiers. The man has an aged face befitting of his senior years. Three soldiers followed after him.

"Agito-sama. Could you please refrain from giving orders at your own discretion."

"Commander! This man has definitely done something. We have to capture this man!"

The man called Commander stepped forward toward Lecan. Lecan turned only his head to look at this commander man's face.

Lecan was awfully furious at this point. He himself found it curious as to why.

It might be because he was bewildered at the sudden disappearance of Shira, or maybe it was an anger at the absurdity of these unknown men trampling over Shira's house, in any case, he's just really furious. And the knight's attitude poured oil into that fiery anger.

Were any of these suspicious men made an attempt to attack, Lecan would surely cut down everyone present here.

"I presume you're Apothecary Shira's pupil, Lecan?"

It was Agito who reacted to the commander's words.

"What? Pupil? Pupil you say? I heard nothing about Shira-dono taking a pupil in!"

"Lord-sama is aware of it. I was informed of it by lord-sama himself."

The commander glanced at Agito.

While toward Lecan, his expression is full of resolute will yet also awfully apprehensive as well.

This commander must vaguely realize just how dangerous Lecan is.

Lecan himself turned his eyes burning with anger at the commander.

An awfully tense silence ruled over the garden.

Then at this point, Jericho came out of the still open workroom's door.

Jericho politely closed the door, moved on the ground with his long arms, and then climbed the stakes on the wall to go off somewhere.

Seeing that, Lecan's heart regained a curious composure.

Shira wouldn't have left Jericho here were she abandoned this dwelling. Jericho wouldn't have been that calm were Shira got herself in some kind of trouble. Since Jericho is quietly spending time here, that must mean Shira has gone somewhere by her own volition, and will come back in time.

Once he calmed down after thinking that far, Lecan finally replied to the commander.
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"I am commander of Vouka Town Guard, Tesla. We are searching this house as part of our duty, we hope for your understanding."


"Considering a VIP of this town, Shira-dono, has gone missing, we cannot just ignore it."

"That's funny. Shira was present when I left this house six days ago. Which means, Shira would have been absent for six days at most. Last month, Shira was away from this town for about 20 days, but no one was making a commotion over it in particular. Why would this time be then. On top of that you brought along three knights and six soldiers in tow. What do you intend to do with such forces."

"I gave the order! I heard from a certain channel that a peril might be approaching Shira-dono and Nike-dono, so..."

"You please be quiet! You have no rights to order troops around! And by gathering off-duty members outside of my awareness at that. Don't you realize that you risk getting accused of trying to raise a rebellion if you mobilize the lord's soldiers without permission?! The matter this time gets to be treated as the guard commander's order because I noticed in time to catch up with you, but it was really a close call, you hear me. You must never do anything like this ever again!"

Lecan has no idea about their situation, but he could sense this commander's heartfelt worries toward Agito.

Commande Tesla faced Lecan once again.

"We would like you to accompany us to the lord's mansion to answer our questions."

Lecan no longer has any intention to cut down these intruders. That said, he's really not at all eager to go to such a troublesome place as the lord's mansion.

He thought of running away here but he would have a hard time living in this town if he did. As he had no other choice, he decided to go along with them.

"I'm gonna get changed. Wait outside the front door."

Lecan went inside the house to Shira's room in the furthest back.

The bed has not been roughed up. Looks like they didn't notice the hole below the bed.

Lecan put away his sword, overcoat and all valuables inside <Storage> and put on a casual wear he got from Zaidmahl house. They won't try to confiscate anything off him now.

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