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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.7_8


The day after, Lecan dropped by Shira's house. It would be the 12th day since he handed over Vurs magic gem before departing to Golbul Dungeon.

The front door has been neatly repaired. Furthermore, they didn't use new wood but one with subdued and quiet looks to it, not sure where they got it but the material used very closely resembled the original.

Shira still wasn't present.

Jericho welcomed Lecan by listlessly raised his left hand from his bed.

Just as Lecan went in the workroom and thought of boiling some tea, dripping sounds could be heard.

It's rain.

Rain is pouring down. The clouds above apparently aren't too thick, as even though sunlight has softened up, it's not enough to make the garden looks dim.

Lecan felt like looking at rain in the garden, he opened the workroom's door. But there's a windbreak right in front of the door, so the view isn't too good. In the end, Lecan gazed at the garden while standing at the door.

The herbs and poisonous plants have varying heights, shapes and colors. Raindrops fell on those varying leaves, dropping to the ground in all kinds of forms.

The closely dense formation of Speck Weed with their small round leaves are happily swaying left and right from getting hit by raindrops.

Dragon's Breath and their sparsely grown thin long leaves with red to black coloration springs down and drops collected raindrops when it can't hold anymore. Like a wise old man nodding to something.

A poisonous plant called Hell Priest stands aloof with about twenty leaves growing horizontally, possessing frightening poison, a single drop extracted from its leaf has enough paralyzing power to knock out a grown man just by getting exposed to it, but the scene of this lone plant firmly towering over other lower herbs around it possesses a certain spectacle to it, like that of a proud lady who's quietly shedding tears.

Water flowing down weed and trees created a pool of transparent water for a short time before getting sucked, disappearing into earth. If this garden had a small pond, it would probably make for a different kind of attraction.

Lecan recalled the day he first saw rain after he arrived at this world.

People around him was puzzled when he started running around trying to hoard food, later on, he was summoned by Lady Rubianafale and ended up having to explain his circumstance to her.

In Lecan's world, rain won't stop for days and days once it starts pouring down. Enormous amount of water just keeps spilling down the sky without stopping.

Rain is something that brings about hunger and cold, it spoils food, and dims the days. <Death Begets Rain> are words loaded with people's real feelings.

You've got to secure several days worth of food before rain comes down. Otherwise, a miserable end awaits you. That was a common sense in Lecan's original world.

Lady Rubianafale's eyes almost popped out when she heard about this story.

Lecan closed the door to prevent too much moisture seeping in the room.

Going down the basement, the air there was stagnant and damp.

He used <Move> magic to stir the air, and then he lit up the fireplace to remove the dampness. The gigantic chimney was made so rain won't pour down it, but it can't completely stop raindrops blown from sides. This place needs to be ventilated once in a while to remove moisture.

Lecan got back upstairs and had some tea.

Slowly savoring warm tea soaking into every corners of his body.

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Lecan took the Gold Potion out of <Storage> and put it on the desk.

It's a dungeon item that grants one some sort of skill when drank.

He decided to drink it himself the instant it fell on his hand.

But only after Shira has taken a look of it, such was his plan.

However, Shira isn't present right now.

Then should he wait to drink this potion until Shira got back.

There's no particular reason why he needs Shira to look at it. To begin with, even Shira has no idea how this potion works. Shira herself said that you wouldn't know what kind of skill you'd get until after you drank it.

The skills one gets from defeating dungeon bosses in his former world are seemingly limited to battle-related ones, but what about skills from this potion. Is there a chance the skill obtained from this potion turning out harmful to Lecan.

Shira supposedly said this.

<If you obtain a Golden Potion from defeating a monster, the skill you get from that potion will definitely be usable to you.>

There's no need to worry. In any case, he will never find out unless he drinks it.

Lecan gazed at the potion on top of his palm for a while before putting it in his mouth.

He crushed the container inside his mouth. Taste of liquid filled his mouth.

The jelly-like texture must be from the container. He has already experienced how this container melted in his mouth.

Lecan gulped down the liquid along with the container's remains. Nothing occurred for a while.

After about ten breaths. Something warm puffed up from inside his stomach. That warm something spread out slowly like tentacles in his entire body. And right after it had spread throughout his whole body without gaps, burning sensations like that of a high fever assaulted Lecan.

His body quivered. Losing strength from head to foot. He can't even afford to sit on the chair. Lecan crumbled down and lay on the floor. He has no mean to oppose the intense chill assailing his whole body. He can only endure it. That was when he passed out.

When he woke up, Jericho was looking at him worryingly from above.

The anomaly that attacked his body has vanished. Lecan got up and sat on the chair without any problem, no pain nor anything wrong with his body.

Now then, what kind of skill has he gotten anyway.

Lecan thought of that while sitting on the chair for a while but he doesn't understand. However, he definitely has obtained a new skill.

The rain stopped before he realized.

Lecan went back to his inn and got a room while feeling discontented all the way, then he had a meal and went to bed.

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