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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Strongest Sage, Sees Through Enemy's Weakness


"Here I come!"

Little Anmorr produced a red sphere in his palm.

It's an attack magic popular in my past life, 『Explosion Sphere』.
It's not particularly that powerful, but since it produces an explosion at impact point once shot, this magic is easy to use as you don't need to aim accurately.

However, the [Explosion Sphere] used by little Anmorr wasn't normal.
After getting manifested, the [Explosion Sphere] turned blue half a second later.

Magic discoloration due to excess amount of mana.
This is a phenomenon exclusive to magic combatants possessing mighty mana.
Once it got to this state, [Discolored Explosion Sphere] exhibits ten times more power than a normal one at the very least.

That [Discolored Explosion Sphere] was shot under me.


By running forward, I got out of [Discolored Explosion Sphere]'s range.
A moment later--the sphere caused a huge explosion.

I got slightly blown away by the blast but I landed just fine without suffering any damage.
Rather, I'm thankful for assisting me getting some distance away.


"I-it's as if that was Iris's magic..."

Ruli and Alma sounded surprised to see the explosion.
Indeed, its strength rivals that of Iris's magic...

"Wonderful! ...Cast time 70% up, magic strength has been increased by 2400%! Our experiment is a success!"

Elder Anmorr is looking at a huge amount of data displayed on a data monitoring device while getting excited.

"Come now, fight! Give me more data!"

"Yes I get it! --Can I... Can I shoot successively!?"

Little Anmorr looked askance at elder Anmorr.
Hearing that, Elder Anmorr glanced at the data gathering device--and grinned.

"Load on the barrier, 15%.... Very well! You're permitted to shoot successively at 70% of full strength!"

Shooting magic successively puts load on the barrier.
Normally, there's no need to even worry about destroying [Wall of Space Rupture]... But in his life-force enchanted state, looks like there is a need to monitor the load.
Judging from their conversation, it seems the barrier won't endure 100% strength.

"70%, but there's a high chance my sparring partner won't survive..."

"I don't care! We've got a sparring partner exactly for this sake!"

"--I understand! 70% power rapid-fire, here it comes!"

Little Anmorr produced a large quantity of [Discolored Explosion Spheres] and scattered them around me.
I rush into the gaps between those spheres--and deploy a defensive spell.
Then a moment later, the [Discolored Explosion Spheres] detonated all at once.

"Ohho, you withstood even that huh... You're pretty good for a test sparring partner."
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Little Anmorr mumbled when he saw me unscathed.

--I can win this.
I'm convinced after seeing that rapid-fire discharge just now.

Were my opponent of Grevil's level, I wouldn't have come out of that much barrage of [Discolored Explosion Sphere] unharmed.
However, against little Anmorr, it's a simple matter.

He has the skill to control magic, but lack the finesse to employ it in battle.
He probably doesn't have enough combat experience.

It's a result of putting all their effort into some weird magic research while making light of combat skills.
He must be thinking that he could win by relying on enormous mana and physical strength alone.

"....Could you start attacking now? I'd like to verify the barrier's defensive power."

Elder Anmorr said that to me while I was observing my opponent's trend.
...It's a pain but I guess I'll play along with him until the preparations to crush this experiment are done.


I shoot some random attack magic at little Anmorr.
He then proceeded to deploy a barrier magic and easily blocked my magic.
Well since I didn't put any tricks in the attack just now, it's only natural for it to get blocked.

"Defensive magic is wonderful as well. That attack magic just now was of the highest level in this current world. --However, the barrier Lunat deployed didn't lose even 0.2% of its density!"

"0.2%...! What a wonderful result! I thank you for cooperating with our experiment!"

Yet, none of little Anmorr's attack ever reached me.
My attack couldn't hit little Anmorr either--however, the brothers found this situation unexpected.

"What's wrong Lunat! The you right now surpass your opponent's magic power by 5400% and physical strength by 700%! Why are you having a hard time!"

"My attack won't hit him! --But my strong point is the amount of mana I have! At this rate, I'll win this fight eventually!"

"Your opponent's mana amount has only decreased by 7.3% thus far. Don't think you can easily scrape it off!  ...Your mana is 50 times higher than him! How could it take so long! --I'll raise the barrier's strength temporarily! Claim your victory in the meantime!"

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