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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Strongest Sage, Speaks with the Perpetrators


"...It's my loss."

After saying that--the man takes a sword and thrusts it toward his neck, to end his own life.
Losing equals death huh.

But I stopped that sword.
There's something I need to ask from the last one.

"Wait... Tell me about the guy who revived you before you go and die."

"...Eh fine. The one who resurrected me was--"

The man shut his mouth when he was about to say it.
Looks like this man has been put under silencing magic as well.

Can't he just write it instead then?
Right when I was about to take out pen and paper from storage magic... I could hear a voice.

--Comm magic.

"Oh I'm gonna tell you aaall about it even without you asking!"

A raspy weirdly enthusiastic sounding voice.
Looks like this comm magic is coming from inside a bag hanging on the [Warmonger] man.


"I am! The little brother of the world's best magic researchers and the one who revived [Warmongers]! Lunat Anmorr! Pleased to have you acquainted!"

"...And I'm the elder brother of the world's best magic researchers, Saikia Anmorr... We offer you our gratitudes for participating in our experiment."

Anmorr brothers...
They were known as mad scientists in the past era.

I know little about these guys... But they got revived as well huh.


"That's right! Resurrection of [Warmongers] is the first phase of our [Broken Star Experiment]! We will proceed to the second phase right here and now!"

Just as the raspy voice said that--the [Warmongers]' man began to emit light.
At the same time, the man's mana also swelled up.
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"W-we should finish him off quick!"

Alma readied her bow in an attempt to shoot [Warmongers] man after saying that.
But--I stopped her.

"Hold it! Let's wait and see for a bit more!"

We're currently up against abnormal magic.
It's a combined spell art between [Magic] and [Supra-rational Art] by way of [Broken Star].
Carelessly interfering here could lead to a worsening situation like it going berserk.

Besides--there's probably no point in killing the man.
After all, he's not the only [Warmongers] who's spreading mana while giving off lights.

There are 10 [Warmongers] in total. Nine of them have died.
All of them are giving off lights while spreading mana to surroundings.
Then the bodies of [Warmongers] who should have died stand up one after another.

A few seconds have elapsed since we started observing carefully.
Suddenly, bodies of those [Warmongers] disintegrated and turned into particles of lights.

And then those particles gather in one place--forming into a human body.
--It's a fusion.

"This is the result of our research, composite test body number 1!! ...By fusing the knowledge and experience of powerful warriors, we have successfully created the best warrior eveeer!"

I see.
They made a composite human by making use of [Supra-rational Art] the [Broken Star] possesses.
The reason why those [Warmongers] had incomplete resurrections was probably because they had this spell art slotted within them.

...These guys sure have some bad taste.

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