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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Strongest Sage, Rides Freight Car


"OK then, walk about 500 meter to the left from there!"

I check mana reaction of the spot 500 meter away.

...It only showed a rocky mountain.
But looking closer, it's really concealing an entrance to a facility.

That's a well done camouflage.
Even if my ability to detect hidden places has fallen compared to my past life, I know a concealment if there's even a slightest bit of oddness.
It's probably hidden with an ordinary concealment magic, but its application is pretty good.

Well, they wouldn't have been able to make use of [Supranatural Art] if they can't do this much at least.
Really, it's such a waste these guys are like that.

They probably would become considerably great mages were they channeled their passions in the right direction.
While thinking that as we progressed further, I could see a small hole on the base of a rocky mountain.

And that hole widened up as we got closer.
Just enough for one person to get in.

"Come in."


I replied to the comm magic and drew closer to the hole.

...I'm leading the way since there's a chance they've set up traps there.
I jumped down the hole in a state where I could immediately cast counter trap magic.

But my fear ended up being imaginary.
I got down the hole without triggering any kind of trap.

There was a huge door at the place I landed down to.

『All clear. You can go down.』

I called the girls.

『T-this place was so close by...』

『...They must have set up a test facility nearby to get data from [Composite Test Body No.1]. It would be super hard to find so long as it's concealed properly... These guys are cream of the crop in term of magic techs amongst all enemies we fought so far.』

Then I open the door.
There was some kind of railway track beyond the door, with one magic freight car on top of it.
...I thought this was a test lab, turned out this place was merely a transport facility.

"Get on. It may be a bit cramped for four since it was designed for us two... But you should manage."


I look at the magic freight car.
...It's a very high speed type.
Our enemy's hideout might actually be quite distant from here.

I talk to the girls while thinking that.

『Once we get on this, we're gonna stop with comm magic and talk normally.』
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『We're going to fight without comm magic?』

『Yeah... Ordinary comm magic would be leaking all over against people who could use that level of magic.』

『...I see... It's like the time with Grevil-san...』

『That's the idea... Rather, there's a chance they'd hack and hijack our comm magic. If you receive a call in comm magic, just ignore and regard it as a fake.』

Getting our comm intercepted is not a problem if we know beforehand.
But, it could be fatal if they broadcast fake information to confuse us.


Then we got on the magic freight car.

"So where are you taking us? These installations feel too large-scale for a disposable test lab..."

"Yea. We're inviting you to our stronghold this time. As that's where the best equipment for data gathering reside. Complete with defensive equipment of course. It won't break so easily, worry not."

Looks like our enemy have complete confidence on their defensive equipment.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have invited us outsiders to their stronghold.

The magic freight car began moving as we were talking.
It accelerated along with a loud sound as expected.

"A-aren't we going too fast!?"

"T-this magic device is incredible! How could it even produce this speed!"

Alma was nervous about the speed, while Ruli peeked out of the freight car to look at the engine.
...I don't think it's a good idea to peer out of a fast moving magic freight car... But fortunately, this tunnel seems to have been properly made, there's no danger even if you do that.

"Uun... This cart-like thing is too loud!"

Iris lodged a complaint to the magic freight car.
Well the problem with sounds is just a natural destiny of a magic freight car that runs at high speed.
The sounds get amplified inside the tunnel too.

The magic freight car started to decelerate while I was thinking.

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