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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Strongest Sage, Analyzes Magic Circle


"Your worry is unfounded... The only thing that matters for sparring partners are strength... He's more than qualified being the one who defeated 『Composite Test Body No.1』."

"That's true... It'd be a waste to crush a promising seeker of magic as a sparring partner in our experiments. I got it. I'll admit him as our experiments' sandbox."

Looks like it went well.
Also, seems like they're underestimating me, but that's all the better.

Their first test body was crude--But it appears that these Anmorr brothers have quite the confidence on the next one.
The last one was [Composite Test Body No.1] but the next one will be [Strengthened Test Body No.1], so it's probably not a fusion of multiple people this time.
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...No clue what will come out, but we can't be too careful here.
These Anmorr brothers seem to be decently competent with magic techs, and they have the help of [Supranatural Art] on top of it, so there's a chance of a strong one coming out.
It might prove difficult to beat it alone like I did earlier.

『...Girls, I may need your help in the battle next time, make sure you're ready.』

『I understand!』


The next test body is probably a magically remodeled body.
In that case, there's a chance we can nullify the alteration by having Alma shoot at it with a specific counter-spell.

It's impossible for humans to create [Supranatural Art].
The only thing they can do is merely combining [Supranatural Art] brought by space monsters with magic.

Even if our opponent is employing [Supranatural Art], the part created by Anmorr Brothers will be nothing but magic.
It should be possible to counter that part with the right magic.
...Of course, these Anmorr brothers must have anticipated that as they create the spell art as well, thus we'll probably need a relatively complex counter magic.

Anmorr brothers spoke through comm magic as I thought that.

"Well then, we'll inform you location of the test site in 36 hour. Go make preparations."

"Make sure you're in top condition you hear me! [Test Body Number 2] won't be able to show its strongest if you don't!"

They cut off the comm after saying that.
I picked up the fallen comm magic tool.
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"...That went well."

"Too well maybe... Will it be really alright?"

"Of course we have to be careful since we'll be jumping right into their ring... They made this thing after all."

I handed over the comm magic tool to Ruli.
Ruli stared at it seriously... And muttered.

"W-what a really complex magic circle... I can't read it at all..."

"Our opponents are most likely quite well versed in magic... And there's probably a Glory Crest user among them. Otherwise, they couldn't have created this."

"Are you sure this doesn't have a bug function inside?"

Ruli is looking at the magic tool with a worried look.
Showing this kind of concerns with magic circles you can't read is only natural for augmenter mages.

However, Ruli's worry itself is just a needless anxiety.

"Nah, nothing like that. This magic circle is only used for concealing the source of transmission."

"...Mathi-kun, you can read this magic circle?"

"Not only can I read it, I understand its functions as well... It's been made so that it can't be traced back though."

Concealments that tell you the source of transmission just from knowing its structure are third rate.
Properly made transmission concealments cannot be traced back even if you know how they work.

...Well, I know about this magic circle even if I were unable to read it.
This comm magic tool is a type that was often used to communicate in secret in the past era.

Those who studied even a bit of secure communication in the past era would know about this magic tool.
Though this magic circle cost way too much to create due to its complexities, so in reality, a simpler cheaper magic circle was more widespread back then.

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