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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Strongest Sage, Fights "Perfect Test Body"


"The strongest warrior, Composite Test Body number oneeeeeee!! ...and you will have the honor as the very first test subject in this experiment! Please die and be a stepping stone for magic research."


"But why!? It's the strongest magically fused warrior you know!? Isn't it only mage to wish for furthering that cause even if it means dying?"

"For the sake of this crude thing?"

I pointed at the [Composite Test Body No.1] thingy as I said that.
Its physical strength and mana are indeed higher than your average ancient people.
But that's it.

"...What, did you just say?"

A voice could be heard from comm magic.
That voice clearly contained anger.

"I said crude thing... Well, seeing is believing I guess."

I readied my sword and approached the [Composite Test Body No.1].
Then it opened its mouth.


Looks like its intelligence has dropped quite a bit.
Well, it's the obvious outcome of forcibly mixing different human personalities together.

The guy behind this was babbling something about, "Combining knowledge and experience~", but human personalities aren't something you can put together just like that.
As a result of this enforced mixing, their inner self clashed with each other and ended up with something that couldn't even speak.

I can't help but pity these combatants for being used in this experiment after getting forcibly revived.

"It's my last bit of mercy. I'll end this in one blow."
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I casually walk to it after I said that.

I was never this careless when I fought [Warmongers] earlier.
The reason why I'm doing it like this--is simply because there's no need to fight seriously against this [Composite Test Body No.1].


It swung its sword around randomly while yelling out.
Its random sword swings had no skills nor craftiness behind them.

A beginner's sword.
A talentless hack at that.

I dodged that sword and lop [Composite Test Body No.1]'s head off.
Its reaction speed after I dodged was way too slow, it wasn't even worth mentioning.
It would be way harder to lose.

"Wha... Why! Our [Composite Test Body No.1] should have been perfect!"

"Experiment failed... Isn't that the obvious conclusion?"

"Impossible! Strength, mana the [Composite Test Body No.1] posses surpass that of human! Weren't you in agreement with that theory yourselfff!"

"From what could be heard from its speech during battle, [Composite Test Body #1] appeared to posses a level of intelligence far lower than its original bodies... Isn't that the cause of defeat?"

Looks like one of these researchers is aware of it.

This [Composite Test Body No.1] might posses far more mana than an average human... But merely having a lot of mana carries little meaning in battle.
It had an enhanced strength as well, but techniques that completely rely on brute force alone have no point.

...If you simply want something physically strong, you can just go catch some random monster out there.
You can find monsters that are physically stronger than this Composite Body thing everywhere.

Techniques are precisely why humans are strong.
These guys created this [Composite Test Body No.1] without even realizing that simple fact.

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