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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Strongest Sage, Becomes Cooperator


"...I see! Simply mixing human personalities together was a fool's errand wasn't it!"

"That's that... In other words, the next experimental body will surely succeed."

"『Composite Test Body No.1』 was a failure! But... The next one will definitely be a hiiiit!"

Looks like these guys are still hellbent on continuing their experiment.
We can't have them resurrect any more weird bunch, they have to be stopped--but we need to find where they are first.

『I guess we'll be looking for these guys next...』

『...Trying to find them looks like it'll be a pain...』

...[Warmongers] weren't that hard to find since Grevil had a rough idea about their location and they had a trap quest posted.
However, searching for guys who merely hide themselves while doing some questionable things is a tall order.
Unlike demons, they don't have peculiar waves of mana after all.

『Can't you trace back that comm magic tool?』

『...Unfortunately, they've put a countermeasure in it already.』

I look at the comm magic tool.
A great many magic to conceal the transmission's origin have been installed in it.

Our opponents aren't magic researchers in name only it seems.
Their knowledge in combat may be crude, but the fact that they were able to create living things that combined [Supranatural Art] and magic is a testament to their highly advanced magic techs.

And this comm magic tool employs a similar level of techs.
Even if tracing back could be done, it would probably take many years to complete.

『Then... How do we look for them?』

『Right... How about asking directly.』

I talk toward the comm magic.
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"Oy, can I have a sec?"

"...What is it? The experiment is over. I'm calling off if there's no more data to get."

"We need to move on to our next experiment. No time to deal with participants."

Just as Anmorr brothers were about to call off the transmission, I talked to them.
In order to offer my cooperation in their experiments.

"It's about that experiment... To tell you the truth, I was hit by an urge to help further development of magic. Could you let me be a sparring partner in your next experiment?"

"...Sparring partner?"

"Yeah. It was me who defeated 『Composite Test Body No.1』. Won't you get better data if you let me fight the next test subject as well?"

If I got to be a sparring partner in their experiments, these guys would lead me to their test site even if I did nothing.
There's no easier method to look for enemies.

The problem is whether they'd fall for it--.

『...Eh? Sparring partner?』

『There's no way they'd buy something like--』

The girls murmured to hear me.
But... The other party had something else in mind.

"Fine. We appreciate your cooperation."

『He bought it!?』

Alma sounded surprised to hear the elder Anmorr brother.
The little brother seemed to be surprised as well.

"...Can we really trust these guys!? The next opponent of [Strengthened Test Body No.1] must be someone full of spirit of inquiry towards magic!"

...Full of spirit of inquiry toward magic huh.
I never would have imagined someone would say that about me after reincarnating.

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