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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Strongest Sage, Composes Magic


"Alright, here goes!"

After saying that, I push my way toward [Broken Star].
Iris kept cutting apart the swarm of monsters to maintain the gap I'm taking to get to [Broken Star].

Of course, I'm also getting attacked by many ancient monsters myself, but none touched me as I dodged and blocked them all with barriers.
Even though it may look like I've dealt with every attack, it's actually impossible with this many assaults.

"Don't worry about me getting hit by your attacks, just keep at it!"

I'd have preferred to go about this more carefully, but we just don't have time.

Gotta deal with these innumerable attacks either way anyway.
The difference between having Iris's claws directed toward me is like having 101 attacks coming my way instead of just 100.

"I gotcha!"

Iris swings her claws with me included in the range.
The monster swarm rapidly collapsed, creating gaps here and there.

I slip into the ones that seem like they'll get me closer to [Broken Star].
And when I find no gap to slip through--. I unleash a large-scale attack magic to blow the monsters away.

"Blow away!"


The monsters who got hit by my magic retreated while roaring angrily.

Ancient monsters posses big and heavy bodies.
But they could be moved to a degree if you shot them with magic that specialize in blowing things away.

Normally, this gap would have been buried instantly.
But thanks to Ruli's movement jamming, I managed to slip into it nicely.

I passed through the gap and made my way toward the [Broken Star].
As such, I got closer to [Broken Star] little by little.

"Ah... Sorry I hit you!"
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Iris whose claw sweep hit me by mistake spoke apologetically.
I reply back to Iris.

"It's okay. Don't worry and just keep doing that!"

I keep heading toward [Broken Star] while making use of even Iris's claw.
Progressing through a danger zone choke full of monsters with no space to even wriggle about.

Then--I arrived at [Broken Star].

Right at the same time, a sound like something broke resounded in the surroundings.
Ruli's Dragon Vein control had reached its limit and broken apart.

"I failed! I'll set it right back up--"

"No, that's enough. I've made it."

I directed the magic Ruli used toward [Broken Star] and collected [Broken Star Flake].

Then I constructed another magic and put the flake into it, finishing up a magic tool.
Since the magic tool is made with my crest, it won't last long--nevertheless it's long enough to ensure my victory.

I've won this match the moment this magic tool is completed.

"...Anmorr brothers, your research has come in handy."

Their research doesn't have much use in itself, but it became a hint in the creation of a new magic.

That [Composite Test Body Number 1] had its ego broken because it was a forceful combination of resurrected people with different personalities.
And the [Reinforced Test Body Number 1] self destructed because one man was forcefully fed with revival power beyond its body's capacity.

Excessive power is too much load for a non-composite body.
However, mixing different personalities would collapse its ego, losing their ability to wield the power.

In other words, if you make a composite of two persons with the same ego, it's possible to fuse the power while retaining one's ego.

Normally, nothing exists that could satisfy such conditions.
Different person bears different ego.
No matter how similar twins are, they have differing egos so long as they're their own person.

However--in reality, there are actually beings who meet those conditions in this world.

One is the present me, Mathias Hildesheimr.
And the other is the past me--Gaias the Sage.

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