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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.10_11_12


"So I heard."

"Oh I see. I guess there is nothing we can do about that then."

"Oy, teach me <Recovery>. <Recovery>."

"By the way, there's this thing."

Lecan took out a bizarrely shaped magic tool from <Storage>. It's the weapon that can shoot out flame magic.

"Where'd you get that."

"Aren't you two done talkin' yet. Let's get down to practicing already, c'mon."

"Took it off a guy who raided us when I was escorting Chaney the first time."

"I see. We can use this."

"<Recovery> eh. Never woulda dreamed I'd ever get to use it."

"Midosco said that this was broken, didn't he."

"Right. Insisting that it broke down into pieces when he was examining it cause it was defective. Yet when asked to bring the pieces here, he went on saying he had thrown those away already."

"An adventurer who can use <Recovery> 's gonna be super popular, I'm sure of it."

"Can we prove that this is the item in question?"

"Each of those magic weapons has been stamped with a numbered mark you see. Lookie here. This is without a doubt, one of the weapons I handed over to the town lord. What do you think will happen were this found in Midosco's estate."

"Re-co-ve-ry. Re-co-ve-ry."

"Even breaking a very powerful weapon the lord bought for a large sum and which he unreasonably took upon himself to safe keep should have been a grave crime in itself."

"You're quite right. And on top of all that, the man even lied about breaking the weapon while actually hiding it."

"Right right, I never used a cane whenever I cast magic, is that alright."

"He'd be suspected of trying to raise rebellion."

"Eda-chan. Canes are indeed convenient. They make it easier to construct magic and draw out stronger power. But you make using a cane a habit and your magic skill will not develop as well nor your mana increase as much. It's best for a growing mage to use magic without a cane. We'll find you a good cane eventually."

"Thank you ssu."

"Lecan. I've got some business to attend to, you teach Eda-chan <Recovery>, okay."


"No. First we're going to Adventurer Association. You're coming with me."

"But why."

"You really don't listen to people."

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"Congratulations for completing the quest. Please receive your reward from the client directly. Furthermore, Lecan-san your rank has been raised to Silver Rank with this achievement. Please come to the association tomorrow to receive your Adventurer Badge."

"Eh. How bout me? Can I get a rank up too?"

"You cannot."

"But whyy. Aira-chan. I mean, come on. Haven't I finished much muuuch more quests than Lecan, right right."

"We still have records of consecutive failures in your early days here. Lecan-san has 100% quest completion rate, and all with high valuations at that."

"Uuu. C'mon, do somethin' bout it."

"I will not. By the way Lecan-san, you have a nominated quest from the orphanage. They want you to come play with the children again."

"I refuse."


"Welcome back."

"We're back ssu."

"How did it go?"

"I've made the arrangement. How it will go afterward is up to the lord."

"I see."

"Then, Lecan. Why don't you start your first lesson on <Recovery> for Eda-chan."

"Master Lecan! I'd be in yer' care."

Lecan pondered.

Eda definitely won't get it if he teaches her like he was taught.

It's got to be more instinctive and practical.

Nike told him that the key to activation was the depth of one's prayer.

Which means.



"Suppose someone dear to you is here."

"W-whaddya, mean by, someone dear. I got none of that."

"Your mother, father, siblings, or even your good friend will do. It can even be someone who's no longer alive."

"Aah? Ah, what, you mean that huh. Then, daddy I guess."

"Your father has been wounded."


"He's in pain from the wound. Suffering. But no one is going to help him."

"B-but why. Why wouldn't anyone help, why."

"No one is coming to his rescue. That's just how it is."

"C-can I really do nuthin' bout it."

"There is a way."

"Tell me."

"Hold both your hands out."

"L-like this?"

"Put them together, round them a bit. Like you're catching a falling snow."

"What am I catching again?"

"Like you're scooping water."

"O-ou. So err, like this."

"Produce a warm light inside those palms."


"Your wish will turn to light."

"W-what are you even talking about"

"You don't need to understand. Feel it."


"If your wish to save your father is real, it will produce a light."

"Y-you're sayin' the truth right?"

"A soft light that fills up everything, a light of happiness."

"Light of... Happiness."

"If your wish to heal your father's wound truly comes from heart, it will turn into a light."

"Wish... to light."

"Now, recite. <Be Healed (Kirim)>."


It's as if there was a sound, 'powa'.

A lone warm light was produced inside Eda's rounded palms.

A light of happiness that brings about tenderness and serenity to the heart of those who witness it.

"I-I did it."

Eda shouted out loud happily from the bottom of her heart.

"I-I did it, Lecan."

She's overjoyed while shedding tears.

This came as a great shock to Lecan.

Even Lecan himself took three days under Shira's strict tutelage to produce a small light after countless failures.

Yet Eda did it in just one try and under Lecan's halfhearted guidance. The light was even far bigger than what Lecan produced at first.

Lecan who came to himself from the shock after a period of one breath turned his sight toward Nike while feeling slightly proud.

Nike had an awfully terrifying expression on her face.

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