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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Strongest Sage, Breakthrough


The railway tunnel we're in right now is located next to a running Dragon Vein.
She should obtain the power needed to interfere with ancient monsters if she makes use of this Dragon Vein.

"I-I understand! ...I'll go with this one!"

Ruli showed me her magic circle's composition as she said that.

...It's quite a complex composition... Pretty strong for movement jamming indeed.
Maintaining this with the pulsing Dragon Vein will be quite an arduous task... But the Ruli right now can surely maintain it for a short while.
Nice choice.

"Looks good... Can you maintain this?"

"I'll do my best!"

"As for me, I'm gonna buy time by aiming for legs of any monster coming this way!"

...These two should be fine here.
There's probably only going a few monsters coming here thanks to the tunnel.

Alma alone should be more than enough with the help of Ruli's movement jamming magic.
I just need to end my fight quick in the meantime.

"I'm counting on you... Tell me once you're ready with the Dragon Vein."

"I understand!"

Afterward, Ruli augmented several magic stones, and installed them on the Dragon Vein.

She's doing good up to making the magic tool... but as to whether she can maintain it or not, all I can do is bet on Ruli's skill.
When dealing with Dragon Vein, regulating the magic tools once they've been activated is the hardest part.

"I'm done preparing!"

"Got it! Start the magic tool up once I contact you through comm magic...  Iris, we're heading out!"


The two of us ran in the tunnel.
A monster showed up ahead of us right after we started running...

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Iris's spear pulverized the monster.

"Alright! Good going!"

Inside the tunnel, only one monster can pass through each time. Iris herself can take care of them.
We came out of the tunnel while I was thinking.

"I'm turning into dragon now!"

Iris cast the magic to transform her back into dragon.

A moment later--A huge Darkness Dragon manifested, shoving many monsters away.
The ancient monsters here are big, but none can compare at all to Iris in her dragon form.

The monsters launched a concentrated attack on the suddenly appearing foreign object--but Iris paid them no heed.
It's all about body size and sturdiness in a free-for-all-fight like this.

『This body really is nice! It's so easy to move around in!』

Iris began rampaging around after saying that.
Then all these ancient monsters got blown apart in a blink of an eye, but...

『...Haven't you forgotten our objective here?』

Our goal is to arrive at [Broken Star], not to defeat monsters produced by it.
After all no matter how many monsters we defeat, [Broken Star] will just keep resurrecting more unless we do something about it.

『Aah! ...Should I shoot out my breath!?』

Iris asked me after recalling our objective.
Indeed, getting closer to Broken Star should be easy if she uses her breath to thin out these monsters, however...

『Please go with physical attacks. We have no idea what would happen if a high ranking dragon's breath clashed with [Supra-natural Art].』

『I got it!』

Iris turned toward [Broken Star].
Seeing that, I give the instruction to Ruli.

『Ruli, the magic please!』


Iris mowed down the monsters with her claws.
Almost at the same time, Ruli activated movement jamming magic.

Even if our enemies are ancient monsters, the power of Darkness Dragon is just overwhelming.
Monsters who got hit by Iris's claws blew away other monsters near them.
Then a gap opened between these monsters.

This little gap would have been buried in no time flat were I had no support at all, but thanks to Ruli's Dragon Vein control, the gap persisted momentarily.
Maintaining the magic must be difficult with thousands of ancient monsters here--but Ruli seems to be giving her all at it.

However, this situation won't stay for long.
It's a match against time.

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