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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Strongest Sage, Resurrected


"...No time for rehearsals huh."

I activated the finished magic tool while murmuring that.

This magic tool has been carved with a modified version of [Composite Test Body No.1] magic circle Anmorr brothers created, a spell formula to revive my previous life--Gaias the Sage.
The biggest difference in the spell formula is the material used for reviving.

Apparently Anmorr brothers had used bones they dug up from graves for the creation of [Composite Test Body No.1].
However, I don't have the bone of Sage Gaias, the revival target.
I mean, the magic I used to reincarnate myself was a type that disintegrated the entirety of my body including bones, so there's probably nothing left to begin with.

The only element of Sage Gaias that has remained on me is... only my soul.
As such, I constructed a revival formula with Sage Gaias's soul as base material.

Since it's not based on physical object, the body of Gaias itself won't be resurrected.
Only powers and ego would flow into my present body.

It'd be an overload to my currently undeveloped body and magic circuits.
My body will crumble if I merely take in the power. However... I should manage to withstand if it's only for a very short time.

"...Guh... This is pretty painful..."

As the magic tool booted up, Gaias's power began to flow into my body.
Of course it's the kind of power this body can't possibly bear.

Magic circuits in my entire body screamed out, my cells are decaying.
I put all the mana flowing in into healing my crumbling body.
However, I cannot null the pain.

I had gone through countless battles and suffered many life-threatening injuries in my past life.
And even for me, this much pain is a first.
An ordinary man would have long lost their sanity.

However... As my body keeps being healed and destroyed, it's gradually getting used to the new power.
No, the revived power of Gaias that was sleeping within me is reinforcing my body.
And... The crumbling began to stop.

At the same time, the Crest on the back of my hand has turned into an unnatural one--it's like a mix of Disqualified and Glory Crests.
A distorted Crest that can't have been a normal one.

The shape of the crest is oscillating unstably, turning deep then thin then deep over and over again.
Every time the crest got thinner, I felt like power slipped out of my body accompanied by intense pain.
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(...Seven seconds huh. More than enough time.)

Looks like putting together powers from different crests in one body is really forcing it.
At the rate this is going, my soul will completely collapse, and I myself will die and can never even reincarnate again.

Hence I'll end this in six seconds.
I've made the Sage Gaias Revival spell formula to be turn off-able.
I'll settle the situation in six seconds and turn off the spell art afterward.

Six seconds are quite an ample time for the me right now.

(First off... Gotta banish the nuisance.)

I assemble a powerful object acceleration magic in an instant.

The target is the fallen [Broken Star] in front of me.
This [Broken Star] is not something that should exist on this planet right now.

Once accelerated to 60% of this acceleration magic, the [Broken Star] should gain enough velocity to escape this planet's gravitational pull.


I cast the acceleration magic while murmuring.
And then the [Broken Star] vanished into the sky while emitting an intense light.
And now, no need to worry about principle of magic getting destroyed by [Broken Star].

Our main objective is complete now.
But... The monsters here would murder me if I turned back into Mathias as is.

Ruli and Alma could be in danger as well, I've got to dispose of these monsters.
Which means... I need to use a spell art that won't affect humans.

As I was thinking that, I recalled one magic and started constructing that.

It's a wide-area attack magic called [Genesis] in the past era.
A magic that targets only monsters and demons in the designated area and rains down huge mass of mana upon them and only them to destroy their souls.
Since it also ignores terrains on top of not affecting humans, I used this handy magic a lot in the past life to dispose of small fry.

Its area of effect can be freely set, but in this case I use the preset I used a lot in the past--which means, 1 billion targets within 100 kilometer radius.
To prevent Iris from getting hit, I remove dragons from target.

"Man this takes me back."

I pour my mana into the completed magic.
The sensation at this point felt quite nostalgic to me.

My mana feels heavy.
I can't construct magic as well as I desired.

This is not because of the revival.
It's just how the mana of 『Glory Crest』 like.

Now that I'm experiencing 『Glory Crest』 once again, I can only be grateful with 『Disqualified Crest』 I have now.
The present me may posses little mana, but it moves just as I want it to.

...I completed [Genesis] magic while thinking that.
My mana is heavy indeed but not to the point of being unusable.
After all, the past me wielded mana hundreds times heavier than this.

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