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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.13


"Eda-chan. I'm glad for you."

"I-I, I'm. Zzo hapfyy. Zniff."

"People may catch a sight if you train in town, so let's continue your training when we're outside, okay."

"I'll continue my training out of town ssu."

"Good, now then, I'm sorry but could you go over to Adventurer Association and look for subjugation or gathering quests that take more than a day to finish for me. Those that take three, four, or even five six days would be good. And of course for Copper Rank. I don't mind even if the reward isn't too high. And don't accept the quest by yourself okay. Pick several here and I'll be the one who choose."

"I got it ssu! I'm off now ssu!"

Eda rushed out energetically.



"This has become quite a pickle."

"You mean the fact the she could use <Recovery>?"

"I'll explain to you now, listen well."

In many cases, <Recovery> manifested when one wished for the recovery of a family member who was hurt or fell ill during daily life. Which means, many ended up acquiring the ability without preparations nor resoluteness for it.

If the spell that was first cast demonstrates weak power, capable of only healing scratches or light injuries, it means the power is less effective than good quality medicine. Those who posses this level of <Recovery> can live the way they've always lived and make use of it to help their relatives or neighbors.

If the spell demonstrates stronger power, meaning capable of curing big wounds or non-serious disease, it opens three major paths to the users. Either going to the temples, to nobles, or become a medical practitioner. A medical practitioner has to work together with doctors, those who use medicine to cure people, otherwise they have to work double as one.

And if the power is even stronger than that, capable of healing even fatal wounds or grave illness, they have no other path than to be under temples or nobles.

However, even those who showed weak power could get solicitations from temples or nobles if they're deemed to have talent. A luxurious life awaits those who accept those solicitations, in exchange for their freedom as they won't be able to even see their parents freely nor choose marriage partner. No matter be it men or women, they will be treated as a tool to leave behind the lineage of <Recovery> users.

Put simply, the degree of restriction is directly proportional to the degree of <Recovery> power. So long as one exhibits weak power of <Recovery>, they won't be bound too tightly even under temples or nobles, but the stronger their power grows the harsher the restriction becomes. If one has the power to heal even crushed eyeballs or cut off fingers, the only life they're allowed to have is like that of a prisoner in a gaol.

The reasons for temples and nobles wanting <Recovery> users are similar yet also different.

<Recovery> can be used to treat illness and injuries, and even to improve physical conditions. A noble house would seek <Recovery> users to maintain and preserve their family's health conditions. As it relates to a boost in family head's authority. If those with noble blood were to manifest <Recovery> power, it would be deemed as a proof of holy blood, resulting in even severer restraints.

Temples gather up <Recovery> users to offer medical treatment to nobles and the populaces. This is an important source of income to temples which leads to expansion of power. Because the more <Recovery> users a temple has, the deeper god's love for that temple considered to be, increasing their speaking rights. And, although numbers of subordinate temples in each town is decided in conferences between temple heads of the Nine Great Temples, principally those numbers are proportional to the numbers of <Recovery> users each temple possesses.

And, many mages who have learned how to use high level <Recovery> also eventually learn <Purification>.   <Purification> has the power to cleanse impurities or curses, and is also highly effective against Soul Ogre youma, but when used on humans, it works to heal most illness and even cure poison and abnormal status. High level <Purification> is even said to equal <God Cure>, but even low level <Purification> has a slight age-rejuvenating effect.

This rejuvenation is the temples' greatest weapon. Aged high-ranking nobles and wealthy people will pay the temples all kinds of things in exchange of getting slightly rejuvenated. The two things that sustain temples' continued existence are people faith and <Purification> users.

The Great Nine Temples undoubtedly have several <Purification> users under them, but they don't disclose the exact numbers of these users, nor their names nor ages. Rumors abound about several <Recovery> users who left their mark in history to have progressed into <Purification> users, but some also believe that there must some who manifested <Purification> while they were still young. A <Purification> user is put under extreme restriction, they're not allowed to go out, meet other people, or even act without instructions from temples.

It's said that some of the high-ranking noble houses also have <Purification> users under them, but since the temples would take away those users if their existence ever became public, their identities have never come to light.

"Lecan. You'll be fine. Neither temples nor nobles would try to forcefully detain an adventurer as strong as you won't even if you have the power to heal grave injuries. However."

That's not the case with Eda. She doesn't have the strength to defend her freedom by herself.

"I wouldn't have been this worried if only that child didn't have the talent. But, most likely, she's got it."

"Just forbid her then. From using and practicing <Recovery>."

"Lecan. Did you become a swordsman because someone told or ordered you to use a sword?"
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"Was it because you knew about the existence of swords, got one for yourself and found out you could use it?"

"That's right."

"I believe it's the same with that child."

"Is her talent so great to warrant such worries."

"It might be just a needless anxiety. However, if that weren't the case, what can we do for that child?"

"Can you really escape the restraint imposed by nobles and temples if you become an adventurer?"

"It's probably the only path toward being boundless. She's got to become a Golden Ranked adventurer first thing first. Once she is, some small town lords won't make their move on her. I can't say that for certain though."

"By first thing first, you mean there's more."

"If she's a member of a party that has delved into the deepest parts of dungeons, even high-ranking nobles can't carelessly make their move."

"You get that much authority huh."

"Well it's not exactly authority. Those who have delved into the depths of dungeons are not regarded the same as ordinary persons. They consider it's a bunch who should never be angered."

"I see. I can understand that. But, it's a way of life where one constantly wrestles against death. Is that what Eda wishes."

"Well now, I wouldn't know that, would I. Many don't think bad of the restriction as well. It's understandable. Children born in a countryside farming family being sought after by nobles, getting to wear gorgeous clothing, to eat tasty food, served by a great many servants, it's like a dream come true to them."

"Wonder what Eda herself wants."

"That's where we come into the picture, to give her choice, you see. Once restricted, you can never get away. Does she wish to live being bound, or boundless. I would like to give enough power for that child to choose for herself."

Lecan fell silent.

Truthfully, he would rather not get too involved. Eda may not be a total stranger to him now, but neither is he her guardian.

Nike, in other words Shira herself stared at Lecan, like she was aware of his train of thoughts.

"Lecan. I've taught you how to make all-purpose medicine, cold medicine and antidote. You can probably make them yourself already, but I think you should practice under me one more time if you can. Besides, I may have taught you how to make wound salve from Shura Grass, but not with Culusim and Pourica Grass. If you want the option to make wound salve in any season, you have to wait until August when Pourica Grass starts growing. You can only pick Cumis Grass used for Stamina Recovery medicine from May to July, and the complete ingredient set for Mana Recovery in September or October. In other words, this year is full of things you'd want to learn. Now then, I believe it's not a bad idea to set up your base here and go to dungeons or take on quests in the meantime."

This is an extremely welcome suggestion in line with Lecan's aim.

To Lecan who have experienced the limitations of Red and Blue Potions after using them in dungeons, Shira's medicine have proven to be quite essential

And the only person who can teach him that is here.

"I'd gladly take upon your offer."

"And in the meanwhile, or while you're studying under me, can you look after Eda-chan and save her whenever she needs your help."

"I got it."

Lecan hates trouble.

He hates being bound.

Hence, he's of the opinion that Eda should live her life without being bound as well.

But he hates to bind Eda to achieve that goal.

It makes it easier for him if he's doing so only while he's studying under Shira.

He's unwilling to decide what to do afterward right now.

Besides, in any case, it's a request from Shira. Shira accepted him and taught him knowledge and techniques generously. It's a request from that Shira. He finds it a bit weird for Shira to be so concerned about Eda, but that can be said to her considerateness toward Lecan as well, it's beyond profit-and-loss calculations. Lecan has never received so much goodwill from someone else in his life before. Since it's a request from such Shira, he can endure some slight time-loss and trouble.

Even though that was the extent of Lecan's feelings on the matter, this was the moment when Lecan, Nike and Eda truly formed a party.

"Still, you're really good at teaching, did you know that. I could only marvel at it. Exactly what you ought to do for teaching Eda-chan. The orphanage children were very fond of you too, perhaps looking after small children is actually your calling?"

"That's nonsense."

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