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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.10_11


The next day, Lecan practiced <Recovery> under Nike's guidance. He was taught about inner working of human body between practices. And they also talked about a lot of things.

"I want a sword. A fine sword to replace my trusty sword. A sword that won't break even if I swing it with all my might. Where can I get one?"

"Unn. Well I do know some skilled blacksmiths. But none of 'em could probably make a sword that can answer your demands. D'you know about Duvolt dungeon?"

"No, no clue."

"Also known as <Sword Dungeon> for a reason you see. It's a dungeon that spawn treasure chests that often have swords inside. Some of swords that have left marks in legends originated from this dungeon even, in any case, you can get your hands on quite a sword if you go to lower stratum. However, the spawn rates of treasure chests there aren't that high, and many strong adventurers congregate there, so you can never let your guard down in many ways."

"Where's it."

"It's about a month of stagecoach trip from here."

If Lecan assumes it will take him about a month to obtain the sword he wants, that will be three months in total including the round trip. Since he's still completing his study under Shira right now, he can't exactly ask for a three month break. That dungeon will have to wait.

"Does a sword like this exist in this world."

Lecan took a sword made of Divine Metal and showed it to Nike. Nike stared at the sword after having a look of surprise on her face.

"Oh dearie me. Isn't that a <Solid Sacred Silver> sword. And one utterly devoid of impurity at that. This is an unbelievable treasure you know. Moreover, the sword itself is quite well made. It must be very sharp. I say. Do you really need a new sword with this one here?"

"Fumu. So it's called Solid Sacred Silver over here huh. This sword is too sharp. The blade is thin and sharpened so much that if I put my strength to cut a hard tough enemy, it will probably chip. It's also not suited to gouge enemy body by twisting the blade, nor to guard attack with its body. This is a sword that can only cut. I can't use it as my main weapon."

"I see. In that regard, dungeon items are indeed durable and if it has specific Graces, you can even fight without putting load on the sword blade."

"Without putting load on the sword blade?"

"Yep. Just like my sword is."

Nike unsheathed her short sword and showed it to Lecan.

It's a beautiful sword. And Lecan could feel some sort of Graces from it.

"Mind if I appraise it?"

"Go ahead if you can."


He couldn't read anything.


"That's how it is. This is also a type of Grace, you see. This Grace-laden sword possesses a Grace called <Comet Slash>, there's a special way to wield it."


"You'd get to appraise it one of these days once you've gotten better with your Appraisal skill, surely."

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The next day, Lecan finally managed to cast <Recovery>.

"Alright. Now you just hafta need to practice on it regularly. Though <Recovery> itself is handy, casting it when you dissolve my Wound Salve in water, or casting it after smearing the salve will rapidly raise its efficacy, healing you faster."

"That's nice."

"The effects of <Recovery> you see, are contingent on the life force of both the user and the recipient."


"Meaning that it depends on."

Both Lecan's mana and life force are high. Hence, the <Recovery> he cast on himself will be highly effective, and will still be very effective even if he cast another <Recovery> on a new wound right after another.

But what if Lecan attempts to use <Recovery> on other people. Since Lecan's mana is high, the effects will be dramatic at first. However, since the recipient's life force cannot catch up to it, successive usage of <Recovery> will quickly lose its effects, and eventually get to zero efficacy.

In exchange of not having side effects and limits of Magic Water and Potions, <Recovery> is restricted in some other ways.

"<Recovery> you see. The best way to use it is not by casting a really powerful one once, but by continuously putting weak <Recovery> many times over a long period of time. Don't ever forget this point. And also, there are two kinds of <Recovery>. The quick but rough way which fits adventurers, and the precise and careful way that complies to symptoms and stamina used by medical practitioners. The rough method may be well suited for dungeon usage, but since you're studying under me and all, I might as well teach you the precise method."

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