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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Strongest Sage, Watches Over Negotiation


"Wha... What is that thing? A bug?"

"Nah, that's the culprit behind all this, the parasite monster... First time I'm seeing this type."

On top of being small, parasite monsters put around 30 types of concealment magic on themselves so it's quite difficult to spot one.
Thus, these monsters can stage a come back no matter how many time you crush the host as long as there are other monsters around to be their next host.
It's gotten to the point that there were cases of countries getting dangerously close to fall by a single parasite monster in my past life.

"This little thing was the one behind everything?"

"Yeah. This size is actually on the bigger side among parasite monsters though."

"There's no way you could find this thing..."

I saw the examiner running here from afar while we were talking.
Looks like he noticed the end of battle too.

"I saw you guys getting swallowed up in the flame, are you guys okay!?"

"As you can see, everyone is fine... So, how's the outlook of the rank? Do you think the monster could be admitted as an upper rank A?"

"Of course! Everyone would give their approval were they saw that flame and the number of monsters!"

The examiner looked around at the scorched field.
And then he recalled something.

"You need monster material as a proof of your rank up, go collect some... And where's the boss's material?"

"Boss huh... Is this acceptable?"

I took out the parasite monster's body.
It's not usable for making weapons, but pretty good as a material for magic tools and magic potions... or rather, this material is an ingredient for a certain thing.

I would prefer to have it on hand since I might have a use of it in the future... but it can't be helped if it's for our rank up.
I showed the material with that thinking, however....

"W-what the heck is this? You're not telling me this thing shot that flame, are you?"

The examiner looked perplexed when he saw the monster's corpse.
Yep, I've anticipated this reaction.
You would definitely not believe this little thing was the one behind everything when you have no knowledge about parasite monsters...

"This is the monster that was behind the strengthened monsters phenomenon... No good?"

"It's probably the truth if you say so, but it's not good enough. We'd just get laughed off if we brought this thing and said it was a rank S class monster."

Hmm, not good huh.
Well, parasite monsters all have extremely potent stealth magic after all, not just this one.

The current level of magic technology probably wasn't able to find those monsters and recorded them as unknown monsters that caused major monster outbreaks.
Rather, there's a high chance they don't have records about the concept of ordinary monsters getting buffed up.

"It doesn't have to be that thing, isn't there a more vicious looking one? Doesn't have to be the boss, any monster that can be claimed as rank A will do."

"Right... How about this one?"

I took out the former host of the parasite monster, Flame Lizard's material.
It was quite strong while it was alive, but since all of its lifeforce had been poured into the 『Raw Magic Flame』, it's now a shell of its former glory.

"It does look like a rank A monster... but not sure it fits upper rank A. Pretty obvious if they saw it in battle though."

No good too huh.
As long as the fact about parasite monsters isn't widely known, it will be hard to make people understand their strength.
The examiner who saw the battle may understand, but there's no way the guild's higher ups would let our rank up go through so long they don't get it.

"...However, we are indebted to Mathias for protecting our city. It won't be easy, but I'm gonna try my damnedest to negotiate with the guild. Even if I can't get you instant promotion, I might manage shortening the period until the test."

The examiner gazes at the material as he says that.
I'm not sure how influential this examiner is in the guild, but considering they trust him enough with Rank B promotion tests, surely he's got considerable credence there.

Let's leave this part to the examiner.
Not like we're gonna lose anything even if it fails.

"I'll be counting on you."

"Leave it to me. I'll be sure to make them compromise."
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A few hours later.
We've safely got back to the guild and are now meeting with the branch head to report.

"Examiner Yarud, reporting in. Confirmed subjugations of more than 86 rank B monsters and greater, as well as new kind of monsters, ensuring peace back at Testra Prairie, they passed the test."

"Very well. That's some terrifying amount... Congratulations for your rank up."

Our cards were then rewritten to Rank B.
Looks like the powered up snake monsters are treated as a new type of monster.
...So the examiner's name was Yarud.

Now then, we easily passed the Rank B test.
The real test starts now.

"And about the matter with Rank A promotion test."

"Aah. With these numbers, they should be able to quickly--"

"No, I recommend their immediate rank up by way of the subjugation of a super high rank monster."

He had told us beforehand to not expect this to succeed.

With it as a starting point, he's apparently aiming to fish out as much info as possible.
If all goes well, the test that would normally take a month at best to complete could get shortened to two weeks, however...

"...Are you serious?"

"The abnormal phenomena at the prairie were all orchestrated by one monster. That monster's strength was at the very least that of an upper rank A, but in reality it was most likely of a lower rank S."

"...And that was beaten by a mere group of four? Without prior preparations?"

The branch head looked at Yarud with doubting eyes as he said that.

"Yes. I have confirmed it myself."

"I heard they were strong, but this is just unbelievable... What about the material?"

"It's over here."

Examiner Yarud showed the strengthened Flame Lizard.
Presenting the parasite monster here would likely have the opposite effect, so we're not doing it for now.

"...Let alone rank S, this doesn't even look like an upper rank A. It's at best, middle Rank A."

"Looking only at the material may lead you to believe that... However I've witnessed with my own eyes that this monster fought like an rank S monster."

The branch head frowned to hear what the examiner Yarud said.
Rather than doubting him, it looks more like he's at a lost how to handle this.

"Considering Yarud's history, I incline to believe... but the proof is too scarce. Even if I gave my consent here, the guild's higher ups surely won't. Do you have other evidence with you?"

"There should be a scorched field with countless bodies of monsters at Testra Prairie."

"...I shall send out guild staff members to confirm it. However, that is still too lacking as a proof. It's not like there is an upper rank A monster among those, is it?"

"The number is out of this world, but there is indeed no upper rank A monster among them."

"Fumu... That's still too poor an ammunition for the persuasion..."

Thus, the negotiation was progressing not too smoothly, and ultimately got postponed to tomorrow.
Apparently, it will be decided at the tomorrow morning conference.

...I pray that the result will be favorable to us.

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