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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Apparently You Get Stronger After Close Call


The Orc Shielder took a stance once again. I was going to take a minimal evasive maneuver, but the Orc Shielder made a different move than before.
It thrust out both its palms, and then my whole body got blown away.

I step back after getting blown away for 5 meters. My head feels dizzy, probs because the shockwave hit my whole body.
It's got ranged attacks too huh.
While feeling dizzy and putting my guard up, I try to analyze my attack earlier. Particles of light were flying around every time Lunar Cat hit the barrier. That was probably magic essence. Which means this barrier thingy is probably a type of magic.
Then how about I put more mana into the Lunar Cat and completely cover the blade with it. By doing so, perhaps I could detect the barrier's flow of mana and counterbalance it.

I resume the slashing while watching out for ranged attacks. I can feel mana waves with minute vibrations from the mana I touched. It kinda feels like the ultrasonic beautifying device (around 380k yen) the aunty at my part-time used in the past. That thing turns water into small drops through vibration when you pour it onto the thing.

When I tried to slash by going against the waves, the resistance was more intense than ever. This is bad. Lunar Cat is getting chipped down too much.
This time, let's try to match the waves... Hey wait, another double palm strike?!

I tried to step back but since I dodged in the middle of doing something else, I couldn't manage to and ate the blow. Ugeeh, nausea that feels like having car sickness is assaulting me.
The Orc Shielder is getting ready to launch another attack, as it's taking a different action than before.


From completely outside my view, Tama-chan made a ram attack and hurled herself into the Orc Shielder's face.
That caught me off guard too.
However, I can't let this chance go to waste, thus I grip Lunar Cat on my hand and charge forward while enduring the nausea.
The invisible wall obstructs me yet again, however I'm getting closer. And the closer I get, the tougher its defensive strength feels as my katana's blade is getting shaved down faster.
In the meantime, Tama-chan is fighting gallantly. The orc can't afford to deal with my attacks now as it goes into defensive.
Barrage of invisible barrier attacks is assaulting Tama-chan. She's defending herself from the orc's assault while bouncing all over. Am I seeing things, or does Tama-chan's body look blurred?
Is it due to the effect of mana essence, or are my eyes going bad, or is this some kind of symptomps...

I keep slashing while going along with the flow of mana. Moving forward, like peeling the barrier layers one by one.

Tama-chan suddenly stopped while I was keeping at it.
No, did she get trapped inside the invisible barrier!? An unpleasant smile floated one the Orc Shielder's face.


Right afterward, Tama-chan was crushed like she was burst open, scattering particle of lights everywhere.


I shout. Slashing in rage.
Definitely! I will definitely get revenge on...... huh?

Weird. My vision is getting weird by tears. I'm seeing lots of Tama-chan before my eyes??

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

-―Tama-chan 64 Split Bodies (S Marimo 64)-- <TLN: Marimo means Moss Ball. Why am I doing this? For the sake of pun of course.>

Eh? Your real body is hidden by camouflage? Why dontcha tell me that sooner, Tama-chan!?
The body that was burst open earlier had split into 64 Tama-chan and rushed toward the Orc Shielder. So this is the effect of Split Body huh. Apparently it creates artificial bodies made from consuming mana, the so-called afterimages with mass.

The Orc Shielder is clearly losing its focus from Tama-chan's assault. Right now, I should be able to do that stuff I put on hold since the activation would take too long. 'That one' with the greatest penetrating power.

"Roar thunderclap! Surge tempest! Rain down indignation!"

I gather dense magic essence forward. Holding out Lunar Cat, establishing the target.

"<<Lightning Storm>>!"

Directional lightning and tempest shot out toward the Orc Shielder from Lunar Cat. However the rampaging force came to a halt by the barrier.

Even this wasn't enough!?

I foster more convergence on Lunar Cat that's become the eye of a storm. Thunderous sounds shook my eardrums.
Tempest that's already quite thick, make it even massive, sharper. Hey Lunar Cat's blade, bear with this. During my experiments for this, wooden and steel rods turned into dust after all.

--Tama-chan. Get away now!

The Orc Shielder is completely ignoring Tama-chan now, focusing solely on the defense. Glaring at me while getting drenched in cold sweat out of fear.

I read the barrier's flow of mana and thrust with all my might while matching it!

"<<Lightning Spin Break>>!"

The thrust clad in tempest turned into a gigantic drill as it pushed forward while gradually drilling down relatively thin magic layers of the barrier. This orc can't move while it's maintaining the barrier. Yet, it'd meet a swift end the moment it undid the barrier. It can't move even if it wants to. Even it could, there is no escaping this. The Orc Shielder's expression is now like that of a convict waiting for execution.

However, I have no mercy for you!
Even if it was a split body, pay for the sin of bursting Tama-chan!!

"This end iiiiiiiiit"

CRASH, the barrier breaks apart, and with nothing stopping it now, Lunar Cat goes to pierce the Orc Shielder. The moment the katana's tip touched its body, it got gouged out.
When the tempest settled down, only a few pieces of meat remained of the Orc Shielder.
I really went and overdid it.

Tereretettette~♪ Fighter, Otherworlder leveled up.
Tettere~♪ Class Level has exceeded 20, Side Class has been liberated.
Tettere~♪ Met the requirements, new Classes have been liberated.
Tettere~♪ Time-Space Magic has been liberated.
Tererete~te~tentettere♪ Tama-chan leveled up. Super Marimo met the required level. Class Change is now possible.

Oof, lotsa things went up... Tama-chan is going to evolve again eh. Guess Super Marimo hits its limit.
And the new evolution is?

『Doctor Marimo』 <TLN: Marimo means etc>
Half of its body consists of kindness. A Class that might promote growth for special ability involving medicines.

Did she get stronger, or weaker. But a certain someone said that seeing a doctor is like seeing a god of death, and Class Change should not be inferior right!?
Let's go, toward God Hand Marimo!


Uwoo, Tama-chan's body color changed from green to white. Her grown fur has all fallen out too, she's like a white ball now.
No, more like white gem?
Right now feel check is most important, yes, more than status check.


T-this is!? It's not like the mofumofu feeling from before, but this punipuni (squishy) feels are something else. I can get addicted to it easy.

Looks like she's made a real dangerous evolution, what terrifying kid!
But can I still call her a moss ball now? Well Tama-chan is Tama-chan anyway, so all is forgiven.
I check her Status once I'm satisfied with the sensation. Everyone, keep it a secret that I was rubbing Tama-chan's smooth skin a bit, ok.

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: Dr. Marimo Lv1 (new!) - State: Healthy
Title: 【Moss Ball of Possibility】 - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 39/39 - MP: 4/88
(Status Up from Master's title)

Split Body - Medical Element Mixture Lv1 (new!) - Holy Magic Lv1 - Evasion Lv2 (up!) - Hardening Lv1 (new!) - Camouflage Lv2 (up!)

She's got Medical Element on her body since she's a doctor huh... How, why.
What kind of effect it's got anyway.

【Medical Element Mixture】
Able to store Medical Element inside its body. Effects increase by level.
Lv1 - Robust Nourishment - 12 types of robust nourishment effective on a tired body.

This one is that huh. Like with pit viper sake, I guess Tama-chan will have to be submerged?
That'd make it look like souvenir moss ball no matter how you slice it, it's white though.
Hardening means that her squishy body can turns hard in an instant huh. It's questionable whether she could beat her foe with a soft body after all. But who knows, some enemy might be held captive by that squishy sensation. I'd definitely yield if it were me.

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