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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.13


"Dear oh dear. I guess I should go mend my boot now. I could have purchased a new pair of boots myself, but in Lecan-dono's case, I suppose you can't get in a fight until your light armor has been repaired."

"Yeah. Probably can't get a better light armor than this shopping randomly. Where's the repair studio again?"

"It's the building just across the street of the trading facility."

"Man, the facilities here are so far from one another. Gotta be ready for a long walk if you got business at different facilities. Oh?"

"What's wrong?"

"Just noticed how there's magic beasts in other rooms beside this one. One magic beast in each room."


"Only the stairway room doesn't have a spawned magic beast. I see now."

"What do you see again?"

"Look forward to it on our next visit. Let's head outside."

"Yes. But still, I cannot believe how easily that magic beast sliced away at these highly defensive Octocular Great Spider's light armor."

"Shows just how big of a deal the enemies in these hidden floors are."

Lecan left the dungeon and went to the repair studio. It's divided into many specific categories, and surprisingly enough there's even a counter that specializes in spider material-made light armor.

"Hee. This is some real nice armor eh. Must be mats from deep Ninae floors eh. Wait, you're not telling me these chest plate and shoulder pads are Queen's? Been so long since I saw these mats. The craftsman's pretty good too eh. Hmn. Though I could make do with the stuff we got here, you still got leftover mats?"

"We do. Here."

"Now that's the stuff. And the belly leather?"

"Should be this one."

"Get it all out right now if you got 'em. The thread?"
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"Nice, nice. We have rush order service and normal service here. Rush order's one day, normal's gonna take about ten days."

"That's pretty long."

"Cuz we're taking every pieces apart and take real good care of every little corners. And of course it's gonna cost you too, lots. Oh but just so we clear here. This one's gonna be the normal service."

"Of course."

"Nice, nice. Here's your claim check and quotation. The quotation may vary after we're done. The repair could end up taking more days too. Got it?"

"Got it. They're in your hands now."

"Sure thing! Thanks for your patronage!"

Arios also paid for his intact boot's service. He's wearing sandals he took from his <Box> currently. That wasn't all, Arios also ended up getting his light armor serviced. It had lots of small chips here and there, also the fittings had loosened up it seems.

"I'm going to get the sword we got appraised."

"Ah, then could you show me the appraisal tag once you're done later."

"Yeah sure, you going somewhere?"

"I want to shop for new shoes."

"I see. We're taking a 10 day break starting tomorrow."

"Then I shall excuse myself now."

"You're leaving town?"

"Yes. I've made arrangements to deliver the swords I've obtained to my family house. Could I take them now?"

"Got it."

Lecan handed over the spear and sword he kept for Arios, and parted with him before heading for the trade facility by himself.

He went around to the north of the dungeon. To his right is <Summit Honor Mansion>'s wall. Seeing that, it's clear you can easily get to the repair studio, trade facility or the dungeon if you stay there.

He arrived at the facility and got in line for the Elderly Appraiser Termin's counter. This particular line has a lot of people compared to other counters even though it's still early in the day.

"Elder Termin wishes to speak with you."

Just as Lecan had anticipated, he got called, thus he slipped out of the queue and walked up to Elder Termin's counter.

"I'd like the Secret Appraisal service today."

"So you do. Someone, take over my counter."




The queuing adventurers sounded bewildered and dissatisfied. Of course they would. They went out of their way to line up here for the elderly appraiser. And yet not one of them raised their voices or tried to get their way by force.

"My bad."

Lecan said that to no one in particular and followed Elder Termin going further inside the facility.

They arrived before one room in the back, then Elder Termin took a gem out of a pouch on his waist, and touched it on another gem embedded on the room's doorknob. Lecan detected some sort of mana at work. Considering the click sound it made, it was probably some sort of mechanism to unlock the door.

Elder Termin opened the door and went inside. Lecan followed him.

Two chairs are placed between a large oblong-shaped table.

"Put it there."


Just as Lecan was about to produce <Comet Cutter> before taking his seat, Elder Termin stopped him.

"Take the item out once the staff member is here."

"Staff member?"

"An observer."

"An observer in a Secret Appraisal?"

"They're not gonna do anything. So long as you do not attempt to attack me, I make no attempt to steal your item, or try to buy it off you, or doing more secret appraisal than what's paid."

"I see."

Thinking again, it's only justified. Having an observer here is necessary from the townlord's perspective.

Hurried sounds of footsteps approached.

The man who came in put his hand over the gem in the door, locking the door.

"Haa haa. My apologies for making you wait."

The man spoke while wiping his sweat. He's got a short stature. He's not exactly fat, but rather chubby, smiling like a kind-looking man. However, his trick didn't work on Lecan.

(This guy's a spy.)

(Even got an assassin's smell to him.)

Lecan was tempted to ask him if it's fun wiping his nonexistent sweat, but decided against it.




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