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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.3


"Also, I'm a swordsman. Not a mage. I can use magic yeah, but it's just an extra."

"Ha, haha. Hahahahaha."

That's one dry laugh alright. She might need to get hydrated.

"So you won't admit that you're an elite member of Magic Knights dispatched by Marquis Palcimo, no matter what?"

"I've never even been to Palcimo. Neither have I met Marquis of Palcimo. Got absolutely no clue 'bout their magic knights."

"I see. So you will not admit that you are a top man of Palcimo Magic Knights then. And despite of that, you demonstrated how easily you disabled <Eye of Kirjevog> in the washroom with a simple parlor trick. Our finest mage, Nertsen audibly gasped when you cast <Move> without preliminary casting. And again with that brilliant Move you showed us just now. According to Nertsen, the precision of your mana control rivals or perhaps even surpasses her."

Lecan himself didn't really think much of his mana control, but he's been getting more confident in it lately after all the accolades Amamir and other temple apothecaries from the capital gave him.

"I see. I see. So you won't officially admit it yet you go around showing off extraordinary skills in magic obvious to every onlookers. You're practically screaming. 'Notice my true identity'. Wait a minute. Perhaps, your action of deliberately showing off <Free Box> is also..."

Looks like she's digging deeper into the misunderstanding hole.

"I understand your intention now."

"You probably got that very wrong."

"We're very much interested in <Free Box> but we shall back down this time and be satisfied with just knowing that it exists. The Marquis will put out an official request to Marquis of Palcimo for this matter."

"Do as you like. No guarantee there's a <Box> like mine at Palcimo though."

"What? Are you saying yours is a special made <Free Box>? No. Let's forget about that. I'm fully aware of your aim. There is no spy sent by Marquis Palcimo to infiltrate Dungeon Tsubolt. It's just a normal dungeon diving by adventurer Lecan and his friend."

"Sure you got it?"

(I've been demoted from magic knights elite to spy in her mind.)

(No. Guess it's promoted?)

"Of course. I get it. So could you please tell me. And could you listen to our request. First of all, how did you know that there are floors below floor 120 in Dungeon Tsubolt?"

"Once you've got to floor 120, those who know, know."

"No, you had a prior knowledge. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the treasured elite of Magic Knights to go on a such time-consuming mission. Could you please tell me. Did you read some sort of old documents or the likes?"

"A certain old woman clued me in."

"Who and where is this old woman?"
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"I've been prohibited to speak of it."

(Did she I wonder.)

(Don't really remember, but felt like she did.)

(No. Guess she didn't?)

(Well, whatever.)

(Let's just go with it.)

"Oral tradition is it. I see. Makes sense as the north has a slew of regions flourishing since ages old. There must be some sort of legend passed down there. And so, how does one get down to floor 121?"


"How wouldn't you know! You even got down to floor 121 yourself!"

"I didn't."

"How could you deny that. Didn't you just say those who got to floor 120 would know how!"

"Listen when people speak. I merely said those who know about floors below 120, know. Not a word on how to get there."

"Can we please not with word play. We desperately seek this information."

"Then go check it out. You know about the fact that a secret exists there, finding it out should not pose a problem. Just gotta be thorough with the checks."

"We marvel at how you managed to unravel that mystery in such a short period of time. Wait? When did you arrive at this city again."

"That'd be the eight of month one this year."

"Like anyone could believe that!"

Eliza breathed in and out roughly for a while, but then she took a deep breath and pulled herself together.

"No, excuse me. Of course you cannot possibly disclose the day you sneaked in here."

"I did not sneak in. Got in through the front gate of the city and the dungeon."

"Okay, okay. So how many other elites are you with?"

"Me and one other person."

"So you're not telling that either... I see. I have finally grasped your goal."

"Hou? Let's hear it."

"You're telling us to go negotiate with Marquis of Palcimo ourselves. And that we have to prepare a fitting compensation. I see, that is only right if you think about it. You have discovered the secret. And Marquis of Palcimo is the only person who can sell that secret off."

"I've got no relation whatsoever with Marquis of Palcimo."

"Yes all right, I hear you loud and clear. It is as you said. I shall go tell Uncle that we have to negotiate with Marquis of Palcimo for the secret of the hidden floor. Let's put all that aside and cut to the chase. It's <Comet Cutter>. I still can't believe that a <Comet Cutter> has been really dropped in our dungeon. For now, could you show me the real thing."





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