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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.12


"That is for Norma-dono to succeed as the family head of this house. However, you will make an oath to surrender the right of succession to Gaipus once he has come of age."

Norma was not shocked. As someone with a bright mind, she had noticed that possibility already.

"I am shunned from Goncourt House. Or, my grandmother and mother were to be exact. There must be many within the family who don't know my existence."

"Fortunately, Gaipus, Elfus and Dopus's daughter, Yulila are the only members of Goncourt left that carry Narae's blood. Many in the family actually sympathized with Rokusona and wished to expel Narae instead. At the very least, none among the members of this house thinks ill of Norma-dono."

"Why now?"


"Why are you telling me this now when you haven't even hold a funeral service for Dopus-dono."

"It would be far too late by the time that is over."

Prida looked at Norma.

"Goncourt will have to hold a family council after the service. By that point, there is no guarantee no one else among the family won't go to Kusandria's side. Tempted by the idea of having a connection with House of Boldrin."

"How old is this third son of Kusandria-sama?"

"He's 20."

That's a formidable opponent to Gaipus. Or more like, he has no chance.

"Can someone who has been married off attend this family council. In the first place, can she even make it in time all the way from Vantaroy?"

"Kusandria is in this mansion right now. Along with her third son. Here to show off her precious third son to me, her father."

Norma could not find a word to say for a moment.

To Kusandria, Goncourt House is her family house. Even then, she's now a member of Boldrin. She's forced her way in Goncourt Mansion at Vouka, with her son in tow. In order to push her son as Goncourt Heir. That's a bit too abnormal. And Dopus died during Kusandria's stay. Poisoned to boot.

After getting that far, Norma pondered.

(She would kill her nephew with poison for the sake of instating her third son.)

(It's not completely improbable, but she's being far too reckless and pushy.)

(Which means this may not have been necessarily Kusandria-sama's ploy.)

"Kusandria-sama must be taking many attendants with her, is she not."

"Umu? Yeah, there are 12 people. Two coachmen, two knights, two maids, two squire knights, two pages, and two menial workers."

"Forgive me for asking. Prado-sama, do you think that this unfortunate accident was brought about by that group?"

"That is the only possible conclusion. Dopus was the picture of health up until yesterday. She'd do this to her own blood-related nephew..."

"Regarding that, do you have any proof that Kusandria-sama is aware of that fact?"
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"I must ask this just to be sure. Even if this accident was perpetrated by that group, Kusandria-sama herself could be in the dark."

"It can't be."

"Master, if I may. I recall Kusandria-sama saying something unusual during the dinner two days ago."

Kanner who was listening silently spoke out.

"Unusual? What did she say again."

"'Dopus, don't push yourself too much now.' she said."

"Oh. She did say that. What about it."

"Master. It had hit me after hearing what Norma-dono said. What if Kusandria-sama has been led to believe by someone that Dopus-sama had contracted a deathly disease and did not have long on this world."

Prado thought the meaning of those words long and hard.

"That... Damn vixen!"

"Then perhaps, that compelled Kusandria-sama to make a push for a new heir for the sake of Goncourt House's continuance."

Prado fell silent once again. Then he bent over forward with his hands covering his face.

"This is all so sudden, I lost my grip for a moment there. To think she would go this far."

"Is there a chance this was done by someone outside Boldrin House?"

Prado looked at Kanner. Kanner spoke to Norma.

"We are not sure. We had never even considered the possibility of Dopus-sama getting assassinated until today. However, we immediately called Ospar-dono after Dopus-sama's sudden death due to the slightly unusual discoloration on his lips and skin."

"Why didn't you call me?"

"Kanner insisted that we called Norma-dono. I did not agree to it. We must not drag you into this. But then Ospar-dono spoke how he was poisoned and that only Norma-dono could distinguish what poison was used. I believed then this was fate. Hence, I had them summon you."

"Norma-sama. To be perfectly frank, we know not who's the assassins and the perpetrator behind that assassin yet. What we know is that Kusandria-sama is here in this mansion with her son she wants as heir, and that Dopus-sama has passed during such a situation."

"Fumu. I think I've got the picture. Allow me throw some questions myself."





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