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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.11


The following day, the two went down to floor 121.

The structure on that floor is the same as floor 120. Meaning there's only 5 rooms. One of which the stairway room. They got in the inner passage to the first room on the right.


"What's the matter."

"The magic beast spawned, one magic beast."


Wonder if only one magic beast spawns no matter how many people you have in your party starting from this floor. If that's really the case, things will get much easier then. But is that really true? It could be that this one magic beast turns out exceptionally strong.

Lecan has got <Power Sword> on his waist today. The one from floor 100. It's versatile and boasts the highest offensive power among all swords he's got. However, it cannot receive the power boost effect from <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

"Fumu. Its body size is not that different from floor 120's. About my height. Strong mana. Got a short sword for weapon."



Lecan deployed <Shield of Wolkan>. No point in mulling too much over it. Either way, you won't find out these beasts' strength and traits until you fight them.

Lecan got in the room and stood still.

Arios followed right after.

The enemy is standing naturally in the middle of the room, with a short sword in its hand.

The short sword looks awfully small relative to its tall stature, the picture just looks off.


(That short sword.)

(Where'd I seen that again?)

The short sword emitted a white light before its blade extended to three times its size.

Lecan felt blood drained out of his entire body.

"It's a <Comet Cutter (Fastascyll)>!"


"Just regard that sword's blade can get twice as long as that! Instantaneously."
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Toll of a bell signaling crisis is ringing aloud inside Lecan's head.

The magic beast dashed off in their direction.

Can't let it corner them to the wall. Lecan ran out as well. Arios followed next to him. Arios is fast. He got ahead of Lecan.

As both sides got within 10 steps, the beast pull its sword to the right. Then it made a sweeping slash from right to left. From Lecan's side, it's a left to right sweep.

The magic sword's blade suddenly elongated, and just when it was about to cut Arios in two from the left, he jumped up. Lecan lifted his shield to match the magic sword's blade's height, blocking it.

It was supposed to.

Yet the tip of the magic blade tore up Lecan's right chest and right shoulder.

Still in midair after jumping, Arios unleashed a flying slash at the magic beast's head. However the beast displayed a terrifying reaction speed as it took an evasive maneuver to diagonally behind. However the slash still managed to shave off the beast's top right head.

A moment later, Lecan closed in on the beast, and Puncture slashed at its neck.

Still a bit more before its neck could be cut off.

The magic beast swung its magic sword. But Lecan had gotten close enough for his shield to get in contact with the beast. A clashing sound between metal resounded as <Shield of Wolkan> blocked the magic sword.

Arios who landed diagonally behind the magic beast made use of the recoil to spin right, and cut off the magic beast's head from behind.

The fight is over.

CLANK, his sword fell off Lecan's hand, crashing to the ground. Blood is dripping from his loosely hanging right hand.

As he loosened the grip of his left hand, <Shield of Wolkan> also dropped down the ground with a thud. Lecan fell to his knees, put his left hand over his right chest and recited a spell.


Next he cast it on his right shoulder.


He cast <Recovery> on his right chest and shoulder once again.


"Are you all right?"

Arios approached with a worried look.

"You, got cut too huh..."

Lecan faintly saw how the blade swung by the magic beast grazed Arios's leg, but Lecan was at a loss for words now that he got a closer look. Arios's right boot has been deeply torn apart. Arios spoke first to soothe Lecan's worry.

"Oh there's nothing to worry about. I had a Large Red Potion in my mouth as I charged out. Then I drank it down as I jumped. My boots may be torn off but my foot inside is okay."


Nevertheless, Lecan cast <Recovery> on Arios.

"Thought I had it blocked with my shield."

"Wasn't the part your shield blocked turned out  unharmed? And once the magic blade passed over the shield, it remanifested itself. And the tip of that blade."

"Got my chest eh. I see."

Thinking again, it all makes sense. Besides the short sword part on the base, the bladed part of this magic sword is created out of magic. When the magic clashes against the shield, the shield receives an impact, but not so with the blade. At least most of it. And the blade tip may vanish when it's over the shield, but once the shield is not in the way, the blade can just manifest back. That's all there is to it.

The second time he blocked it worked because of the close distance. At point-blank range, his shield can block the physical part of the magic sword instead of the mana blade. And that decided the match.

These magic swords are really a huge pain to deal with when you're on the receiving end. As <3d Perceptions> cannot detect it. <3D Perceptions> is an ability that senses physical objects, it's of no use on magic. And yet <Mana Detection> is nowhere near as precise as <3D Perceptions> and it can't catch up in a high speed battle. <Mana Detection> isn't that kind of ability to begin with.

But they won.

When all is said and done, they won.

Lecan walked up to the treasure chest and opened the lid.





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