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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.2


Priest Amamir had previously commissioned Transcriber Rakrus's Studio to transcribe [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study] and [Research Entrails' Functions]. Temples are transcribers' biggest customers, and Elex Temple is the temple that publishes most books in this country. And Rakrus Studio is the leading studio in making original books in the capital. The two are also old friends. And since those transcribes needed secrecy, naturally Amamir would pick a trusted transcriber. To Priest Amamir, Rakrus was the natural choice.

Rakrus himself is equipped with knowledge and skills of a stylist and a rhetorician, but that's not enough to run a studio. The studio houses several Copywriters, and virtually exclusive bookbinders living there. One day, priest Amamir brought a job to that studio.

Rakrus was chagrined at the fact that he wasn't the one who made the original copies of the two books when he first saw them. That's how much he was taken by the content. These are exactly the books fit to challenge the best transcribers.

And when priest Amamir brought the plan to publish the bettered and revised version of those two books, Rakrus literally jumped into it. His eyes at that time were literally bloodshot.

Though even Rakrus was at a loss for words when he heard the insane plan of creating dozens, hundreds of those books. Pretty much an undertaking of a national level. Done by a mere apothecary, Guide Skalabel.

Though judging from some leaks priest Amamir hinted, there seems to be a catch in how the project is going to be done. To make that catch a reality, it's necessary to grasp the whole thing that will be published first.

Rakrus objected strongly when priest Amamir declared that all the books will be in <Sacred Code> format. The same two books Rakrus previously transcribed were in <Festive Code> format, gorgeously made befitting of the books. Appropriate as an offering to gods by someone who had arrived at the peak of scholarly achievement. How could these books be lowered down two levels now.

To this, even the usually calm and collected priest Amamir argued back fervently, capable of overwhelming all who heard him.

These are not books that are left to only decorate bookshelves. Not books to be forgotten deep in the libraries of some temples or nobles. These are books to be put open on a desk, read by apothecaries and medics in between their jobs. Reading desks are not where their jobs at. Even <Sacred Code> is actually too big a format. In fact, he would have liked it be a <Commoner Code> but due to the numerous limitations put on the standard, he reluctantly settled with <Sacred Code>.

Rakrus objected still.

That is not what books are, they are to be preserved in an suitable environment where they belong. The valuable content written in those books is to never be damaged or dirtied. You put them on the appropriate reading desk and to carefully turn the pages with both your hands when you read them. If you need to take note something from a book, memorize it by heart and write it down on another desk. One must never write on the same desk as where the book is put. If by any chance you spill ink on the book, that in itself is a sacrilegious act toward gods.

Priest Amamir replied back.

That is what books are known like thus far. That kind of books can stay as they are. But this is high time for a different kind of books to make an appearance. Books that get worn down from filling people with their fountain of knowledge. Books you can flip at any time to extract information you need. Books that live and enliven the lives of people. What's wrong with creating such books.

Thus Amamir spoke to Rakrus who was still shocked by that idea.

"Rakrus-dono. A world where one or two books exist in every house. Don't you want to be the one who takes the first step toward that world."

A world where one or two book exists in every house. There's no way anyone could realize such a dream. But gods do not forbid people to dream. He'd like to see that dream. Thus Rakrus thought.

"This is a project that will overturn the very concept of books."

"Indeed. Indeed."

Breathing a new life unto books. Would there be anyone capable of that if not him.

Rakrus got all fired up. However, the obstacles became clearer as he got more into it.

"Amamir-sama. Making all books in <Sacred Code> would prove difficult. It's unlikely allowed even. First of all, how about offering a copy to the royal family. And also to temples and nobles. Distributing the books to apothecaries and medics all over the kingdom would look bad if we do not present the books to the temples and town lords first."

"This is actually still a secret. But we plan to offer the <Copyright> to temples and townlords. Of course we will need royal palace's cooperation to make that a reality."

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"The right to transcribe copies of those books in any standard they wish."

"My god."

It took Rakrus a while to digest since the idea was novel to him, but the more he thought about it the more interesting it sounded. But there's one fatal issue.

"But what about the original copy. The copy required to produce more copies."

"We grant them the copyright but limit studios that can transcribe the books."

"Limit studios? Huh?"

"An assortment of leading studio picked by Rakrus Studio. Each studio shall be lent the original transcripts. Each of which handles different books as ordered."

"I see. But what if someone who does not understand the content places an order."

"Apothecaries or medics who have been lent the books are obliged to report to the temples and lords at their locations and get their understanding checked. We will also only take new orders from temples and nobles once we have finished distributing all the copies."

"But that would risk temples and nobles taking away the distributed books."

"You're referring to the <Sacred Code> ones?"

"They won't show it publicly but there will surely be people who dirty their hands to get those books behind the scene. We need a sterner authorization. His majesty the king, would be too much. The notion of his majesty lending books to commoners is unfathomable to start with. An authority a bit under that still holds unshakable power..."

"What about Royal Capital's Elex Temple."

"That's it. But we will need a suitable reason to lend the books out. That should make it even harder to meddle with."


"Perhaps picking one based on achievements or skills."

"Fumu fumu."

Rakrus who had been converted into an accomplice before he knew it started a heated discussion on the publication strategy with Amamir.





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