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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.3


"I believe you have an understanding as to my coming here now."


"Then I shall now relay a message from first class priest Amamir. First, the books will be in <Sacred Code> format. As you know, <Sacred Code> is 30 Part long and 21 Part wide. Each standards have their own set of character size and amount of character per page. Which is 26 characters and 36 lines per page for <Sacred Code>. Which is to say 936 pages but considering new lines and other, the closer we get to 900 the more elegant it would look."


"Secondly, the pages will number from around 300 to 500. Longer manuscripts will have to be split into multiple volumes. Is that acceptable?"


"Additionally, shorter manuscripts will be compiled into a single volume whence possible. Is that acceptable?"


"Thirdly, we would like to know the size of the entire manuscripts to get a grasp on the publication plan. You can show those to me. Now, please if you would."

Even with please, there's no way she could have prepared all of that in the time frame given. For the time being, Norma handed over the [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study] she had finished. She should have bought three days of time with it, thought Norma.

However, Norma soon found out how much she underestimated Rakrus's knowledge and ability. She was handed a document wood board full of written words the morning after.

"I have read the manuscript. The content is far more comprehensive and easier to understand than the original. It is truly an admirable work."

"Oh, thanks."

"However, there seems to be a need of a more proper choice of words we could use. I'd like you to explain all the terminologies written here."

"Err. Right now, right here?"

"Right now, right here. Or perhaps, do you have other businesses to take care of?"
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"No. I don't have one in particular, but."

After a brief explanation from Rakrus, Norma was impressed.

The scholarly domain that her father, Sasfrey Wazrof, had arrived at was a completely new frontier, even common words anyone should know have been given a new meaning. On the other hand, there are some coined words and completely new words as well.

As completely new words usually have accompanying explanations, they're still understandable, but coined words are difficult to understand or even just to narrow down its actual meaning. Common words with new meanings are even misleading at times.

In addition, medics and apothecaries learn from their own teachers, whose knowledge and  word usages may vary by regions. As a result, how [Research on Entrails Functions] is read can completely differ by regions, unless it's made to be very exact and unified.

In fact, some of the terminologies Rakrus wrote on the board have several different words with similar meaning or exactly the same thing using different words. There's even same words with hugely different meanings. Or similar words with different contents.

"In one such case, we categorize the terms and put a new expression to indicate words in the same category. And words with the same meanings should be represented with the same terminology if applicable. As this book is a study book, not a literature."

Thus, Rakrus is going to read several volumes of the original manuscripts as a preliminary arrangement for arrangement of terminologies. As it's only preliminary, the manuscripts don't have to be completely ready for the transcribing project.

First Norma handed over the original copies of [Research on Entrails Functions], then [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study]. The former has 920,000 characters, while the later has more than 300,000 despite being incomplete. Moreover, this should have been the first time Rakrus read the later. And yet, he managed to read through both books in just three days.



"[Research on Entrails Function] is a wonderful research."

"Thank you."

"It has six chapters, but it seems there are considerable period gaps between chapters."

"Yes. It took 20 years to complete chapter 1 to 6. And it's even got other unrelated research put in some chapters."

"Ah, you must mean chapter 2 and 4."


"It's truly a wonderful research. However, there are many redundancies to be found, and the reading contexts are slightly off for a single book. Also, it appears to be written in chronological order."


"In other word, the content is unfortunately in disarray. Of course, Norma-dono should know that well yourself."


"Hence, how about we take it one step further and rewrite the original manuscript here."


"Please consider it."


As Rakrus sort out the terminologies, Norma put all documents that will be made into books in a room. Rakrus's two pupils, Parm and Yoran were extremely capable, they would nonchalantly helped Norma in the work. They know very well how to deal with manuscripts. It's an ability Jinga lacks, Norma was extremely impressed.




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