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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.1

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Eda went back to her home after Zack Zaikaz's entourage left.

Norma as well. Her home here being Goncourt Mansion.

The day after, transcriber Rakrus who had piles of questions amassed wouldn't leave Norma alone besides during mealtimes. Which continued on for several days.

Rakrus is someone who can get back to his feet by reading his own work, living like a clergyman who devotes his everything to his manuscripts. He's especially fired up for this particular job as if it's his last greatest accomplishment in life.

As for why Norma is living in Goncourt Mansion, it's because she's been appointed as the successor to Goncourt Family, and the existence of Rakrus is partly why Norma agreed to it.

This goes back to the talk with Amamir last year.

Herb Saint's Entourage left Vouka on the 17th of month nine. Priest Amamir left the parting words, 'I shall look for a transcriber right away once we arrived at the capital and they will be departing for Vouka within a year. It'd be the beginning of the new year at the earliest I believe', naturally Norma thought that was when Amamir going to start looking for a transcriber.

They should arrive at the capital around the end of month 9 or beginning of month 10. And Amamir should be tasked to submit reports to many departments. Putting all those together should take some time. Then he'd need to sort out the chat. Even if the book publishing stuff were to start afterward, the entourage had so many people that would definitely report what happened to their respective temples.

And the particular topic regarding Guide Skalabel's return to health and the <Purification> should be huge to all of them.  Priest Amamir is surely getting overwhelmed by a tidal wave of inquiries.

As such, Norma believed that he would only start even looking for a transcriber within the middle of next year at the earliest.

Even so, Norma finished writing the [Introductory to Medicinal Plants Study]. This book doesn't have too many pages and is easy to understand to beginners. And since it's an expanded version of a book Norma wrote, the commentary was simple to her too. She was relieved, sure that her initial job for the transcriber was done no matter how it's progressing.

Norma utterly made light of Priest Amamir's throughput in paperwork.

As a new year dawned, a letter from Amamir came on the third of month one. The transcriber and his two pupils will arrive around the middle of month one, please be ready for their lodging, thank you.

"Is he talking about next year's month one?"
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So she asked Jinga.

Just in case, they prepared rooms for three in the clinic. One of the two rooms is filled with documents, but they'd have to put up with it.

The transcribers really did arrive on 21st of month one. Carrying a huge amount of luggage. The wagon, coachman and the escorts went back to the capital after unloading them.

Rakrus left the luggage to his pupils and started his job the day after his arrival.

However, that first job was not about transcript. He explained the publishing plan and consulted on how to progress.

Up to this point, Norma thought publishing a book was about writing fancy characters, binding them, and putting on covers. But that wasn't how book publishing work at all. Norma had seen books during her time at her father's family house, but she had no idea behind their creation.

First of all, books have sizes. The standard is established at exactly 100 Parts. Naturally it's a standard accepted on the entire continent, determined as 1/100 of a <Step>, an average length an adult takes in one step.

<State Code> is one step, or 100 Part tall. This is only permitted for the <State Ceremonial Book> carried by a king during their crowning ceremony. The width is 70% of its height. This rule is universal with all other standards. The weight and size of State Code makes it improbable for one person alone to carry it. Additionally, once completed, a State Ceremonial Book never gets its pages turned.

<Law Code> is 60 Part tall. This standard is for important books such as canon law, royal edicts, and official kingdom's history.

<Festive Code> is standardized at 50 Part tall. This is mainly the standard used for <Celebratory Books> precept compilations made during a festival, the biggest size a noble is allowed to make and offer.

<Abridged Code> is 40 Part tall. The size for <Simplified Celebratory Books>, compilations of precepts made for daily worships.

<Sacred Code> is 30 Part tall. Compilations of precepts bestowed to nobles with a deep faith.

<Commoner Code> is 20 Part tall. Compilations of precepts bestowed to commoners with a deep faith. Books made in this standard are not allowed to have gold or silver leaf covers, or golden stitches.

A book has to be one of the six. Though since the length of a <Part> can slightly vary by regions, and how that there are customs to add <Decorative Length> to the width and length, in reality books have more varied sizes. However, these six are the standards you have to abide in the creation of a book. As for the book they're making, since the first two Codes are unavailable for use, they only have the four below as options.





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