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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.12


Sure enough, the treasure chest had a <Comet Cutter> inside.

The same sword Nike had.

Lecan couldn't contain himself from giggling.


The magic was cast, but no information came up.

"That's weird."

He composed himself, readjusted his breathing and carefully kneaded his mana.


It was no good. The magic did get cast for sure, but he felt no usual feedback. Instead there was a sensation like his mana got dispersed.

"Did it get... repelled?"

Come to think of it, he also tried to appraise Nike's <Comet Cutter> once before, but it didn't work then. Nike told him that he would eventually succeed if he kept honing <Appraisal>.

"Is this sword a <Comet Cutter>?"

"I think so yeah. It looks the same as the <Comet Cutter> I've seen. Worked like one too."

"Eh? You've seen a <Comet Cutter> before? Where in the world?"

"Where else, didn't you see Nike-"

Just as Lecan was about to say 'didn't you see Nike carrying one around', he stopped short. He realized that Arios likely had never met Nike yet.

"That reminds me, you said to Heles-san before how the last member of <Willard>, Nike wielded <Comet Cutter>. So that was a real <Comet Cutter> then."

"Are there real and fake <Comet Cutters>?"

"No, I mean the story of how Founder King wielded a <Comet Cutter> is famous after all. There are countless swords and techniques with similar name, you see."

"Founder King?"

"Yes. The hero who founded Zaka Kingdom. You aren't going to tell me you don't know him, are you?"

"Dunno him."

"Oh right, you're that kind of person."

"Fumu. This Founder King guy must be a magic swordsman if he could wield <Comet Cutter>. And quite proficient at magic at that."

"Eh? Really? Can't just any swordsman with mana use it?"

"Give it a try."

Arios gleefully took <Comet Cutter> in his hand and drew it. Then he poured his mana into the sword. Arios has never used magic before, but Lecan's always known he's mana bearer. Hence he believed Arios should be capable of manifesting the <Comet Cutter>'s mana blade at least.

And yet he couldn't. He struggled hard for a while before eventually putting the sword back in its scabbard.

"Dear me, I give up. I've had some experience with magic swords though. This one's no good. It won't even activate. Or rather, is this really a magic sword?"

"Gimme that."
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Lecan took the sword, unsheathed it and poured his mana in.

A beautiful white blade of mana manifested.

"Ooh. There it is. It really is a magic sword. Such a beautiful luster."

Lecan poured even more mana in. The blade lengthened further reaching Lecan's height. He streamed even more mana in. The blade length expanded about 50% longer. Lecan stopped supplying mana. The mana blade disappeared at once.

"This thing eats up mana like crazy."

"Is that so?"

"Not a lot of people can use this thing. No."

Lecan has seen Nike wielding a <Comet Cutter>. Baring witness to a free flowing dance of magic sword. Such actions require an extremely advanced level of mana control. And he found out from testing this just how tremendous the mana it consumed. And yet, as it's in the form of a sword, you need sword skills to make full use of it, and you can't fight powerful foes without the right equipment for close quarter combat as well as the stamina for it.

"Is anyone even capable of doing this sword justice?"

"Lecan-dono might just pull it off. Or more like, if Lecan-dono can't, I don't think anyone else can."

"You're right."

He's not boasting, it's a honest thought.

"How would you describe this Nike person?"

"Nike is Shira. It's what she calls herself as when she assumes the form of a young woman. Haven't told Eda about it yet though."

"Eeeeh? So it was Shira-sama. Anything really goes with that person, doesn't it. I see. But if it's Shira-sama. Then perhaps."


"My grandfather once told me that he has seen a <Comet Cutter> before. But the only known <Comet Cutter> is in custody of the royal palace's treasury as a national treasure. So I've always wondered where had he seen it. Perhaps my grandfather had Shira-sama showed her <Comet Cutter> to him."

"Yeah that sounds about right actually."

"By the way, why do you keep that fact from Eda-san?"

"No reason in particular. If there is, it's because Shira herself is keeping it a secret. But, fumu."

Lecan explored his own thoughts as to why he never divulged that to Eda.

"Deep down I might believe that Eda probably won't be able to protect the secret."

"Yes I agree. It's probably wiser to not tell Eda-san about this."

"Hou? Why do you think so."

"We'd better consider that person has no secret in her heart."

"Because she can't keep it?"

"No, that's not what I mean, that person's heart is bright as the sun. That's her good point. Some things may cloud it a bit, but neither do we need to go out of our way to add some."

"Hmm? Well, Shira probably won't mind us telling Eda, but let's not for now."


Lecan kept staring at <Comet Cutter>'s physical blade.

This sword is beautiful to look at even without its mana blade.

(I wanna know.)

(The true extent of this sword's ability.)

Lecan lacks the capability to appraise this sword. However, he's a great need to find out this sword's details. He also wishes proof of this truly being a <Comet Cutter>.

That said, he wants to avoid anyone finding out that the two of them have stepped foot on the supposedly nonexistent floor 121.

(There's that Secret Appraisal thing huh.)

(I can probably trust that old man.)

Lecan decided to pay a visit to the trade facility.





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