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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.9


Eliza's attitude is completely unlike someone seeking apology, but Lecan doesn't really care about that.

"Guess that means old man Termin won't have trouble living his life."

"What? What tomfoolery are you spouting. There is an endless line of people who wish the elder's appraisals for a huge sum of money. Having elder Termin's name on the appraisal tag alone makes it worth so much more. He is under special treatment even at his home."

"Yeah? That's a relief."

"Lecan-dono, I want you to accompany me now and persuade elder Termin to stay at Tsubolt."

"I refuse."


"What's the old man wanna do is his alone to decide. Not my place to meddle in."

"But the elder is going to leave this town because of what you said to him!"

"I'll tell you exactly the words I spoke to the old man."


"I just got summoned by the General Dungeon Chief Administrator. Chief Administrator knew that I used Secret Appraisal service. As well as what's written on the appraisal tag. She told me to show her the Grace Gear. Chief Administrator claimed I'm feigning ignorance. She said the observer Gwislan clearly saw the appraisal tag elder Termin wrote. That man's apparently a spy, I believe he's got some sort of skill that lets him see distant objects magnified."

"Is that all?"

"I said this too. I have no doubt that you're just doing your job. The blame is entirely off you in this matter either. But I don't think they'd only send a spy for me. In other word, this is likely how they've always done it with every Secret Appraisal session. Details in Secret Appraisal get passed down to the administrative office as well as the town lord."

"Why would you even say that. And then?"

"That's it."

"But then how come the elder got mad."

"Do you really not get it?"

"Are you talking about how I saw the Secret Appraisal's tag? However that is our house, Marquis Notz's duty and right as the ruler of Tsubolt. It's simply unthinkable for us to be be ignorant of what comes out of our dungeon."

"I see. So that's how you see it. Then this talk is over. Go home."

"You impudent!"
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"Young miss."

Zoltan who had been keeping silent right behind Eliza interrupted.

"What did elder Termin tell you do again."

"He told me to apologize to Lecan-dono first."

"Then you should apologize first thing first."

Eliza turned around and looked at Zoltan over her shoulder.

"Stand up. And apologize to Lecan-dono with your hand on your chest."

"How should I apologize?"

"Think up words of apology on your own. What have you done wrong, how do you ask forgiveness for that. And what actions you ought to take after apologizing. Spin up your words after thinking that through."

Eliza thought things over for a little while, then she stood up, pushed her palm in the middle of her chest and spoke to Lecan.

"I apologize for having your secret disclosed. I shall take every measures available to keep it confidential. Yale. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me."

Lecan stood up, pushed his right fist on his left chest and spoke.

"I accept your apology. However, whether I will forgive you or not hinges on the actions you take from here on out. Yale."

Eliza and Lecan sat back on their chairs.

"You won't forgive me right away?"

"How the heck could I. You broke an oath on me."

Honestly speaking, Lecan is still mad. But there's no turning back time to make it never happened. Eliza and the town lord have found out about Lecan reaching floor 121 and him acquiring a <Comet Cutter>. Nothing can be done about that now.

He never intended to keep it a secret forever nor was it something that could be kept hidden indefinitely. These kinds of things will always find a way out of secrecy.

Besides, putting himself in their shoes, he can understand why the marquis family wishes to know about items that get dropped in the dungeon.

What Lecan finds offensive is the deceptive way they go about it. And how they have absolutely zero remorse over their actions.

The previous Lecan would have cut off one of chubby man's limbs, and furiously cursed at Eliza.

Yet right now he's calmly ruminating the right course of actions to take in this situation instead of rushing headlong to pummel his irritations onto the other party. This wolf is changing bit by bit.


Zoltan spoke up.

"Young miss is truly clueless as to why elder Termin is mad. Sorry. Mind if you clue her in on it."

Lecan let out a sigh, and began talking slowly.

"Chief administrator-dono. You've got to ask the old man in person if you wanna know the real reason why he's bent on leaving Tsubolt. But I don't think there's any doubt that the old man feels he's been betrayed by Marquis of Tsubolt."


Lecan let out another sigh. And continued on.

"First, consider just what is Secret Appraisal anyway."




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