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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.5


That chubby man was the culprit after all. Lecan always had his suspicion. Since there was no mana emission, it wasn't a magic. Must be some sort of skill. In his previous world, there were skills that allowed one to see faraway objects magnified. Must be that type.

(But still, their info is quite half-baked.)


As the guy was reading with bare eyes, the parts in his blind spot should remain invisible. Or perhaps the skill couldn't read too small characters. The explanation part on that appraisal tag was written in compact and tightly placed letters, and got handed to Lecan right after it was written. Then, when elder Termin wrote on the back of the tag later, he held it in his palm and used small letters again.

(Is that why the guy could only read the front side and the big lettered part?)

Lecan took the appraisal tag.

<Name: Comet Cutter>

<Type: Magic Sword>

<Offense: 20>

<Hardness: 20>

<Firmness: 20>

<Sharpness: 50>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: 100>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121>


<Depth: 121>

<Grace: Magic Blade (Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold), Damage Restoration>

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(These are all written in big letters.)

(Likely why the guy could read it.)

(But the part after that.)

(Probably safe to assume they don't know about the details on <Magic Blade> Grace.)

After ruminating that much, Lecan stopped his walk toward his inn.

He recalled elderly appraiser Termin.

(That old man.)

(Probably takes pride in his job.)

Lecan turned around and went to the trade facility.

There's a long line of people seeking elder Termin's service like usual. Lecan walked briskly to the elder's counter and spoke.


"You need something?"

"I just got summoned by the General Dungeon Chief Administrator."


"Chief Administrator knew that I used Secret Appraisal service. As well as what's written on the appraisal tag. She told me to show her the Grace Gear."

"What'd you say."

"Chief Administrator claimed I'm feigning ignorance. She said the observer Gwislan clearly saw the appraisal tag elder Termin wrote."

The elder scowled with an intense look on his eyes.

"That man's apparently a spy, I believe he's got some sort of skill that lets him see distant objects magnified."

Termin stood up and bowed at Lecan.

"Sorry. Forgive me."

"I have no doubt that you're just doing your job. The blame is entirely off you in this matter either. But I don't think they'd only send a spy for me. In other word, this is likely how they've always done it with every Secret Appraisal session. Details in Secret Appraisal get passed down to the administrative office as well as the town lord."

"Understood. You have my gratitude for telling me this. Somebody, take this spot!"

Elder Termin went inside in violent strides.

Elder Termin can't possibly go complain directly to the townlord as long as he lives in this town. It would be bad if he lost his job at his age.

But Lecan cannot just not tell him that he's being deceived either. Hence he went and did.

What the elder's gonna do from now on. That's up to elder Termin himself.

Lecan also left. As he passed through the exit, an employee came running, calling for his name.

"Lecan-dono! You're Lecan-dono, right?"

"Yeah, I am."

"This is for you."

The employee had one big gold coin in their hand.

"It's from elder Termin."

That old man's got integrity all right, thought Lecan as he received the money.

"I'll take it. Tell him I said thanks."

Then just as he was about to head to the inn for real, he stopped short again.

(Man, I'm starving.)

Right, he hasn't had lunch yet.

Lecan went to the food court.

There are two food courts around Dungeon Tsubolt. One in the southwest, and another in the east. The southwest one is expensive, a high class establishment with many food to offer. The eastern food court only got three diners, but they're cheap and plentiful.

Lecan went to the southwest one. There are two marketplaces specializing in swords trade around dungeon Tsubolt, and this particular food court is sandwiched between these two marketplaces. This troubling arrangement is such that you could find yourself dead drunk while searching for the right sword.

After stuffing himself with three servings of meatful stew, Lecan's mood improved significantly.

And now going back this early would be a waste. He's been itching to give the <Comet Cutter> in his <Storage> a swing.

Lecan went in the dungeon. He tried to manifest the blade in all sort of lengths in a vacant room on floor 91. It's limited only to two-threefold the length though. Four and above uses up an unbelievable amount of mana and stamina.

After generating twofold magic blade, lengthening it to 2.5 was a simple matter.

But shrinking down the 2.5 blade back to twofold wouldn't go well. Having no choice, Lecan decided he'd undo the magic blade and generate it back should he need it shrunk, for the time being. However, this method takes too long. It's not usable in the heat of combat. Which means, once the blade has been lengthened, it will stay lengthened for the duration of that battle.

The mana used in one battle wielding the sword corresponds to the entirety of Lecan's own mana, and the mana stored in <Necklace of Intuador>. Refilling mana from the necklace can be done swiftly, but absorbing mana from magic stones requires a bit of time. Considering how much mana it consumes, keeping the magic blade manifested can't go on for too long.





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