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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-18

8-18. The Day of the Final (4)


<AN: Continuation of Hayato's POV>

I wonder how many times we've exchanged blows with sword.

To be matched by the yellow demon that's supposed to be the magic type, my confidence is shaken y'know. I don't know what kind of magic the demon use, but it's using magic edge on its elongated nails, it's troublesome. To grow back again no matter how many times I've broken it is too much of cheating.

When I look with appraisal, the difference between my level and the yellow bastard is only a little.
Yet, why can't it reach.

I block the yellow bastard's flame attack with [Invincible Shield], and penetrate its barrier with the [Strongest Lance]-powered Arondight. However, the power is getting shaved by scaly barrier that appear around the demon.
Whenever I damage the demon even a little, the three orbs that are floating around it heal the demon immediately. I've tried destroying the orbs earlier, but the demon summons another one whenever I break one.

I'll be gradually pushed back if this continues.

"Hayato, please don't fight alone, we're a team you know."

Dang, I've gotten too heated.
Maryest is right, if we cooperate there's no way we can lose even against a strong enemy.

Fortunately, most small fries on the opposite of the arena seem to have been eliminated by the warriors of Shiga kingdom. I didn't know since I rarely went to Shiga kingdom, but the warriors of this kingdom can't be made light of. The monsters had been separated away from the yellow demon along with the buff before I knew it, since they weren't approaching each other, a considerable distance had opened.

It's as if someone is adjusting it.

I've thought such thing unintentionally.
Ridiculous. Even if they're small fries, those monsters are of upper level 40. If there's someone that has strength to do such thing, I'd scout that person into our party.

The two monsters near us are also being dealt with by my companions.
Rusus and Fifi are in charge of the centipede. It seems to be a hard fight, but it'll be over since Ringrande has come to assist them.
The two-horned rhinoceros beetle is flying around, but Wiyaryi is restraining it as to not get close.

"Wiy, I'm leaving that monster to you. Rusus and Fifi will help you soon, so please stall for some time."
"I understand Hayato. Please leave it to me."

No, Wiyaryi, I wanted you to reply that you could defeat it. Why doesn't she understand even though she's an archer.

"Is the strategy briefing over alreadyes?"

I was wondering why it didn't attack...
I'll make you regret that composure.

"Hayato, please buy us some time for the spell."

Before I can attack with Arondight, the yellow bastard attacks with flame.
I block the white flame with the holy shield strengthened with Invincible Shield. I couldn't block them all, but Loreiya can always heal some minor wounds.

"As expected, really as expected deesu. To defend against <<White Inferno>>, you've improved desu. Hero is interesting after all desu."

Rusus and Fifi are helping Wiyaryi after defeating the small fry.

"Ringrande, Loreiya, we're starting the chanting."

The three girls use Talisman of Divine Gift to start the forbidden spell chanting.
The talisman has many convenient functions, by synchronizing chanting, the power and precision of tactical magic can drastically jump.

Mary intends to defeat the recovery orbs all at once huh.
However, if you use the tactical magic of forbidden spell here, it'll leave a scar that can't be ignored in this city.

"This is strange desune. Why isn't the blue and the red coming desuka?"

The yellow bastard looks puzzled.
I block the attack of the slightly absent-minded demon with my shied. I feel that this is my chance, but I can't leave the back now.

"Well, it's fine desu. The damages from hero and the others feel good, but it's about time to let the hero have the taste of fear and despair desune."

"Fuhn, you M bastard! Making me feel fear you said? Try if you can do it!"
"Well then, please accept the souvenirs desu. Please taste it to your heart's content desu."

In order to anticipate the demon's attack, I gulp down the acceleration potion. I have nothing more once I use this, but I've got a really bad feeling. I drink the bitter liquid. The effect comes out little by little, the movement of the surrounding gradually becomes slower.

A gigantic summoning circle appear high in the sky behind the yellow bastard.
You think I'll let you do it easily!

"<<SING>> Arondight, <<PLAY>> Tunas."
<TLN: Play as in playing musical instrument, especially string's.>

I recite the holy verses of the holy sword and the holy armor.
Rousing my mana, magic power (Energy) is being produced as if overflowing from the core of the holy armor, the philosopher's stone. And then, that vast power flows into the holy sword.

The preparation is complete before the yellow's bastard finishes with the summoning circle.

"<<Shining Blade>>"

Finishing move should be shouted after all.
Swinging Arondight with subsonic speed, I turn the blade of light toward the summoning circle.


Tsk, that bastard threw one of the healing orb up in the sky and warded off Shining Blade.
I swing the remaining Shining Blade, but this time the demon uses the monster's corpses below to intercept it.

The fight was futile, and the summoning had been completed.

"What..the heck."

A whale is flying in the sky.
It's a gigantic monster bigger than 300 meters in length.

"G, great monstrous fish?!"
"Lies, the one that the golden wild boar king used, that?"
"The legendary aerial fortress isn't it?"

The three people who've stopped the chanting let out voices of shocks.
The great monstrous fish, despite the somewhat silly name, it's a level 97 monster.

I couldn't believe it and rechecked many times.

However, there's no mistake about it.

"We can't withdraw no matter what the opponent is. Wiy, Rusus, Fifi, call the Jules Verne back to the surface, I'll permit you to use this as the main battery. Take Arondight, and go."

We've hidden the precious dimensional submerging warship to protect it from harm, but it seems that's not to be. I'm sorry to the emperor, but it doesn't seem like I can keep my promise of taking the warship back safely.

If we use the ship's main battery in the downtown, it'll certainly become catastrophic.
The hero's name will probably be ruined, but there is no other way to defeat that monster. I hand over Arondight that will become the core of the main battery. I take a spare magic sword from the infinite stowing (Inventory) in its place.

"That's some nice fear node~su."

Damn you yellow bastard.
You'll only keep that conceit for so long. The time when Rin and the others finish their chanting will be your last.

I wonder what the great monstrous fish is thinking, instead of looking here, it's staring hard at one corner of the arena. I don't really understand, but this is favorable. That yellow bastard might have unexpectedly failed the summoning, and could not control it.

"However, the hope mixed with the bitter taste of fear, quite satisfactory desune."

Hope huh. It's fine to think about pleasant things right?

I, after this fight is over, will go visit the orphanage. I absolutely won't die until I get to the paradise of little girls. Taking a bath together, sharing a bed together, the dream spreads.

"As long as the great me is a hero, hope always exist y'know."
"Laughable desune."

I didn't notice it.
The summoning circle that has summoned the great monstrous fish remains in the sky.

That's right, I shouldn't have not noticed the meaning of it.

From the summoning circle that hasn't disappeared even after the summoning is over, great monstrous fish begins appearing one after another.
Including the first one, there are seven of them.

I see, you guys are my death huh.

Hey, Parion-san.

Your world is too hard y'know.

<AN: Next Chapter is from Satou's POV>

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