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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-19

8-19. The Battle in the Arena


Satou's here. It seems that they served whale meat for the school lunch a long time ago. I had eaten the meat of the whale that was stranded ashore on the coast when I was visiting my grandfather's house, it was really delicious.
Although that's something from a long ago, so it might've been glorified.

In the end, I lost the timing to attack when I was hesitating.
For the time being, I guess I should ensure that no one dies.

I move from the spire to the audience seating on the arena.

The duke and the king body-double--are still having a hard time.

Alright, let's use that here.

There's this [Magic Hand] among the magic I've acquired recently. A nature magic user who has become able to use intermediate level magic is sure to acquire this magic.
It's probably easier to understand if I say that the effect is close to the so-called psychokinesis. It seems magicians use this magic to reach place where their hands can't, scratch their back, or rub their own shoulders.
Unskilled magicians can only exert the same level of power as theirs with this [Magic Hand], so there's rarely any magician who use this in a fight. Following the mastery of Nature magic skill, the number of hands I can deploy at the same time with [Magic Hand] have also increased just like with magic arrow. Similarly, if someone who excels in mana manipulation uses [Magic Hand], it can reaches quite far. In my case, I can extend 120 hands to around 500 meters each.
It seems that even among the magicians in the world, one that can skillfully use more than two hands is quite rare.

Innumerable [Magic Hands] smoothly extend; it seize three monsters who block the way of the duke and his companions, and throw them away to the arena.

The handling is a tiny bit difficult.
Before long, I get the [Magic Hands] to hold swords, and fight like a thousand-armed Kannon (Senju Kannon).

The duke's escorts are surprised to see the monsters suddenly removed, but it seems they prioritize getting the duke escapes rather than investigating the cause. There are some people looking for the person who have removed the monsters, but no one notices me. Apparently, this is thanks to the skills I've learned during the infiltration mission before.

Now then, it seems that the people who can't fight monsters have finished evacuating.
Of course, I didn't only watch the evacuation as it happened. I was doing work of catching people who got left behind with [Magic Hand], and throwing them to the escape passage.

The monsters near the hero's party and the yellow-skinned demon are a pain. Thanks to the provocation the hero has done in the beginning, the monsters always go back to him no matter how many times I've thrown them away.
I decide to leave two monsters who are particularly stubborn to the hero's party. That tiger ears person, and that wolf ears person will probably defeat them.

There are six monsters remaining.
It'd be nice if the prince and his cohorts help to exterminate the monsters, but for some reason, they're going towards the yellow-skinned demon, so the number of monsters aren't decreasing. Such inefficient people.

The Eight Shiga Sword man has left the battle, maybe because the damage he's incurred from the yellow-skinned demon in the beginning is big. Really, how cowardly.
The battle-maniac boy was fighting amusingly against the yellow-skinned demon, but he has fainted after receiving an attack from the demon's tail. The stomach portion of his armor is dented, but looking at his HP, it doesn't seem to be a wound that'll kill him, so it's probably fine to leave him alone. Looking at his position, it doesn't seem like he'll get caught up in a ranged attack anyway.

"Yasaku, be more prudent with big moves. We don't know if the other people will fall apart. Preserve your stamina."
"Baro, you're just too rigid. It's time to decrease their number with a bang now."
"Hey wait, Yasaku, and Tan, save the chattering for later."
"That's right, if you don't keep your guard up, it'll be dangerous."

The party fighting the War Mantis seems to be fine. A heavy warrior, a magic warrior, a magician, and a priest carrying a pole arm, it's a party with good balance.

Of course, there aren't only party like that around.

"Sir Hoen, I will take care of this, so please stand back."
"What's this, Sir Muzuki, I won't let you be the only one who does great deeds here!"

The knights are compromising to each other in front of a pill bug-type monster.
These two are of lower level 20s, but since their knight retainers are high leveled, they'd be fine.

I wonder if it's okay to take that out here?

No-one-is-looking right?

I use [Stalagmite (Toss Stone)] in secret.
It's an elementary level earth magic, but since it hits the (monster's) weak abdomen from below, it pierces through it, quite helpful. Even though the pill bug is left hanging in the air by the stone lance on its abdomen, it's still alive. The monster's remaining HP is only around 20%. As for the rest, the knights can just rush in and attack from position where they can't be counterattacked, and it's history. Even though they were having a concession earlier, what a calculated bunch.

The next party seems to be a mish-mash.

Even though there are two shield users, they don't seem able to use provocation skill. As the result, the monster aims for the attacker, and the rear guards devote themselves to heal the attacker instead of casting attack magic.

"Sosona! Gerca, fix your posture. Don't let Sosona's sacrifice go to waste."

One member of the party got kicked by the cricket type monster and launched into the air. Still, sacrifice you said.... Isn't she still alive?

That's a girl of fairykin I guess?
She's been thrown up around 10 meters high into the air. She had probably protected against the attack with magic, but her HP is rapidly decreasing to below 10%. I catch her in the air with [Magic Hand], and pull her here. Along the way, I use [Magic Hand] to make her drink a not-for-sale potion.

I've made it somehow.
After her HP has recovered to around 90%, I lay down the girl on the audience seat. I've wanted to see her closer since it's the first time I've seen a Leprechaun.

[Magic Hand] is truly convenient. I'm afraid that it'd turn me into a degenerate.

I stealthily invoke 10 Remote Arrows, and snipe at the cricket's leg joints from behind.
They seem to be surprised with the sudden support fire, but with this, I can probably leave them unattended without problem.

This party seems to be the one struggling the most. Even though the other parties are struggling, they're fighting while staying alive. Sometimes they need help, so I absorb mana from the monster while I'm observing the hero's fight.

That yellow-skinned demon seems to be a companion of the ojaru and nari demons from before after all. If I tell it that the demon lord has been defeated, I wonder if this demon will be docile for the next 66 years?

Nevertheless, the three orbs floating above the yellow-skinned demon sure are great. Even if the hero and his party dealt great damage to the demon, the orbs immediately recover it. I wonder if there's a way to summon the orb written in the demon summoning book from the other day? After checking it with my AR, it seems they're called Cure Orbs. I've searched for it, but there's nothing about it written in the demon summoning book. How unfortunate.

The crisis perception is warning me to something high in the sky?

There's a summoning magic circle over there.
I don't know what will be summoned, but it's fine to just immediately get whatever POP out of it from here alright?

And then, the thing that comes out of it is--

A whale?

It's flying in the air, and about 300 meters big, but it's unmistakably a whale. I don't think even the blue whale grows this big though?

The monster's name seems to be Great Monstrous Fish.

Any Japanese who sees it for the first time must be saying, "A whale flying in the sky", it's just how the etymology goes.

The hero and his companions look surprised.

Of course they would be.
I mean, when it's that big, I can't imagine just how many meals you can make from it.

If I seriously make yamatoni from it, I wonder how many I could make?
<TLN:大和煮, essentially beef boiled with soy sauce, ginger, and sugar.>

My eyes met with the great monstrous fish's eyes unintentionally.

Well hey, demon.
You can do it if you try after all!

I had almost danced in joy reflexively, but it wasn't only one.

There are another six of it coming out of the summoning circle, terrific.
I've waited more after that, but it seems to be the end. There may be more coming out, so I'll stop myself from destroying the magic circle.
<TLN: Sorry, it was 'including' not 'excluding' on the previous chapter, so there are 'only' 7 whales.>

Now then, since I mustn't damage the meat when I demolish the whales, I decide to shave off their heads with Laser and put them into the storage immediately. I actually wanted to demonstrate Excalibur sharpness for it, but since they're too big, it just won't reach.

A single Laser shot is weak, so decide to use it together with Condense.

The power of a single laser shot is weak, but I've become able to shoot multiple shots after I've leveled up the skill level. When I unify them into one with Condense, the power and the convergence will be increased.

I simulate the Laser trajectory by using Space Grasp and Radar together. The exposure time was going to be slightly insufficient, so I decide to shoot it like an ON/OFF consecutive pulse laser.
I can use the magic consecutively just fine, but it'll take some time, and I don't want them running back to the summoning circle.

Flash, and it smells as if a coffee is nearby from the ozone. The pulse laser strokes the whales on its track, and shoots out beyond the cloud.

Alright, cleared in one blow!

It'll be catastrophic if those gigantic masses fall down, so I promptly use Ground Shrink and Sky Drive together to get close to the whale meat that have began falling, and collect them into the Storage. The whale meat feel hot, I don't know whether because it's been roasted, or because the flesh and blood have evaporated.

It's fresh from the oven.
<TLN: Can also mean "Pleased with myself".>

Even though they've been burned with Laser, there are still a lot of body fluids splashed around. I've heard that blood won't come out from wounds burned by Laser, but I wonder if it's just a hearsay?

It seems that I'm the only one who's puzzling over such thing.
The Arena that had been wrapped in tumult until now has become quiet before I knew it.

Umm~, whales are delicious and all, but I think you shouldn't eat them.

>Title [Great Monstrous Fish Slayer] Acquired
>Title [Phantom Technique User] Acquired
>Title [Light Technique User] Acquired
>Title [Sky Chef] Acquired

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