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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-7

8-7. Nighttime Training


Satou's here. Recently, on top of being online, save data is saved automatically, making the reset trick like how it's used to be in the past becomes unusable, it feels slightly lonely. There's just something good about reset isn't it.

"What do you mean? Don't tell me, it can be reset?"
"It can you know? Didn't I tell you?"

This is the first time I've heard it of course.
I still have grandly excessive skill points remaining, but since the prospect of leveling up isn't too bright for me, the existence of reset is quite important.

"How do we do it?"
"You acquire the reset skill, 『Reset』, and execute it. You can get back all points from all skills except unique and gift ones."

How convenient.
And how unreasonable. It's an unrelated skill for me who cannot choose reset.

"Hey, don't show such face."

She can see through the poker face skill like always.

"Even reset isn't all-powerful."

If it was, you could change skills composition during a fight. That reminds me, that anime [Esper Senotan] I've watched does similar things.

"You lost 5-20% of your skill point once you use it you know. And there is no way to recover them."

I'll lost 155-620 skill points if I use it huh, the remuneration is too great. I understand why Arisa has never used it now.

"There's also another reason why I don't want to use it~."

When I ask it, she answers, "REALLY, painful."
Then, wouldn't the neighborhood get annoyed if she used reset here. I was going to prepare pain-killer for her, but according to Saga hero, there were records of increased lost points when the person involved used medicines.

"Do you have any place in mind where it's okay to make noises?"
"Wait a bit."

I execute the wind magic that I've learned, <<Secret Field>>.
With this, sounds will not leak out for several hours.

"I've used the magic to make this place private. Sounds won't leak with this."
"Then we can do ecchi things as we please right."
"I'd cancel it you know?"

This Arisa really never changes huh.

I put Arisa who is exhausted to rest on my lap.

After she executed reset, I hugged Arisa on my lap, but not only she clawed my back, she was also going wild on my arms. I was worried that her violet hair would turn white, but it was just an imaginary fear. When the reset is over, she lost her consciousness, so I let her slept on my lap on the sofa, but...

"Arisa, if you're going to sexually harass me, I'll put you down from my lap okay?"

Even after that much pain, what a tough girl. She put herself in a delicate position while pretending to be asleep.

"So, did it go well?"
"Sort of~, I don't quite have enough points, so in exchange of mind and light magic, I've got space magic level 6."

Arisa is feeling accomplished, but I have to warn her beforehand.

"Arisa, this is an order. Barging into the bathroom while I'm bathing or peeking at me changing are forbidden beside during emergency."
"Guha, at least, at least, do that order if I get caught red-handed please. The little bit of reward for a maiden~~~."

She's really thinking about it after all huh.

Arisa requests to have her test her magic to her heart's content, so we go to the underground labyrinth. I inform Liza when we are going out.
The duke's subordinates are on the lookout at the teleport device and the hole that I've made before, so I make a new passage in another place to the underground labyrinth.

"The king has donkey ears."

I understand what she's trying to say, but what would we do if there are soldiers patrolling the area. There's none though of course.

"Stop saying stupid things, let's go."

I carry Arisa on my arms, and jump below. It's not connected to the floor where I fight the demon lord, but another place.

"Haa, I thought I was going to die."

How rude. I regulated the speed properly.
Since I'm afraid that the effect from big magic would be felt above ground, I dive three layers below.

"What kind of place is this? It looks like a labyrinth, but there's no monster."
"It's the remain of a labyrinth."
"Ee~ it feels like the demon lord will really come out."

What is she saying?

"Didn't I say yesterday? When I was hunting demons, I also defeated a demon lord that popped up."

Even though Arisa was saying, "Good work~", or, "It was hard huh~" herself.

"Eh, you were serious?"
"Very serious."
"Lying~ you're lying, if it's true, your title should have become 『True Hero』!"

She's knowledgeable about it.
Might as well, I put on the hero Nanashi style and the title [True Hero]. I do not don the wig, so my hair remains black. I have to buy one next time.

"Uwah, it's true. How did you defeat it? Ah, it must be with a holy sword of course."

Galatine delivers the decisive blow, but the one that does the most works is Durandal, so I show that one to her.
Arisa is returning the sword, but I tell her to keep it.

"The demon lord has been defeated, so I'll leave it to Arisa. I have a lot of other weapons, so it's fine."

I'm thinking of leaving one to Arisa for an insurance if anything happens, but Arisa interprets it differently, and desperately draws closer to me.

"Don't tell me that the repatriation offer from the god has come."

The heck is that.

"After you defeat the demon lord and become the 『True Hero』, it seems that the god will come to ask if you want to be repatriated, or remain in this world as a hero. The story is that if you answer 『Go home』 then, you'd get sent back to your previous world."
"There's no need to worry about it, even if the god asks me if I want to go back, I'll stay here for the present time."

I can't go back to the previous world in peace before Arisa, Pochi, and the others become strong enough to defeat demons.
Furthermore, I'm not summoned with the normal hero summoning, so there's no guarantee that I can go back to the previous world. If I get the chance to do it, I'll ask to have a letter for my family delivered instead of myself. If I just write [I'm healthy], I feel like they will forgive me. My family are carefree unlike me, so it's probably alright.

"Th, that means..."

Oops, Arisa who's misunderstood is blushing, let's talk about something stupid.

"I haven't finished the sightseeing of this world after all."

The angry Arisa is hitting me softly, let's take it contently.

"Did you get any rare drop? Like demon lord core (Demon Core)?"

Although it seems to be something real, looks like the thing called [Demon Lord Core (Demon Core)] doesn't exist.

"There's nothing great. There are two liuyedao that the demon lord uses, but they're too big for human, it's unusable. Moreover, one of them is broken. Other things are belongings of [Wings of Liberty], like demon summoning magic book, or specific magic circle for summoning the short horn, and also, miscellaneous accessories."

Those accessories belong to nobles, so they could be worth some money, but since it'd likely be doubted from robbery, I melt them to become materials instead.
I have a lot of Short Horn, the original collection goal, but there's no need to say it.

"Demon summoning, it doesn't use mobile phone or note PC does it."
"It doesn't."

It's just that, since it's a dangerous book with methods to summon upper demon or the ceremony for demon lord revival, I intend to store it away. I can just burn it, but since there's a possibility that the content of the spell can be applied for other magic, I'm going to keep it.

I test elementary level magic together with Arisa, but it's dangerous to try intermediate and higher level magic with Arisa, so I go alone to a gigantic floor to test them. As expected of real magic intended for attacking, not blacksmithing. You can't joke around with the power.
I can only use [Implosion] of explosion magic, and powered-down [Laser] of light magic when I'm in a town.
I will have Toruma's parent house to create scrolls that are a bit more usable.

"Welcome back."

Arisa who's welcoming me is looking listless on the cushion she's put on the floor.
She's probably totally exhausted. I can smell sweet scent, so she's probably drunk mana recovery potion while testing her magic.

"What kind of extreme magic did you use. I was scared that the labyrinth would collapse you know."

That's strange.
On top of being quite far from her, I covered the inner wall with the barrier magic that I had learned.

"I'm sorry, it looks like I wasn't serene enough."
"It's fine already. I can't get surprised anymore."

In other words, you were surprised huh.

"Rather than that, could you make something like this?"

Arisa is asking me to make a carved seal, that's drawn the magic book, on a board. Looks like it's a unique mark needed to be put at the teleport destination for the only teleport magic in the space magic book that has until intermediate level in it.

"Seems like you'd be able to do trading alone with this."
"Please don't be absurd. It only reaches several kilometers at most. Even leveling up the skill only help to increase number of people that can be teleported together, and decrease MP consumption on this magic."

Presently, Arisa can only take one person along with her. Moreover, she'll run out of magic power by just leaping a bit of distance. The fuel consumption looks bad.

"During a real emergency, I can use [Over Boost], and take everyone along to escape."

Oh, that's the best.
I give Arisa several carved seal boards that I've finished making on the magic granting stand. These take one gold coin and two silver coins to make, it looks like a space magician can easily run out of money.

Since we're here already, I hide one carved seal board on this place.

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