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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 4

Intermission: Tenion Head Miko [Latter Part]


"Head miko-sama, I'm home."

Sera enters the sanctuary while looking livelier than ever. This child always looks happy, but it's rare for her to be this cheerful.

"What's happened Sera. Did you meet your lover?"
"I, it's not like that! Chevalier-sama isn't my lover."

This child is really bad at lying.
Since I was a bit interested, I asked about that chevalier person.

"There's this chevalier-sama who helped me with the food distribution, it felt like I had met him mysteriously, it's been on my mind. Right, he's a person with similar atmosphere to head miko-sama, tender, or rather, flexible, how should I put it--"

While hearing Sera speaks fondly of her love, I've had my suspicion that this chevalier person might be Nanashi-san from the other day, even though it's unfounded. I wonder if it's because I've been thinking about Nanashi-san all the time lately.

It's not a love at old age you know?

I received an oracle from the ceremony that I did at the dawn of that time that the demon lord who was supposed to revive in the duchy capital had been annihilated. Of course I immediately sent a messenger to duke-sama, but it can't be announced publicly yet since there are other temples' honors to consider. Of course, the king had promised that he would definitely announce it, so the announcement about the annihilation of the demon lord would probably be told during the kingdom conference in the spring.

"Head miko-sama, you look really happy about something you know? Did you get a lover?"
"Ufufu, I was just engrossed with thoughts about Nanashi."

It looked like she wanted to counter, but she's still soft huh. To be so upset about my joke. Ufufu, her heart is restless like she's really in love. When the demon lord season is over, it might be a good time for me to retire from head miko position soon.

I don't think that Sera will forget her duty, but let's give her a warning to keep the relationship at healthy scope just to be sure. A miko won't be able to receive oracles if she loses her virginity. It might be cruel for a teenage girl, but she has to wait until an oracle that states the demon lord season is over descends.

I met Sera's lover--it might be better to call him a candidate of one--in the duke castle. He's really popular, and surrounded by girls. Ara ara, oh Sera. If you have such face, he'll laugh at you you know?

Still, what a nice smell. It's not just sweetness from sugar. I know that it's out of stock.

However, this voice.
It's exactly like Nanashi-san though. I wonder if he's his twin brother?
His level is half of Nanashi's, and even his skills composition is different after all.  The things that are the same are his age, voice, and hair color, I guess his height is about the same too.

Since I was together with old acquaintances from Parion and Garleon temples who I had happened to meet across when I was congratulating Tisrad-sama for his wedding, I whispered him (Satou) leading words directly, but rather than getting shaken, he was perplexed instead. Looks like I was mistaken.

I might be thinking about Nanashi-san too much.
Ufufu, I shouldn't be one to make fun of Sera. I look like a maiden in love.

"Good evening, head miko-sama."

He's really elusive isn't he.
How did he invade I wonder? I didn't feel feedback from space magic, so I think it's not that.

"I've come here today to ask about the oracle regarding demon lord."
"Ara? You've annihilated it right?"
"It must have been defeated by a passing hero."

He wants to play dumb that it's not him to the end huh.

"You won't announce that the demon lord has been defeated?"
"I've told his excellency the duke directly, but the 『Annihilated』 oracle haven't come to the other temples, so we can't announce that the demon lord has been annihilated from Tenion temple alone."

Each temple is most likely questioning whether the [Each of the foretold demon lord] is annihilated, not the one in the duchy capital underground.

In other words, the demon lord season this time is not over yet--in that regards, the fact that the duchy capital is already excluded from that might be a small blessing. Thanks to Nanashi-san.

Just in case, I tell Nanashi-san about that, but he too has already expected it. He simply murmured, "So, it's like that after all." His atmosphere is like, "It's just demon lords, they can come at me no matter how many ." It's very fun to guess the invisible expression behind that mask.

Nanashi-san put the filled resurrection artifact on my neck. It's really amazing. I wonder if it's the prejudice of old age which make me thinks that the labor of nearly 20 years is fruitless.

"Thank you Nanashi-san."

However, I mustn't forget to thank you.

Although I asked him about chevalier Pendragon, he only replied, "That young noble who they call miracle chef right.", and he didn't seem to know the detail. I wonder if it's just my imagination that his "don't know" manner looks exactly like him (Satou's).

The [Indulgence] that I've prepared will become a waste if he (Satou) really is an acquaintance of Nanashi-san.

I wonder what'd happen if that third prince meets Nanashi-san?
I can't help but feel a bad premonition. I had hoped that the king didn't send such troublemaker during this difficult time.

It's not that is it.

That king shouldn't have been one to do such mistake. That unbending king should be able to predicts three moves ahead for sure.

I see, he's getting rid the nuisance the prince.
The king has predicted that the demon lord will appear on the labyrinth city. To push aside the prince to the uncertain element, the duchy capital. I have to complain directly to the king.

I don't know whether he'll accept it or not, but I will hand over the [Indulgence] to Nanashi-san in case he eliminates the third prince by mistake.

I actually wanted to give him the bell of Tenion, but I couldn't bring myself to since I was afraid I'd incur his displeasure. It's a bit unlike me isn't it.

The world crisis came unexpectedly early.

Despair? I think that word is more hopeful than the scene right now.

At the duke castle seen from the sanctuary, the great monstrous fish (Tovkezeera) emerges from the huge summoning circle nearby. It's the incarnation of destruction that brought about the deaths of many countries during the time of Yamato-sama. The aerial fortress that the great demon lord employed. I can't see the status since it's too far, but I can't let out words from its overwhelming presence.

Thinking that it'd be fine as long as Nanashi-san is here might be too optimistic of me.

I collapse on the sofa without even having the margin to worry about Sera who has gone out.
Several of the monster that can destroy the duchy capital alone appear from the summoning circle and swim to the arena.

Seven great monstrous fish.

Far from just Shiga kingdom, all the countries on this continent will disappear.

Ah, wonder if I have no choice but to call the heavenly dragon even if it means destroying the kingdom. It's the friend of Yamato-sama who's living on the range of mount Fuji. There's no choice but to use the dragon summoning crown (Fellow Crown) shining on the king's head that can be used to summon the dragon just once.

It's as if seven demon lords have appeared.

I want to rush to the arena to support them, but I have to be here. Since Nanashi-san most likely has filled the resurrection artifact as an insurance in case his friends die.

I watch over the end of duchy capital while patting the head of apprentice miko who are frightened. There's no meaning in taking shelter underground if it can cause damage over the defense magic of the sanctuary.

That is a flash.

When the light subsides, there are figures of severed great monstrous fish. Those are also dissolved as if the sky wipes them off. No, maybe I should say that they disappear.

The sudden attack on the duchy capital disappear more abruptly than when it arrived.
It'a all too soon, no one even falls victim.

Nanashi-san, is that you I wonder.
I was convinced that was it as if I received an oracle.

Ah, Tenion-sama.
Thank you very much for sending that person to this land.

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