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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-17

8-17. The Day of the Final (3)


<AN: This is from the hero's POV, a bit before lady Ringrande's POV chapter.>

"Hey, hey, Hayato. Where do you think the demon lord will appear?"
"Dunno, don't ask me difficult things. To quickly go to where the demon lord appears and defeat it. That's my job."
<TLN: Hayato refers to himself with ore-sama. A particularly pompous way to do so.>

Tsk, Maryest, she can't not know me.

"Ahaha, that's really like hero-sama."
"Can't be helped right. Seems that it's first time the oracle is all over the place."

Rusus the cat ears, and Fifi the dog ears carefree-ly said so.
I know, you girls are on my sides. I touch the ears of the two who bend themselves toward the captain' seat I'm sitting on. It feels really great. We've been together for five years, but it's taken me three years before they let me touch it.

"If I have to reasonably guess the place, it's probably around the labyrinth city, Selbira of Shiga kingdom, or the revived labyrinth of Kubooku kingdom."

The priest, Loreiya, calmly tells her prediction. Since the secretary, Nono, and the magic warrior, Ringrande aren't here right now, I can only really talk with the witch, Meryest, and Loreiya.

Loreiya is hugging my head from behind. Her breasts on my head are heavy. I off-handedly push the breasts aside. Loreiya looks so happy even though I did it in cold-heart.

Breasts are just nothing more than lumps of fat. I don't understand perverts.

"Hero-sama is also stoic today eh."

That doesn't sound like a line from a clergywoman.

Ah, why do my party have nothing but jigglyjiggle.
Isn't it fine to have one little girl at least. There's a taciturn girl, but she's 23 this year on top of having E cup. If there's a taciturn little girl, I'll whisper love to her anytime.

Haa, the girl with middle-schooler-level flat chest who seemed to be a soldier of Shiga kindgom that we saved recently was quite good. If we had just met five years earlier, I'd have absolutely proposed her.

"Hayato, the regular contact from Nono in Selbira has turned up, 『Peaceful and Dull』 she says."
"Is that so."

Meryest and Loreiya have predicted that Selbira is the most suspicious. Even though Nono are with escorts, it might be dangerous to leave a non-combatant like her there.

"Will someone change place with Nono to Selbira?"
"Eh~, I don't wanna. I want to be near Hayato."
"Right~ we'll fight better if Hayato is near right."

Stress will likely pile up if you're in the labyrinth city without being able to go into the labyrinth, Rusus and Fifi will likely snap and assault the labyrinth.

Half an hour later, the regular contact come from Seina who has infiltrated into Yowok kingdom.

"I'll read it loud. 『The poor small country is also peaceful today. I'm bored~』."

It looks like she wants to change place too like Nono, but the only one who can do infiltration among our members is only Seina the spy. Let her endure it.

Personally, I want the emergence to be in Yowok kingdom. That kingdom has done a great crime of sacrificing my honey for reviving the labyrinth after all.
<TLN: He said my honey in english.>
Not noticing the downfall of Kubooku kingdom since I kept diving into the hero labyrinth is a bitter mistake.

"Isn't there a regular contact from Rin?"

It's not like that punctual Ringrande.
The underground labyrinth on Oyugock city should be inactive,  so the demon lord can't possibly appear there. There must be something wrong with the oracle, but since it's the birthplace of Ringrande, and there's a wedding of her little brother going on, it's just right for her to have gone there.

"Hayato is really forgetful~"
"True. So, what does he forget?"
"The regular contact time is changed to afternoon since Rin has some business isn't it."

Tsk, Rusus and Fifi, you're just as forgetful.
Right huh, she complained about fighting against the stupid prince of Shiga kingdom on the regular contact yesterday.

Right at that time.

The Control Orb in front of the captain's seat is flickering intensely.
It seems that someone has used the Talisman of Divine Gift. No, looking at the situation, it's Ringrande, no mistake 'bout it.

"Everyone, take your position."
"Mary, who's used the talisman."
"Wait a bit--it's Ringrande."

As expected huh.

"I'll wait at the bow. I'll leave the steering to Wyni."
"Leave it to me."

I shoulder Arondight and rush to the bow.

Coming out of the dark grey space, the ship appears in the original world.

Alright, let's say the usual line.

"The great me, has arrived!"

Umu, it feels good.

The monsters flying in the air are coming to attack the Jules Verne after taking my provocation.
Maryest reports with the speaking tube.

『Ringrande is safe. The enemy is--』

Meryest is hesitating.
You don't have to say it, I didn't think that that guy is here.

The one over there is the fated opponent.
I met it three years after I had been summoned as a hero. Our party that I thought to be invincible was utterly defeated by this yellow demon. If my companions didn't sacrifice themselves, I might have been killed by this demon.

However, I'm not the same as back then.
I'll show you directly.

I will not hesitate, I'll use my full power from the start.

Activating my unique skills, [Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be Penetrated)], and [Invincible Shield (Nothing can Penetrate)], and lastly, [Infinite Regeneration (Endless Healing)]. I can only use Infinite Regeneration once in a month, so I've been reserving it for fighting the demon lord, but I'll lose if I hesitate here against that guy.

I'll leave the small fries to my companions, and devote myself to fight the yellow bastard.

My companions go down from the ship and the ship submerges into the dimensional gap with auto pilot. We can't lose the precious ship here after all.

"Fall back, you dog of Saga empire!"

What? The stupid prince huh?
Looks like he can use the holy sword of Shiga kingdom, but you'll make it cry y'know. It's pitiful for the holy sword if you use it like that. Looks like he can at least use holy verse, but he can't pull out the holy sword's power.

I'll have you witness, the guy who can truly use the holy sword!

"<<SING>> Arondight!"

The blue light of the holy sword is more intense than ever.
I activate Flying Boot and plunge to the yellow demon.

Today, Arondight is somewhat different!

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