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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.4


After leaving the apothecary, Lecan followed the route Shiira taught him toward the Adventurer Association.

On his way there, he got behind a cover and changed clothes. Wearing attires with proper defense and his trusty overcoat really calm him down.

He wasn't told how many Service Quests must he complete in particular.

According to Shiira, she would know the state of quests that Lecan had done.

"I'll send you a message once you've passed."

In other words, he's got to continue doing these Service Quests until the passing verdict comes.

As Lecan needs to earn his keep, he's told her that he might have to do other quests beside the Service Quests.

Inside the Adventurer Association, there's four boys and girls in their teens, and a man in his forties.

"Telnis-san, I'd recommend this quest."

A woman sitting behind the counter showed a piece of paper to a girl.

"What's written there?"

"The topmost is number, 181. Next is the subject. <Warehouse Cleaning>. Next is the client's name."

She's explaining what's written there gradually. The other youths are huddling together as they stare at the paper and listen attentively to her. They're probably trying to learn written words even by a little through her explanation.

The man in his forties is glaring over papers posted on the wall one by one.

The woman was done with her explanation before long.

"I'm gonna take this quest."

"Yes. Then, write your name here. <Telnis Accepted. Aira Received>. There, contract established. Do you know where it is?"


"Very well, don't forget to get the coin from the client once you're done with the job okay. It's the same as usual, you know the drill right?"

"Un. I'm going now."

"Next is, Gado-kun."

"Hold it. Can't you deal with my quest first."

"My, Bordos-san. Of course. Everyone, wait a moment OK."

The man interrupted, and the woman who seemed to be a staff member of the association checked his quest.

Lecan looked at the papers posted on the wall while listening to them behind him.

The wall is partitioned into four sections. Seems it's to differentiate qualifications for the quests one can accept. Copper Rank, Silver Rank, and Gold Rank. The fourth section has no qualification written on the quest tags, so any rank can probably take these quests. However, there's some subjugation quest for some very powerful magic beasts among the quests there. Must be do it at your own risk things.

Thankfully, Lecan understands most of the written words here. Even words he cannot understand, he can read it out loud, so he can just ask someone else. He has no idea how long he'll stay in this world, he's got to learn the words used in this world as much as possible.

Everyone else besides Lecan had already left, so he went to the counter.

"Good day (Haleef). I'm Lecan."
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"Ah, yes. I've heard about you from Chaney-san."

"From Chaney?"

"Yes. He dropped by yesterday to meet the association's chairman. We've been told that a skilled adventurer named Lecan would soon pay a visit here, Chaney-san wished for us to accommodate the adventurer in question with him as the guarantor."

Chaney must have been told about this test when he went to meet Shiira the day before. And he went out of his way to come here and put in a good word for Lecan.

"I'm a staff member of the Adventurer Association here, please call me Aira. First of all, we need to have you registered."

She took a register from a file cabinet behind the counter, spread it on the counter and asked Lecan.

"Would your name be just Lecan."


While listening to Lecan's reply, Aira wrote on the thick register.


"No clue."

"Work experience?"

Lecan considered to mention his guard job at Zaidmahl house for a moment, but refrained so.

"None in particular."


"Who knows. Should be around 28 I guess."

Lecan knows not his birth date or stuff like that, to begin with, one year in this world is different from one year in his former world. Even the length of a single day probably differs. So the age he just blurted out is truly haphazard.

"Your height."

"Never measured it."

"Then please get up and stand in front of the pillar over there... OK, it's done. Please take your seat. Do you have a specific ability."

"I think I'm moderately good at handling swords. I've worked as a guard too."

After several more questions, Aira stopped her hands.

"That will be all. From today on, Lecan-san has been acknowledged by Vouka's Adventurer Association as a Copper Rank adventurer. You can be promoted to Silver Rank once you've given enough results. I'll have your Adventurer Badge ready by tomorrow noon, so don't forget to drop by okay. And as you wish to take on Service Quests, I'll look for suitable ones."

"I don't see this Service Quest on the wall though."

"As Service Quests are not something anyone could take, you have to ask the counter if you wish to take one. Staff members will assign the Service Quests most suited for the adventurer in question."

"Who makes the decision if a quest is completed."

"The client does. This applies to other quests besides service quests as well, clients are given a coin with a particular number by the association when they put up a quest. The coin will then be given to the adventurer who has completed the quest."

"I see. So you won't get rewards if you kill a magic beast not described in a quest."

"As a general rule, there is no reward for doing a job not specified in a quest you took. But the town lord will give additional rewards to those who protect the town peace. It doesn't happen often though. We're happy to purchase your magic gems and materials anytime."

"Where at?"

"It's behind this building."

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