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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Strongest Sage, Pretends to be Ally


I circulate specific mana into the door once I received the girls' confirmation.

Our enemy this time is 『Soil Demons』 that posses high stamina and considerable agility.
While being careful not to let any slips out, I watch over the door opening.


Seeing the hidden room's door opening, the demons got on their guard.

"This guy... Who?"

"Only Grevil is supposed to know this location... Does that mean, he's a reinforcement sent by Grevil?"

"I see. I don't think we're in a situation that necessitates reinforcement though... Oy, you, what's your business here?"

Looks like these demons believed that some guy called Grevil told me about this place.

The 37th King of Aegis Kingdom had the same name if I remember correctly.

Aegis Kingdom was one of the countries that had connections with me.
And since it was also one of the countries involved in the Sixth Source's construction, of course being a king, Grevil knew about this hidden room.
However... It's really hard to believe that Grevil would conspire with demons to destroy humans.

Grevil was neither a tyrant nor a foolish ruler, rather he was a capable king.
He employed the right tactics to minimize casualties in the wars with demons, ruled his kingdom peacefully, and was very popular with the populace.

His only fault would be that he had no magic talent, none at all.
I guess it's plausible for a king to get immortality magic cast on himself, the fact that he's still alive isn't really surprising... But he's inherently someone who's far removed from such violence like working together with demons to fight humans.

Well, the guy might be a different person with the same name, let's think about that later.
No matter who the other party is, we've gotta to find the mastermind behind all this either way.

First thing first, I've got to beat these demons in front of me.
...That said, they've gone out of their way to talk to me and all.

I'll take every info I can pull out of them.

"By Grevil's order, I have come to relay a message from Reliaj."

Reliaj was the chancellor of Aegis Kingdom when the past me was alive, a man who was practically Grevil's right hand.
Since his name was unusual even at the time, if these demons reacted to it, that would mean this 『Grevil』 is the same king I knew.
It's unusual for demons to work under human though.

And the demons respond by...

"What!? Can it be, has Reliaj been resurrected as well!?!?"
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"Was it not only demons that got resurrected!"

Their reaction was quite unexpected.
For now, it's clear that the demons know about Reliaj, but what do they mean by 『Resurrected』.

Has someone managed to develop revival magic while I was reincarnating?
If that was true, the situation in this world wouldn't have been like it is now though...

For now, I'll just match their talk randomly.

"Yeah. Reliaj may be a human, however Grevil is quite fond of him. Grevil did everything he could to resurrect Reliaj."

I observed the demons' reaction as I said that.
Depending on their response, I should find out more about revival magic.

Now then, and their response is...

"...Grevil resurrected him? What are you talking about?"

"Wasn't a star falling from the sky the one that resurrected us?"

This is... truly unexpected.
『A star falling from the sky resurrected demons』 huh.

--The reason I sought strength to the point I reincarnated myself was space monsters.
Indeed, it wouldn't be strange for those beings to perform mere revival magic.

Even I haven't got full grasp on the ability those space monsters posses, as they are beings that are detached from fundamental principles.
There is no more fitting being that would work as an explanation for making impossible stuff like 『reviving the dead』 possible.

"Yeah. Grevil predicted where that star would fall on and put Reliaj's body--"

I keep talking with the demons to fish out more information.
Suddenly--one of the 『Soil Demons』 shouts out loud.

"Kill him! He's an enemy!"

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