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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-72

16-72. Intermission: The House-Sitting Team and Small Accidents in the World


※ This is not from Satou's point of view

"I can feel it, it's the presentiment of evils!"

The young noble girl China Kelten suddenly stood up and proclaimed so after the last lesson of the day at Childhood Academy, during the time for homecoming.
The wingkin sisters, Shiro and Crow, who are close to her look up at China.

"China, evils where?"
"Hold on, Shiro. China-sama only wanted to go out and play."

The amazed-looking Crow restrained Shiro who stood up with a sharp gaze.

"I wasn't going to play around! The town--right, I'm going out for the sake of finding the great evil lurking in the town!"

Crow muttered in her mind, "She's just like Arisa-sama."
At China who made the announcement while gripping her fists, Crow gave her an applause.

Most evils get swiftly dealt with by their master's master, Satou, so there's no great evil left in Shiga Kingdom's Capital.
Only those that didn't caught Satou's attention like small-time villains and thugs remain.

"Now! Haste makes justice!"

After saying some incomprehensible thing, China walked toward the classroom's door.

Dragged by China, Shiro and Crow also left the Childhood Academy toward town.
The girls gave Servants of Marquis Kelten, who were waiting for them to leave the academy like usual, the slip.

Although, there's no chance for the servants of a great noble house that holds a huge influence in the military to be that incompetent, these servants pretend to lose sight of the girls and let guards disguised as passerby to secretly watch over China and the girls.

"--Bastard, get your filthy saliva off me!"

They found a man who was caught in someone else's sneeze trying to hit the other person.

"China, is that evil?"

At Crow's question, China pondered for a bit before immediately made a cross mark with both her arms and walked away.

"Don't we ought to stop the quarrels?"
"There's no need. The guards or some adults nearby would do it. We're in a middle of the search for a great evil here."

There's little chance of them running into a great evil just by walking around the downtown, but China proclaims so in a very serious tone and pushes forward.

"Lots of people are on edge isn't it."
"Crow, lots are having a cold too."

Even in a street they just walked pass by, they already found so many people sneezing and people who got enraged over the most trivial matter.

"China, what's that?"
"It's a fortuneteller!"

China rushed toward the fortuneteller Shiro discovered.

"Read my fortune please!"
"Yes, young lady. Is it for romance?"
"No! I'm having a presentiment of evils. Tell me what's going on in the capital!"
"P-presentiment of evils?"

The fortuneteller was perplexed at first, but since oddball guests stopping by a fortuneteller stall located in the downtown is an everyday occurrence, he simply says "I shall read your fortune now" before starting.
Additionally, Crow properly paid the fee with a purse she got from China's servant.

"I sense evil in young lady's future."
"I knew it!"

China rejoiced to hear the result she was hoping to hear.

This fortuneteller definitely said it just because, but Crow won't point that out.
After all, they're enjoying strolling down the town by going along with China's absurd goal.

"Where? Where's the evils at?"
"I didn't see that far. The clue would show itself before young lady if you just had the item of guidance with you."
"Item of guidance?"

The fortuneteller sent a meaningful look at the stall next door.

Lured by that, China also turned her sight at the stall.
It's a stall that deals with junk and antique.

"Oh my?"

China took a bell made of crystal in her hand.
It's a foreign-looking item that looks authentic.

"You've got good eyes there. That's an item called 『Bell of Justice』. It's gonna chime up when it sense a world crisis to tell its owner, you see."

The old stallkeeper who had found an easy target attempted to coax her.

"This bell is empty, I don't think it'll ring though?"
"...T-that's--Spirits! Yes the spirits will tell you. So it probably won't work if the owner isn't loved by spirits."

When Crow pointed it out, the old stallkeeper came up with something random after faltering.

"My, is that so?"
"N-no worries. Young lady has those clear beautiful eyes. I'm sure the spirits will lend their aid for young lady."

When the old stallkeeper saw China sorrowfully putting the bell back on the table, he reassured China with more random setting.

"Do you think so?"
"Un, China's eyes are pretty."
"Then I'll take this."

Shiro's innocent encouragement helped to seal the deal as China made the decision to buy the [Bell of Justice].
The old stallkeeper stops China who's going to take the item away without establishing the deal.

"H-hold it there! You haven't cough up the dough."
"I'm talking about money."

The old stallkeeper showed three fingers toward China.

"30 sil--gold coins, yeah."

The old stallkeeper who was set on ripping the girls forcefully changed silver to gold coins.

"I don't have any money with me. Shiro, Crow, do you?"
"I've got candy."
"I have three silver coins here, but not that much."

Crow shook her head while checking the purse.

"Then I don't mind exchanging this thing with the pendant you have there young lady."
"This one is off limit. It's an important object passed down in my family for generations."

China covered the pendant with her hands.

"Then you could just pawn it on the pawn shop over there."
"Pawn shop?"
"Yea, pawn shop."

To China who didn't get how Pawn Shops work, the old stallkeeper gave an explanation, "If you let them keep your pendant, they'll give you money and a pawn ticket. Use the money to buy the 『Bell of Justice』, later you give the pawn ticket to your family and get the pendant back."

"I got it."
"--Eeh. Are you sure, China-sama?"
"Of course."

Crow tried to stop China in a hurry, but she lost to China's momentum who energetically charged toward the pawn shop.
A few minutes later, China was holding the 『Bell of Justice』 while looking pleased as she walked down the street.

No one knows whether the three who managed to successfully rip off an easy target ended the note with a celebratory toast.
Just know that, after China and the girls left, one of the people who were watching over the girls went to check things up with the pawn shop.

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"Waah, this is quite a feast."

The former idol Yui who was born in Southern Japan Federation clapped her hands in glee in front of an especially made steak in Echigoya Firm's staff canteen.

"Thanks for this, Aoi."
"Oh think nothing of it. I'm earning my keep as a researcher after all."

Aoi Haruka who hails from Great Japan Empire covers his mouth in embarrassment.
The girly boy who once would be mistaken 10 out of 10 times as a girl has grown taller in the past year, and looks definitely like a boy now.

"Bragging huh! Yeah yeah, I know I messed up and got made into a slave."
"H-hey darling, no one's saying that."

Yui soothes her fiance Souya who suddenly lost his cool.

Souya is an illegitimate child of Shiga Royalty who was coaxed by the adults to be the symbol in their conspiracy to overthrow the ruling party.
He was made into a crime slave after the coup d'etat failed, and even lost his sole identity as [King's Illegitimate Child].

He once led a lethargic life like an invalid, but thanks to the devotion of his fiancee who chose to be made into slave together with him rather than severing her ties with him and running away, he's been able to live a forward-looking life now.

"Sorry about it, Aoi. He's been on edge lately."
"I'm sorry, Yui. And you too Aoi, really my bad for losing my cool."

After getting rebuked by Yui, Souya lowered his head and apologized as if an evil spirit was banished off him.

"Don't worry about it. Now that you mention it, the prof's been getting temperamental too lately."

Right after he said that, Aoi regretted not changing the subject.

"It's happening in the workshop too ssuyo. It's stumping Porina-san cuz many workers are quarreling with each others ssu."

Turning at the source of the voice, there, Nell a life magician stood.
Judging from the food tray she's carrying, she must have caught on the interesting topic while looking for an empty seat.

"Even in the workshop? Come to think of it, after the cold outbreak the other day, I feel like there's more people getting irritated."
"Those quarrels broke out more often right after that ssuyo."

Yui and Nell's faces draw closer until their foreheads are about to bump.

"This might be some villain's scheme!"
"Oh no ssu!"

Nell went along with Yui's momentum.

The fun trio would have been formed were China of Kelten House here.

"No no, Yui-chan."

Aoi refuted Yui in amazement.

"Who'd be behind such a shabby scheme. People's hormone balance probably just got out of whack during the recovery period."
"Oh yeah I guess so. More importantly, we're soon in the season of sakura, aren't we. How about going flower watching with everyone--"

Yui readily withdrew her claim and changed the subject.
Perhaps the reason why she was going over the top is for the sake of her fiance who's silently immersing himself in chewing his set meal.

"Rimia, look. Inside these cages."
"Ane-sama, please don't pull so much."

Two sisters who are separated by few years ran about between stalls displaying Blue-furred Squirrels in cages.

These sisters' faces closely resemble each others, but their hair colors differ.
The little sister is blond which is common in Shiga Kingdom, while the elder sister has unusual pink hair.

Those who are familiar with foreign countries and the legend of Ancestor King Yamato would realize that it's a particular trait of the royalty of Rumooku Kingdom.

"Menea-sama, Rimia-sama's arm gonna tear off if you pull it too much y'know?"

A boy wearing servant clothing unabashedly remonstrated the big sister.

"Oh my? Forgive me, Rimia."
"Y-yes, it's okay. Thank you, Kon."

The little sister princess let out a lovely smile.

The kon boy who seemed a bit shy rubbed his upper lip with a silver finger and looked away.

"Looks like your right arm is doing well."
"Yeah, the prosthetic that noble-sama made for me before was not bad itself, but this one's even crazier."

Kon boy moved the fingers on his right arms open and close.

It's moving more agile than a normal arm.
It's an artificial arm called Monitor created by Echigoya Firm, a golem artificial arm made of mithril alloy supplied by Satou.
Kon boy was advised to regenerate his arm with magic potion, but he chose the artificial arm route as it would prove handy in protecting Princess Rimia he's serving.

Next to the two sisters who are watching the Blue-furred Squirrels in harmony, Kon boy surveys his surroundings to fulfill his duty as their escort.

His eyes found a seed of trouble.


The man jumps up and down while holding his toe, obviously faking it.

"Is everything alright, brother!"
"Big bro, the bone on his toe's a mess."
"That girl stepped on my feet."

China Kelten rounded her eyes in surprise when some men who fit the term ruffians to a T falsely accused her with cheap acting.

"I-I did not! This person is telling a lie."
"What'd you say! Who d'ya think yer' callin' bro a liar!"

The ruffian threatened back at China's protest.
China who's unfamiliar with people's malice screamed and cowered in fear.

To begin with, even if she did step on the ruffian's foot, getting stepped by such a lightweight little girl wouldn't have resulted in bone breaking.

"Stop shouting, you're scaring China-sama."
"It's okay, China."

Crow and Shiro hid China behind their back.

Shiro and Crow showed no sign of fear before the scary faces of these thugs.
For the two who protected the capital from the outbreak of fiendish monsters, there's probably nothing to fear of some slightly violent crowd.

"What's with these two wingers?"
"You playin' princess' knights?"

The ruffians who have no idea the gap in their strength draw closer while flaunting their knives.

"Whoa there, that's far enough!"
"We're the vigilance committee protecting the capital public order from shadow!"
"We're the capital's Pendora Squad."

Several boys rushed between the ruffians and the girls.

"Shatei-san and Mabudachi-san and others!"

Crow's eyes glittered when she saw the boys.
They're the classmates of Pochi and Tama when they were enrolled in the Knight Academy.

"Knew it was Shiro-chan and Crow-chan."
"Leave this to us. We didn't get trained by Pochi and Tama for nuthin'"

The ruffians who tried to assault the Knight Academy's students got all beaten up.

"T-these guys' tough."
"Of course! Don't make light of this body of ours that's been trained everyday to be a knight!"

"You're wide open, brats."

A man who had an aura like that of a veteran warrior came out of a back alley and kicked away a tigerkin knight academy student.
He pulled the sword on his waist and easily parried other students' swords.

"Hehe, now that Lieutenant's here, yer' all done for."

The ruffians livened up.

"You guys, it's spanking time later. Hell you're doin' getting toyed around by these brats."

The man glared at the ruffians while showing off his scar-filled face and arms.

"I'll take care of this, Shiro, protect China-sama."
"Y-you can't! There's no way Shiro and Crow could win against someone the knight academy students can't beat."
"That's not true~"
"Just watch, don't come out okay."

China tightly held Shiro and Crow who were going to go forward.
Shiro noticed some people approaching and turned there.

"A merc? Looking at those old wounds, can't be a magic hunter or an explorer."

A boy wearing the attire of a guard interjected while curiously touching Shiro's and Crow's wings.

"What's it to ya? Got a problem with me being an ex-merc?"
"Hm? Just thinking that your level is probably not that high if you only ever fought humans."
"Levels ain't everythin'!"

Kon boy easily stepped away from the ex-merc's heavy slash.
This heavy slash from a former mercenary was actually at the level of an expert already, but to Kon boy who learned the basics from a former member of Shiga Eight Swords, Sir Trell, it was not fast enough to lose sight of.

He easily dodged the second and third slashes.

"Kon! Stop playing around and beat him."

The elder one of the two sisters who caught up behind the boy gave an order.

"Eeh, but this is a good chance to get some training in anti-personnel battle."
"Don't underestimate me, you brat!"

The ex-merc unleashes a one-handed sword finisher.
It's the ex-merc's certain-kill finisher that has managed to fell a great number of people in battlefield.

Kon boy parried away the finisher with his short sword, but the sword that should have been parried off returned in an unexpected trajectory.


The boy catches the ex-merc's sword with his silver hand.

"N-no way!"

The hand then crushed the sword and punched the ex-merc's surprised face hard.
The golem's artificial arm powerful strength not only warped the ex-merc's face but also sent him flying to the other side of the street.

"Kon! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?"
"Rimia-sama, you're such a worrywart~"

Kon boy scratched his cheek.

Chiming sound of a bell reached the ears of the relieved girls and boys.
The sound came from China's [Bell of Justice] that shouldn't have been capable of producing sound.

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