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Okami wa Nemuranai 2.11


When they went through the gate, the gatekeeper was surprised to see Marakis who had lost his right wrist, but the captain there allowed their entry.

Once they were inside Vouka town, Chaney went somewhere after dropping Lecan and Eda at an inn. He only showed up at the inn at noon the next day.

"I cannot tell you the details, but I made it in time. Both me and this town have gotten quite the boon. The criminals will get their just deserts. And I've been reinstated as a leading merchant that deals with the lord family."

"Good to hear. I shan't ask any more."

"Eeh? But I want to hear the full story."

"By the way, Lecan-san. You don't have your silver ring on you today."

"I just don't feel like it."

"Is that so."

There might be an ability similar to <Appraisal> in this world too. Needlessly putting nice equipment on yourself would only result in informing others of your cards, and inviting those who crave for it. Thus Lecan is not wearing the ring enchanted with <Abnormal Status Resistance> and <Poison Resistance> right now.

"Now then, mission accomplished. I will be paying your reward now. First of all, Eda-san."

Chaney put two silver coins on the desk.

"Eeeh? No way! My rewards should be five silver coins!"

Chaney looked at Eda-san with a slightly troubled look on his face, and then he finally speaks.

"Eda-san. Could you show me your Adventurer Badge?"

"Y-yeah. Sure thing."

After taking the silver piece of metal, Chaney first stared at its surface, and then its back.

"Hou. So your full name is Edidal, is it."

"T-that's right."

"It sounds like a man's name."

"'S why I grew up like this see."

"So you registered at town of Shoah."


"I'm acquainted with all staff members of the Adventurer Association there. Who was in charge of your registration?"

"Eh? W-who knows. Forgot 'bout that ages ago."

"Is that so. By the way, according to this Adventurer Badge, your rank up to silver rank took place 18 years ago, how old are you right now?"


Just when her hands that were put on her knees started to tremble, Eda suddenly stood up.


Just as Eda was trying to run away while screaming, Lecan grabbed her left hand. Because her right hand snatched the silver coins on the desk.

"Sit down, Eda-san. Misrepresenting someone else's Adventurer Badge as your own is a felony you know."

"I-it's not someone else's. It's my dad's!"

"Trying to pass the adventurer badge as yours while you are not an adventurer yourself is a scam, a misrepresentation. In reality, you have not registered as one yet, have you? If I passed this info along, you would never be able to register. Adventurer associations everywhere, lords' houses and merchants everywhere are joined through vast networks of information, there's so much more info being passed around than you could ever imagine. Do not ever attempt to do this again. Understand?"

"...Ok ok I got it."

"Well then, go back to your room now. I will pay for your lodging and meal until tomorrow morning."
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"T-thank ya."

Eda reluctantly went back to her room while repeatedly looking back so many times.

Chaney bowed deeply to Lecan.

"Lecan-san. Allow me to express my gratitude once again. Thank you. This is your reward."

He presented one gold coin.

"My rewards were supposed to be 10 silver coins. This is too much."

"No. If the job was done superbly, or the client obtained an unexpected huge gain, or if the request itself was far more dangerous and difficult than expected yet was finished despite all that, the client could, by their own judgment, increase the rewards given. This is the right amount of rewards for you. I'm truly, truly grateful. And another thing, when the client is willing to pay more than the amount in the contract, it has the implication that the client wishes to keep in touch with the adventurer in the future."

"Fumu. Well then, I shall accept it. I'd like to ask you one thing."

"Yes. What would it be."

"Please introduce me to a skilled apothecary."

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