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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Strongest Sage, Dodges Party


"By 'us' here... You mean Mathias, Iris, Ruli and Alma, the four of you?"


Hearing my answer, Viscount Regido pondered for a bit.
And then he speaks.

"...And do you think that's for the best, Mathias?"

"I do. The more people going the higher we risk the infiltration getting found out."

"Certainly, you want only a select few if you're going to infiltrate enemy's base... But aren't four too few to go up against that many dolls?"

"Those dolls only have numbers with them, so slipping through them is a simple matter. Besides, our target is only one, the doll master, there's no need for many personnels to defeat it."

These are dolls whom Biffgel managed to take four down, bring on 100, 1000 of them, it makes no difference.
Besides, all of those dolls will cease functioning once we defeat the dollmaster.

The knights would be a nice help in group battles, but they're only going to get in the way in an infiltration mission.
Even though these elite knights probably are also good at infiltrating, I'm sure their anti magic detection ability isn't up for the task.

And we're not so lacking in power to be in need of the knights covering for us.
...Might be a different story if they're as strong as Iris though.

Conversely, protecting Relaia Barondom from the dolls' assault is these knights' forte.
The job of knights is to protect lord's territory, their training revolves around it.
Leaving our back to Viscount Regido and his knights, while we're going infiltrating is a good plan.

"If that's what you believe Mathias, we're going with it. After all, you're obviously more experienced in fighting demons than me. In exchange, I shall accomplish what I am good at."

"Good at?"

"Yeah. Relaia Barondom has suffered some damage in this battle. There should be spots where they need assistance to defend as well, and it looks like the defense here hangs mostly on Castor's powers... It's my job to reassemble the territory and the army from such a situation."

I see, he's fulfilling his duty as a commanding officer of the knights.
The viscount is truly fit to take care of our back.
Looks like everyone will nicely get their role here.

"I understand. If you find anything that could be a clue along the way, please contact me."

"Very well... When do you plan to depart?"

"I can go tomorrow morning... The earlier the better as the enemy might run away if they notice us here."

That was my entire purpose coming here in the first place.
We don't need to be here for them to gather intelligence from the populace and local knights.

"...Understood. Then let's take care of things so you can depart tomorrow morning... Baron Relaia, are there things Mathias need to take care of before leaving the territory?"

"Considering Baron Mathias holds great powers, it might be a good idea for him to go meet the allied forces' commander-in-chief just in case."

"Allied forces' commander-in-chief... Is that not Baron Relaia?"

Other nobles in the surrounding area are participating in the defense of Relaia Barondom besides the baron himself.
Though the scale of these allied forces is small at only 150 people.

The highest ranked noble who's come to help is at most a baronet.
Nobles that are of the same rank and higher than Baron Relaia won't participate... Or rather, there's no high ranked nobles around this area, so there's no one that can come.

If nobles band up together to form allied forces, the highest ranked noble will act as the commander-in-chief, so I thought Baron Relaia is one, but...

"No, the allied forces' commander-in-chief is Baronet Castor. At first, I did take command but midway through I believed Baronet Castor was more fit for the role, thus I relinquished the position to him."

Looks like the commander-in-chief is my father Castor.
As expected of someone connected to the knights.

"...Good decision. Then Mathias, you should go see Baronet Castor."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Looks like our reunion will be with my father as the allied forces' commander-in-chief.

...But, wonder what kind of face should I make.
I'm in good terms with my father, but the problem here is our positions.

Even if it's temporary, my rank is higher than him in the nobility ladders.
Not sure on which mindset should I go see him.

Seeing me putting up a difficult expression, Ruli and the girls started talking through comm magic.

『Baronet Castor is Mathi-kun's father right? I never heard you talking about him at all... Do you two not get along?』

『If he's Mathi-kun's father, that means he's also Biffgel's father right... Maybe he's like Biffgel?』

...My father took quite an insult.
Well, I guess they can't help it after seeing that Biffgel.

『My family lineage are all normal except Biffgel. I mean, father's strength must have played a role for his fame among knights.』

I only understand now that my father is abnormally strong for a human in this era.
He's likely the strongest human who cannot use chantless magic I've ever met yet.

He even put a clear lead on numbers of defeated dolls against my brother Reich who had learned chantless magic, simple it may be.
You cannot win against chantless magic using a sword with half-baked strength.

『Normal... normal?』

『Can't you really call that normal.』

Ruli and Alma look at me, and then at the report.
In the report, while ordinary soldiers defeated one doll each, Castor and Reich managed 50 and 30 respectively.

I guess normal is not quite correct.
There's a chance that no other family of nobles is as strong as house of Hildesheimr if we're talking about raw strength.

While we were having that conversation, Viscount Regido and Baron Relaia had their own pertaining supply of goods for the army, defense network reorganization, steps for the future and stuff.
It's outside our expertise, so we're leaving that to these two.

And lastly, it's about tonight's schedule.

"Tonight, we plan to hold a party for all nobles who are participating, will Baron Mathias come too?"

...Apparently they're holding a party to introduce Viscount Regido.
As he's going to be the top commanding officer here from now on, the party also doubles as an announcement.

『Nobles' party... wonder if they're gonna serve good food there.』

『Unfortunately, you probably won't find anything extravagance. In the first place, they're having supply shortages, and they only knew about Viscount Regido's coming right before his arrival.』

Alma was looking forward to food, but I'm not sure there's going to be anything she wants.

Relaia barondom is situated in the boondocks, and they're in the middle of war, can't expect anything luxurious in this situation.
If they were notified of Viscount Regido's coming a week before, they might have been able to prepare a party that would meet Alma's expectations.

And more importantly...

『Nobles' party... that kinda sounds strict and annoying!』

Alma said so in my behalf. <TLN: Not sure if the author actually meant Iris here.>
Exactly correct. Nobles' parties are strict and annoying.

I haven't actually participated in one, but we had classes about etiquette for when we attended such a party at Second Academy.
The lesson itself was extremely boring, and it claimed the spot of 『The most disliked class at Second Academy』 in questionnaires.

It's not at all difficult compared to handling magic, but it's just annoying.
Furthermore, I'm on this weird spot as a temporary noble, so it's extra awkward for me.

...And the food isn't even good on top of all that, we'd be better off having a meal by ourselves.
I give my reply to Viscount Regido after thinking through that.

"If we attend the party then disappear the day after, some might find it unusual. It'd be better if we do not participate."

"Indeed, we should limit the number of people who know about your infiltration. I don't necessarily distrust other nobles, but the less people who know the less chance it gets leaked."

Looks like he got it.
Vicount Regido continues as I feel relieved.

"Besides, nobles' party is just a lot of trouble. If you don't need to come, you might as well not."


Baron Relaia nodded at Viscount Regido's assessment.
Is that really OK, hey party's sponsor and leading actor...

Well, since Viscount Regido is more a military man than a noble, he probably finds these parties annoying just like me.
After having these conversations, the meeting was closed.

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