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Okami wa Nemuranai 2.6_7


The wagon traveled through countryside roads and even went into a mountain path, but it's going unexpectedly fast.

Lecan is keeping his pace with the wagon's while maintaining 30 steps distance on level grounds and 20 steps on the mountain path.

The wagon isn't stopping even when it's getting dark in the mountain. The reason why it can keep going in the dark is due to a curious apparatus that projects lights forward. It's probably a magic item. Stable bright lights that's impossible with candles or torch are shining the road where the wagon runs on.

Though, Lecan who's traveling in front of the wagon does not need to rely on that light. He's using his <3D Perception> instead.

Unlike bare eyes, <3D Perception> cannot distinguish colors, however it can see even in pitch black darkness. It can also see opponents hiding behind rocks or trees, and even inside a room as long as it's within range. It's truly a handy ability.

The wagon finally slowed down and eventually stopped.

"Let's make a camp here. Still, Lecan-san. You're wonderful. You were running all this time yet you never wavered in the slightest. I wonder just how were you able to run with such confidence in this dark mountain path. You're really full of surprises."

"Should I go gather firewood?"

"Yes. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"Sorry 'bout it Lecan-san. I'll hafta take care of these horses for a bit y'see."

Lecan gathered up dry wood for firewood. If he found a thick branch, he'd shave it off with his trusty sword. Ordinarily, a sword will rapidly loses its sharpness used like this, no matter how good it is. However, this sword of his has been embedded with a jewel enchanted with <Automatic Restoration>.

"Ooh! You collected this many firewood in no time flat."

<3D Perception> has no blind spot. Neither does it need a source of light. Gathering these dry wood is a mere child's play for Lecan.

Chaney rummaged the wagon for something, and then a mysterious turquoise colored light lit up. It's a light clad with mana. Lecan knows this light, it's quite similar to a certain light.

"Monster Ward... eh?"

"Ooh! You're pretty well-informed. This is supposed to be a rare magic item."

"Is this big enough for the hearth?"

"Oh. When did you make that hearth. Those stones are nicely shaped. I'm amazed you could find them. Well err, it would be best if you could space it less. Just enough to put the pot."

Chaney took out a pot, so Lecan adjusted the hearth to match its size, and put dry wood inside and dry leaves on top.

Afterward, Chaney took some kind of small tool from his breast pocket and walked up to the dry leaves.

With a poof, a small flame lit up at the tip of the small tool and began burning the leaves. Must be a magic tool.

Lecan used a slightly thick dry branch to make the flame bigger, and put more thick dry wood to get it burning.

"Hohho. The fire is burnin' nicely. Lemme take up on the cooking here."

Eifun who was done taking care of the horses brought the food and water bags with him, and started cooking.

"By the way, what should we do 'bout the young lassie?"

"I'm sure she'll come running here once she remembers she's still in the middle of a job."

That's quite a cruel sarcasm.

Eda was frantically running after the wagon. They had three breaks along the way, and she caught up with them during the third break after a while. However, she suddenly stopped at a certain point. Afterward, Eda's red dot stayed at that place. She must have collided with a tree.

"Doncha' feel sorry to let a young 'un be magic beasts' fodder. Lecan, how 'bout ya go and fetch her."

Eifun told him that, but Lecan is reluctant to part with his client.

"Rite', Chaney-san. We've got the Monster Ward with us anyway, should be fine even if he's gone for a bit, no?"

"Hum... well if Eifun-san says so, let's go with it. Lecan-san, I'm sorry, but if you could please. I understand that you must be tired and hungry, and it won't be easy to look around in the dark. Ah, would you like to take a Luminous Light (Fleurpalm) with you?"

"That apparatus that emits light? Lights from stars are good enough for me."

Lecan doesn't actually needs star lights, but he said that before rushing out.

However, something is bugging him.

His instinct is telling him that something bad would happen if he left this place for too long.

He's got to come back as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Eda is a bearer of powerful mana, it should be easy to find her.

Lecan took out a handful of grain-sized magic gems from <Storage>. He needs these magic gems to resupply mana he'd consume from using <Gust> continuously. It'll cost him a bit, but he has no other choice.

"Wind! Wind! Wind!"

Lecan runs above trees, heading straight toward the place where Eda had fallen.

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Eifun opened his eyes wide to the limit when he saw Lecan come back with Eda in his arms.

"Huh? Huh? Huuh? Y-yer' back already?"

"She was closer than I thought."

"No no, that cannae' be."

Chaney was awfully surprised himself, but he couldn't utter a word.

Eda woke up right when the cooking was done.

"Huh? Where is this?"

"Eda-san. Lecan-san had to carry you here with him."

"Eeh. Well sorry 'bout that. There was this tree in a weird spot ya see. Anyone's gonna bump into that fer' sure."

Eda ate a lot and drank a lot.

"Oy, Lecan. Let's decide on who's gonna keep watch first."

"No. There's no need for that. Weaklings won't come close to the Monster Ward."

"Eh? So that pretty light was really a Monster Ward magic item. Awesome. First time I seen one."

"And even if there's an enemy that still gets close, I'll wake up right away."

"What? Like that gonna happen. It's common sense for adventurers to keep watch by turns when you're camping, y'know."

"That's for adventurer greenhorns."

After saying that, Lecan threw five dry wood into the open fire, and lay down next to it.

"Ah, you rascal! Get up. Get up you."


"Ah, Chaney-san. Hold on a sec, I'm gonna knock this guy awake."

"Eda-san. Lecan-san is an outstanding adventurer. He seems to be well experienced in escorting as well."

"Eh. This guy really?"

"What Lecan-san has done thus far has garnered my trust. If he says that he will protect his client in his sleep, then that must be the truth."

"He's tricking you. You've been tricked by this guy!"

"As your client, I forbid you to bother Lecan-san's sleep any further. You should get some sleep too."

Afterward, Chaney lay down. As for Eifun, he's already snoring ahead of everyone else.

"W-what's up with these guys. They know nothin' 'bout camping. Got no choice, I'm gonna keep watch all night by myself then. I mean, like this super weird guy's gonna be any use in battle anyway."

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