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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Strongest Sage, Obtains Peerage


"The king has issued his decree!"

"Good work."

The knight commander took the paper while thanking the knight.
And then he turned around to face me.

"To tell you the truth, I had requested for this in advance because I predicted we would most likely need it. Though I never imagined it would come this quick."

The knight commander showed me the delivered paper.
Here's what written on it.

Temporary Peerage (Baron)

By the king's decree, Mathias Hildesheimr has been granted the rank of temporary baron in order to help him in his duty as ordered by the king.

Effective Start Date: The moment this letter has been delivered to Mathias Hildesheimr.
Effective End Date: Until the king has declared the cessation.

Due to the fact that it's an emergency, only the minimum is written.
Apparently, I'll be treated as a baron temporarily if I take this.

"...Will my action be restricted if I accept this?"

"If the temporary peerage comes with the conditions and duty attached to it, something to that effect would have been written in that document. This is the first time I've seen a Temporary Peerage that's completely absent of any of that though... however, the fact that it's not must mean there is no restriction. It's a proof of trust his majesty has placed on you."

Looks like there's no disadvantage in accepting this.
Well, I can just give up on it if it brings problems later on, so I'll just take it for now.

With that in mind, I took the document from the knight commander.
With this, I'm temporarily a noble now.

...Afterward, the meeting was over after the date of departure was set.
The departure will be in three hours from now. No problem for us, but I'm surprised Viscount Regido could finish his preparations in such a short notice.

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"But really, indefinite, unconditional temporary peerage huh. His Majesty sure took some drastic measures."

Principal Edward talked to me when we left the academy.
What does he mean by indefinite.

"It's written here that the temporary peerage will last until the king has declared its cessation though."

It's true that there is no condition attached to the temporary peerage, but there's a time limit written for sure, 『Until the king has declared the cessation』.
I mean this temp peerage is for the sake of the investigation, surely it's gonna end when the investigation is finished.
Or so I thought...

"It's written there alright, but he's never going to make the declaration. The king most likely intends to let you keep the temporary peerage forever."

"...Is there any point in doing that?"

"Even if it's temporary, being a noble of Eis Kingdom means that you have a connection to the kingdom. Preventing you getting taken in by another country must have been one of the topmost things the king wanted to avoid."

...I see.
The past me never noticed because I distanced myself from those in powers, so it's like that huh.
It's probably the same reason why the king persisted on giving me a territory.

Still, I hope they won't use this as an excuse to drag me into troubles...
The principal opened his mouth while I was thinking that.

"That you have nothing to lose getting the temporary peerage is the truth, don't worry in that regard. After all, we will be coming to you to discuss matters related to demons whether you have a peerage or not either way."

Now that he mentions it.
Regardless of peerage, stuff about demons will revolve around me anyway.
I'm in the midst of that in fact.

...For now, I should thank the king for allowing me to go on this campaign with a peerage higher than Biffgel.
I really don't feel like looking at Biffgel's face, but eh, I'm sure even that guy would think twice before trying to pick a fight with someone of higher rank.

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