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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Strongest Sage, River Crossing


Two hours after the meeting.
<TLN: Sorry guys, mistranslated 'three hours' as 'three days' in the previous chapter. Fixed.>

We're currently at knight garrison along with Viscount Regido.
Our departure is to be an absolute secrecy to prevent this expedition be known outside the kingdom.

"I am very pleased to see you all are here answering to my call... May the fortunes of war be with you. Take care of the border."

The king said so in front of us.
According to the principal, the king postponed his original scheduled plan and came here instead to send us off.

"By your command!"

Viscount Regido answered the king and off we went.
Our destination is Relaia Barondom.

"We should arrive before sunset at this pace. It would be nice if every military campaigns could be this fast."

Viscount Regido spoke as we hurried on the road toward Relaia Barondom.
It's been five hours since we departed and our pace hasn't slowed down at all.

"It's one thing with 10 people, but an army that can move at this pace for a sustained amount of time only exists in legend."

"That may be so right now. However it may very well change once the students who are studying at Second Academy have entered the army."

Viscount Regido is only brining 10 knights as our escorts.
Apparently, they're elites of the elites among the army unit the viscount commands.
And Viscount Regido himself is counted among these chosen elites.

Befitting of chosen elites, they're quick with their feet, we're blazing through a route that would have taken a normal army four days in just a day.
Horses cannot follow us at this pace, so everyone is running on foot.

The escorts are one thing, but to think even Viscount Regideo himself could maintain this pace...
They're still slower compared to the Second Academy students running at full speed, but if they have this much stamina even before Second Academy-style training permeated through them, I can see why they're called elites of the elites.

As such I thought our journey would go unhindered... but then the knight who was in charge of guiding us suddenly stopped running.
Looks like there's something wrong.

"It appears that the bridge here has collapsed."

The knight pointed at the wreckage of a bridge.
The wreckage looks very old, there isn't any trace of it having been artificially destroyed.
It must be broken due to degradation over time.

We're taking a route less traveled in order to shorten time.
It did succeed shortening our travel time, but we also encounter setbacks like this.

"This path is rarely ever used after all... Is there another route around?"

"If we turn about 30 kilometers back, we will find another bridge. That bridge was constructed 48 years ago, but it should be intact since it's still being regularly used. Due to this alteration, our total travel distance will increase by about 80 kilometers."

The knight replied to Viscount Regido without even consulting the map.
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『That person is incredible...』

『I wonder if he's memorized maps of the whole kingdom...』

Alma and Ruli murmured in comm magic.
As one you'd expect from someone entrusted to guide these chosen elites, he seems to be a map specialist.
Judging from the fact that he knew how long ago that bridge was built off the top of his head, it seems maps aren't the only thing he has memorized.

"80 kilometers huh... That means we'll be behind the schedule by half a day. Should we swim pass the river?"

"That's a good idea. Mathias-san and you girls, can you swim?"

The distance to the opposite bank is about 30 meters.
Swimming is a simple matter... though there's no need for that either way.

"I will proceed forward while setting barriers up, please follow my lead."

I walk on the place where the bridge was while putting up barriers on the sole of my feet.
I'm sure this level of magic is normally usable by Second Academy students, yet it looks like the knight elites can't use it.

"...I never knew barrier magic could be used this way... I'm quite sure our knights have started training in chantless magic too, can they use barrier magic?"

"We cannot. We have been training in chantless magic, but the training is specialized in magic for battle."

"Indeed, magic usable in battle should be prioritized... But it might be a good idea to let some of the knights learn these kinds of magic."

Viscount Regido consulted with the escort knight when he saw the barrier magic.
Apparently, the knights have started training in chantless magic themselves.

Prioritizing magic for battle is not a mistake.
As it's battle magic that will decide whether you live or die through a critical moment, so putting all other magic in the back burner is one option.

...Maybe I should write a textbook concerning chantless magic that are practical for the military, with knights as the intended audience.
We crossed the site where the bridge was while I was thinking such.

"Can you employ the magic you used just now multiple times in a day?"

The escort knight asked me after we got to the opposite bank.
I get what this knight is trying to do here. He probably wants to take shortcuts in our route.

"Of course. And it only consumes a tiny amount of mana to boot."

"Well then, please afford me some time to think up a new route under the assumption we cross valleys and rivers using that magic."

The knight got lost in thought where he was standing.
Five seconds later, he looked up.

"We can cut two hours off the travel time. What a wonderful magic."

He managed to recalculate a long-distance route in just five seconds huh....
This knight truly is amazingly good with topography.
Even if they've still got a long way to go on chantless magic, these guys really are chosen elites of the knights after all is said and done.

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