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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 1-6

1-6. The Marketplace, the Princess and the Slave Trade

Satou's here. It's Suzuki but I'm Satou. This is a dream right? Please say that this is a dream, Johny.

A slight unrest began to arise inside my mind, when I went shopping on the earl's territory metropolitan, Seryuu city.
It's a few minutes walk to the east of Martha's mother inn.
Come to think of it, I haven't heard the name of the inn, the map says Monzen Inn; is that it?

Immediately after entering a series of food stalls, I smell something good.
Eh? Isn't this the smell of soy sauce?
Okonomiyaki and crepes are being baked on an iron plate. The seasoning seems to be soy sauce. Just as I thought, it's fine to call this a dream. There's no way soy sauce exists in a fantasy!

Even though I've just had a meal, I buy one of them.

"Yep, it's delicious."

I want pork cutlet sauce rather than soy sauce. The other stalls seems to be frying something that looks like croquettes. What a high food culture for a fantasy!

I'm going around various stalls, trying various foods.

"How much is this gabo for 3 serving?"
"It's 2 Pennies."
"Expensive, isn't it 1 penny?"
"young maam, like that, we couldn't eat then; How about 2 pennies for 4 then?"
"Give me 5 for 2."
"It can't be helped, since young maam's a beauty, I'll give in."

I listened to some interesting conversation between an aunty and a food stall owner. Haggling basic eh? Since I'm accustomed with just buying what's written on the price tag, it looks difficult.

>[Eavesdropping Skill Acquired]

"Anything I can help, young man?"
Fumu, from the conversation earlier a gabo seems to be about 0.4-0.5 pennies a pop. Since this uncle has arithmetic skill, he should've been able to calculate the minimum amount.
"I want to buy 2 gabo, is it alright with 1 penny?"
"You've heard the conversation just now eh? It's alright then. Young man have arithmetic skill too right. You're pretty good for such young man."
It's just a normal mental arithmetic though...
I got 2 gabo fruit for 1 penny. Gabo is actually a fist-sized red pumpkin fruit. Incidentally, penny is an oblong shaped coin weighing about 1 gram, it's a yellow-ish copper coin with high impurity.

>[Estimation Skill Acquired]
>[Haggling Skill Acquired]

But I didn't haggle it?
Is it because I saw the earlier haggle by the aunty?

While wondering what to do with the gabo fruit I looked around me. The stalls are all around the size of half a tatami yet there are many of them. Furthermore they're lively.

While looking around the stalls I raised [Estimation], [Haggling], [Arithmetic], [Negotiation], and [Scamming] skills to the max level.

After strolling around for 10 minutes, I finally found my goal.

I choose a large shoulder bag from one of the stall. The price is displayed over the bag thanks to the estimation skill. Handy.

It seems that I'd get hated if I suddenly bought it on market price. I understood the knack after 3 stores. I could get it to half the market price if I try to bargain for 3-4 times... but honestly, it's annoying.

The spoils from the stalls... [Large Shoulder Bag], [A Bit Stylish Bag], [Commoner's Underwear for Top and Bottom + 10 set], [Hand Towel in Various Size, and Handkerchief]. The towel is just two piece of clothes stacked together, I'm a bit dissatisfied.
Also, even though I can't sew, [2 Meter Hemp Cord - 5 Bundles], [Cotton Thread - 1 Roll], [Sewing Needle - 5], [Sewing Scissors], [Cotton Cloth], somehow there's a lot of them. Since I have the storage, there's no problem even if a lot of them end up unused.
In all it's 4 silver coins. Unexpectedly, clothing is more expensive than foods.

I don't think I need to say this, but the first thing I bought, the shoulder bag, is a dummy. I will put things I bought into the bag and directly send it to the storage without being seen. I put some commoner's clothes inside the bag so that it doesn't look flat.

I wanted to buy some some robes or cloaks but, only worn-out or cheap looking things were available so I didn't.

That's right, I want to confirm heat retention of the storage. I'll buy some properly hot things and put it inside.
Shopping is fun~

"Now then, I wonder what else?"

Chair lined up ahead of the stalls and there are a lot of old mans are drinking sake since morning.

"Drinking in daytime... Oh yea, tableware!"

There should've been a shop that sells them among the one I've visited so far.
That's right, shoes! I forgot about shoes.

I want a reminder~. There's a memo field inside the [Exchange] tab of the Menu, let's put the shopping list there.

It's been a while since I saw the Exchange tab, over there I found the reason why I was level 1 when I entered the city.
Those status was the same as the one written in this page. The upper limit for each attributes are chosen from the drop down box here. Even the skills and title can be chosen as [None].

I could give false info however I want, huh...

I buy a pair of shoes suitable for rough journey, and a robe matching the shoes, also a sandal for each foot.
I thought of buying everything since I have the storage but I can't find shoes with correct size. I'll just order it on the main street's shoes store later.

Hungry after a second round trip, I set my eyes on a store selling something that looks like shoyu ramen and went into it. Although the noodles are different, it's a proper ramen.
Other was kneaded flour coiled in a stick varnished with miso-like substance then baked. It felt like a mismatch, but it was properly delicious.

I also bought cups, pots, tableware that caught my attention, I bought them all. Also, a kitchen knife, hot pot and frying pan. Somehow there were no cutting boards, do people here don't use them?

I casually bought a bathtub made of metal. As one would expect, the tub is too big to place into the bag so I brought it quietly to the back of an alley and put it into the storage. And since it would look unnatural if I went back into the east avenue, I decided to exit onto the the main street.

At the east street stalls overflow, making the street there squeezed on the center. Here, the main street is about 6 meter width, horse carriage and human-powered cart are going back and forth on it.

Just like the street earlier, different from what I imagined of a fantasy, the street here are very clean. There are no body of dead animals lying around. There are also no bum on the alleyway.

The stalls are sparse here unlike on the east street, in exchange there are a lot of stores instead. There are many people with good attire walking around the street.

"Are collars popular?"

The people who are pulling carts generally wear collar. When I search for it, they're slaves. Mysteriously, all the slaves wear collars, reason unknown.

A carriage coming from the downtown drop its speed to match the walking speed of the pedestrians.

The carriage passes in front of me. There are around 10 woman slaves inside.
My eyes are glued to one of them. A girl befitting to be called Yamato Nadeshiko featuring black hair and black eye, although she looks like she's been in a long journey. Since the great majority of people looks like northern European, this is probably the first time I've seen Asian face.
The girl set her eyes downcast, our eyes met when she lift it up and even though there's no dramatic development, somehow the little girl featuring orthodox northern European face with light violet wavy hair standing next to her looked very surprised when she saw me. No well, It's troubling when you stare so hard at me... I'm not into loli.

When I took a long look at the little girl, a pop up with her name and level appeared next to her.

Arisa. Level 10. Her level is high for a little girl.

Further informations appear.

11 years old.

Title: [Witch of the Lost Kingdom][Mad Princess]

Skill: Unknown

The carriage disappear toward the west street.

Frankly, those were some trouble inviting titles... No no, I won't approach it okay? Absolutely!

Let's go back to my original purpose.
I searched the map for tailor or shoemaker, and found them gathered near the side street, so I went there. Most of them had young women clerks which isn't fit for an old man, so I went into the shop with a kindhearted looking middle-aged couple.

"Pardon me, Do you have a solid merchant-like robe with calm color?"
"Welcome, please come over here, we will bring you sample cloths. There were 5 ready made goods on the rack there, but it's been selling well recently."

The husband guide me to the lounge and take out the samples from the interior. In harmony, the wife bring out tea-like drink. It's an elegant cup.

"Since it'll be cold from now on, how about this thick fabric? If you're going on a journey then we can also prepare a matching waterproof cloak, how about it sir?"

These are excellent goods. Maybe. These are the types that the largest clothing store buy a lot with a lot of color variety, The 5 variety of the well selling goods probably also have cloak order accompanying them <TLN: I'm sorry, this sentences is total gibberish for me too in the raw>.
The tailoring will need 5 days to finish. If I only buy one then it's only 3 days.
5 gold is quite a large sum, but it's a money needed for necessary things.
However, I want at least 1 change of robe before the day is over. I feel like I don't know the TPO if I go the inner wall with this battered robe I'm wearing.

"Master, since this shop is only for tailoring, do you know shops selling ready made goods? As you can see the robe I'm wearing is battered from the journey, I want to buy temporary clothes before the tailoring is done."
<TLN: Not sure why Satou call the shopkeeper goshujin>

"For ready clothes, I recommend Poel Clothing on the Teputa street. Although it's my stupid son's clothes, I can assure his cloth-making skill. It's quite famous among the commoner so it's quite enough for temporary clothes."

Promoting his son's shop eh... I politely refuse when he's offering to draw a map, it's enough with oral instruction so I get out of the shop. I almost forgot to take the deposit receipt until I was called by the Mrs. Shopkeeper in hurry.

I bought two robes, one is a calming dark brown color and the other is a gaudy red with yellow stripes. The former is as said before, and the latter, let's omit the story behind it. My line of vision went into the valley of the female clerk...

Of course I also order shoes on the tailor. 1 for walking in the city, 2 boots for journey.

When I came back to the Martha's inn after shopping, the sun was already sinking for the day.

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